Shakti 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman searches Soumya, Sameer gets her injury treated

Shakti 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya getting shot by Balwinder and falling down unconscious. Raavi shouts and calls Harman, Jasleen, Preeto and Harak Singh and asks them to come out, says Ballu and her father shot Soumya. Balwinder, Kishan Lal and their goon get shocked and run away. Jeet stands shocked. Sameer comes there wearing helmet and takes Soumya with him. Raavi asks who are you? Sameer escapes with Soumya. Harman comes out and asks why is she shouting Soumya’s name? Raavi tells him everything and tells that the man took Soumya. Harman hears bike sound and runs after the bike. Soumya hears Harman’s voice. Sameer speeds up his bike. Harman, Jasleen and Preeto see them gone. Raavi asks Veeran to call Police and get Balwinder and his father arrested. Preeto says Soumya is shot. Shanno says she will not

return and we can’t take out bullet. Raavi asks Jeet if he is fine. Harak Singh takes everyone inside. Harman tells Jasleen that they shall search her. They search her on bike. Harman asks Jasleen to call Saya and Sameer. Sameer tells Soumya that they will go to hospital. Soumya refuses. Sameer takes her to hospital and goes to park the bike. He gets Jasleen’s call and picks it. Jasleen tells him that Soumya is shot and someone took him, that’s why they are going to search in the hospitals. Sameer says you are doing right and thinks he will get Soumya. He tells Soumya that they shall not go to hospital and says lets go near our home.

Harak Singh calls Inspector and asks him to present Kishan Lal and his son Balwinder in front of him. He asks everyone to go and sleep. Shanno says how can Jeet get sleep now as his sister ran away to search Soumya after marriage. Soumya is about to faint, Sameer asks her to tie herself with him. He rides the bike. Harak Singh asks Shanno to keep an eye on Jeet and says he may cancel his plan or develop soft feelings for Soumya. He calls Gill and tells about Someone taking injured Soumya with him. Gill is shocked.

Jeet is in shock. Raavi asks him not to feel bad. Jeet says Someone is shot though. Shanno comes there and tells that Soumya has saved you as she thought you as Harman, and asks him not to have sympathy for Soumya. She says your destiny is good and her destiny is bad. Raavi says Chachi is right. Shanno asks what is your plan? Jeet says I have come here for Harman and Jasleen and will take them with me. Sameer meets his doctor friend and asks him to see Soumya. Jasleen calls hospitals and enquires about Soumya. She says she is worried and tells that the man might be getting the treatment done at home. She says we shall check the medical store. Harman checks and says there is a medical store which is 1.5 km away. Sameer’s friend asks him to get the medicine. Sameer says ok and asks him to take out the bullet till he returns.

Gill comes to Sameer’s house and asks him to come out. Sameer’s mum opens the door and asks do you have any work? Gill asks where is Sameer? ?His mum says Sameer must be sleeping inside. Gill tells her that Sameer and Soumya are in Gurdaspur and tells that Soumya is shot. He says that people are dangerous and can kill Sameer. His mum gets shocked. Sameer is at the medical shop when he sees Harman and Jasleen coming there and leaves. Chemist tells that the man is strange, he didn’t take his money. Harman and jasleen asks about him. Chemist tells that he has taken bandage things. Harman asks him to show CCTV footage, but couldn’t see Sameer as he is wearing helmet. Harman tells Jasleen that he is missing Soumya. He says how will I search Soumya? Jasleen says we are very close to her. Harman says even if she gets sneezes, I used to call many doctors at home and this man is not taking her to hospital. Jasleen says she will be fine. She says why did Soumya come near home and says maybe that’s why that man took Soumya with him. Jasleen says maybe Soumya wants to go with him. Harman says if she wants to go then why did she come? Jasleen says to meet you. Soumya is unconscious in Sameer’s friend’s house.

Sameer comes home with fake injuries and tells Soumya that Harman has beaten him. Soumya says I will bring medicine. Sameer says I don’t want medicine, but you. He says I have proved my love and says only a mad guy will get beaten without love. Soumya tries to go. Sameer asks her to tell what is the difference between Harman and him and gives her Harman’s promise. Soumya says you love a woman and Harman loves a kinnar. Sameer and his mum are shocked. Soumya says the Soumya whom you loves is a kinnar. Sameer and his mum are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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