Shakti 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi saying she needs her papa and not anyone else. Bebe thinks she is successful in her conspiracy. Nimmi cries and tries to convince Surbhi. Mahinder asks her to come. Biji tells Bebe that God will never forgive them. Bebe asks her to make her daughter understand as she is the one who started this game. In the night, Soumya misses Nimmi and vice versa. She ties her hand with Mahinder hand with a cloth and sleeps. Mahinder wakes up, removes the cloth and pushes her off from the bed making her fall. Soumya cries and calls Maa. Nimmi runs hearing her voice. Bebe is awake (she might be a wonder to awake all night daily) and asks Nimmi to stop. Nimmi asks Soumya why she is crying? Soumya says she has fallen off from the bed. Nummi asks did you get hurt and cries. Soumya also cries.

Nimmi asks if she was made to fall.

Mahinder asks what nonsense. Bebe says yes, she was made to fall down and says Soumya is their responsibility now. Mahinder takes Soumya with him forcibly. Nimmi tells Biji that these people will kill my daughter. Biji says they can’t really do anything. Soumya tells Mahinder that she wants to go and meet Nimmi. Mahinder scolds her and asks her to sleep silently. Biji asks Nimmi to sleep. Nimmi says I can’t sleep as her life is in Soumya.

Mahinder sees Surbhi coming and asks Soumya to sit on his shoulder. Soumya nods no. Mahinder insists and makes her sit to make Surbhi jealous. He says Soumya’s horse will run. Surbhi asks Mahinder to make her brush her teeth. Mahinder asks her to tell her Biji. Surbhi refuses and goes angrily. Mahinder smirks. Soumya thinks about Surbhi saying that they will make a happy home and stay together. Biji tells Nimmi that she has to go somewhere and asks her to handle home. Nimmi agrees. Surbhi asks Mahinder to drop her at school. Mahinder refuses and says Soumya doesn’t go to school. Nimmi offers to drop her. Surbhi refuses and takes her bag. Soumya calls hr and says a letter came for you. Surbhi reads the leter written by Soumya. She recalls Mahinder getting happy with Soumya’s win and tears the letter. Soumya cries.

Surbhi says I don’t want to go there, you stay alone in that house. Soumya cries. Bebe asks her not to cry and calls her inauspicious. She tells Mahinder that her plan is concrete. Nimmi will leave the house with Soumya, leaving Surbhi with them. Mahinder gets happy and laughs. Bebe asks Soumya to wear frock and cuts the toys. Soumya comes after bath. Nimmi scolds her for wearing frock. Bebe asks what wrong she has done? Nimmi says she will not wear frock and asks her not to do drama. She asks Soumya to come with her. Soumya tells immi that this frock is looking good on her, then why can’t she wear it. Nimmi looks on.

Soumya shouts her name while standing at the river’s edge. Surbhi pushes her because of jealously. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Narendran

    surbhi is stupid..anyways good..waiting for thursday epi!!

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    Eagerly waiting for thurs epi !!!! Yuppieeeee !!! For Vivian ??

  3. Same here

  4. Waiting for Vavian and very excieted

  5. Why can’t Soumya wear a dress/frock? I don’t get it.

  6. waiting for Vivian

  7. Better the torture of kid Saumya ends and the leap takes place.

  8. Hry Vivian rockxzz….my dalingggggg

  9. sathyavarshini.b

    waiting for vivian

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