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The Episode starts with Surbhi taking Soumya to room and make her sit. Soumya cries. Surbhi hugs her. Soumya says what has happened choti, and how you are here? Who will save us now? Surbhi asks her not to cry and wear dupatta rightly. She says this time is not to cry, but to escape from here. Soumya recalls going throw the window once in Harman’s house. She checks the window, but it is locked. She says we are trapped here, there is no way to go. Surbhi says we will see, and checks bathroom. She sees window in the bathroom and removes its glasses. Goons come there by then and asks if Soumya is ready. Surbhi asks Soumya to go, and she will come after her. Goons enter the washroom and catch them. Boss of the goons slaps Surbhi and says they are not new in this business and doubted what she can do. Surbhi

says she is my sister and I can take your life for her. Goon says now your sister will go to Dubai, and I have customer for you also.

Soumya shouts Choti….while they take Surbhi from there. Later they bring Soumya and gives her injection. Sheikh asks what is this? Goon says she will be unconscious from mind for sometime, but can see. Surbhi shouts di, just as they take her in car. Harman comes just then. Soumya sees him, but couldn’t say anything. Other goon brings Harman and says he is the customer. They show two girls. Harman says I don’t want you to waste my times. Goon says there is a girl whose is very clever, you couldn’t handle her.

Harman says I likes to handle such girls. They bring Surbhi. Harman sees her and says beautiful. He asks them to remove tape from her mouth. Surbhi says Soumya di is not here, just now they have taken her from here. Goons get shocked and asks who are you. They take out their gun and aim at Harman. Harman asks where did you send her? Goon says she is gone. I will send you to the place from where you will not return. Harman asks him to tell fast else he will give him his intro. Goon asks him not to show heropanti. Harman says you have done a big mistake by kidnapping my Soumya. Just then Police comes there and catches the goons. Saya comes with Police. Surbhi tells her that Soumya is taken from here. Harman asks goon to tell where is Soumya. Goon tells him something. Harman takes a bike parked there, and goes. Sheikh and Soumya are in the car. Surbhi and Saya are in Police jeep, and asks driver to drive fast as they have to reach before they reach airport.

Harman drives fast and manages to come near the car. Soumya feels her head heavy, but she is still unconscious. Sheikh sees Harman following them. Harman shouts Soumya. Soumya comes into senses seeing him, and shouts Harman. She asks driver to stop the car. Sheikh asks driver to drive fast. Harman follows the car and asks Soumya not to get scared. He says I will save you. Soumya shouts Harman ji and tries to open the car window. Harman jumps and falls on the car, holding it. Soumya shouts Harman ji. Sheikh asks Driver to drive fast. Harman knocks on the driver’s window. Sheikh comes to Soumya’s side window and tries to hit Harman. Harman manages to push driver from his seat. Car’s door opens up and Soumya falls in trench. Harman is shocked and calls Soumya. He jumps down from the car and shouts Soumya.

Sheikh holds him and tries to beat him, but Harman hits his head against the car. He says my Soumya’s life is gone because of you, now you will go. He beats him. Just then he hears Soumya calling him. He says Soumya….and tries to jump in the valley to save her, but driver holds him. Harman beats him. Soumya is hanging holding a tree branch. Harman asks Soumya not to leave her hand, and says he will do something. He finds rope in car. He ties the rope with car and throws near her. Soumya says she couldn’t hold the rope. Harman asks her to try and hold it. Soumya tells him that she can’t hold it.

Harman tells her that he is coming down. He gets down holding rope and holds Soumya. Soumya hugs him and cries. Harman smiles. Meanwhile driver of the car gains consciousness and sees rope tied on to the car. He says you was beating me, now I will show you. He takes out lighter and tries to burn the rope. Harman tells Soumya that he is confused seeing her tears, if she is happy seeing him here, or sad. Soumya smiles. Harman says when you smile, it seems like everywhere there is a light. He asks her to hold him tightly and says I won’t let you go so easily. They look at each other and have an eye lock. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…………

Soumya wishes that their togetherness is for life. Harman asks did you say anything. Soumya says I said so much, but don’t know if my talks reach you or not. Harman says you talks in low tone, that I couldn’t hear. He says lets go up and talk. Meanwhile the rope is burnt. Harman and Soumya are about to fall down, but Saya and Surbhi come at right time and hold the rope. Police arrest goon and Sheikh. Harman and Soumya manage to come on the road. Harman tells Soumya that everything is fine. Soumya faints and falls. Harman holds her and sprinkle water on her face. Soumya gains consciousness and says I was sure that you will save me. Saya and Surbhi smile. Soumya says Choti….She says Choti was there only. Surbhi says di, I am here only. Soumya is relieved seeing her and hugs her crying.

Beeji calls Harman and cries. Harman asks why you are crying? Beeji asks him to bring Soumya and Surbhi home and tells that their mother is no more. Harman is shocked. Later Soumya and Surbhi come home and see people standing in white clothes. Surbhi asks if everything is alright. Soumya calls Maa. They are shocked to see Nimmi’s dead body kept there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. After a long long time.. they are together again

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