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Shakti 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Saya that she is ready and asks them to come. Harman knocks on the door. They open the door. Harman comes inside with Pandit and some people. He greets them. Kareena tells Soumya that she asked her to wear orange saree. Saya says first let me ask him why he came. Harman tells that he has kept yagya and wants money for bandaar. Saya says we haven’t heard anything like this. Pandit ji says his thinking is great and he wants to unite both communities. Saya asks Kareena to give him whatever he wants. Harman asks them to do Ann Daan. Everyone give him rice except Soumya. Saya asks him to go. Harman signs at Soumya and asks her to do Ann Daan. Soumya takes the rice and puts in the bag. Harman holds her hand. Soumya looks furious. Harman thanks everyone for Ann daan and

says he thinks everyone shall live together and happily and says this yagya is for love victory. Soumya frees her hand and looks angry. Harman and others leave from there.

Viren comes home and asks Harak Singh what is happening? He says we shall sell property and leave Gurdaspur. Harak Singh asks why do you want to sell the property. Viren is about to tell. Preeto tells everything and says Harman has crossed all limits of madness and says if you want, you can leave the house, but we can’t go leaving our son here. Pandit ji asks Harman what mantras shall he recite and says there is nothing in the shastra about this puja. Harman gives him money. He sees Soumya and other kinnars going somewhere. Varun asks him to go home. Harman follows them. Some men ask Soumya if she is a kinnar. Rani answers that she is a kinnar. They ask her to dance. Rani says we are dancing on her behalf. They refuse to give them money. Men teases Soumya and asks her to dance. Harman goes to men and asks them to leave, and says she will not dance. Soumya says she will dance. Harman beats the man badly. Rani asks Soumya to come with them. Harman beats the man and threatens to bury him alive.

Soumya comes back home and asks why did you stop me from dancing, and asks what do you want? Chameli says you were angry and that’s why we stopped you. Soumya says let me be tamasha and says then also I will become part of this world and be like you all. Soumya asks Saya to make them understand and says I have accepted my identify with much difficulty. She folds her hands. Pandit ji asks Varun what to do next. He gives him money and asks to continue the mantras. Harman comes to kinnar’s house and tells kinnars that Soumya is his wife and will not go out with you all or dance etc. Kareena and Raveena asks him if he has no sympathy towards other kinnars and taunt him. Saya says you can’t stop Tarana. Harman says this matter is about husband and wife. Soumya asks why did he come? He asks her to come home. Soumya says if you have nobody to show sympathy and asks him to get an animal, and says you have made me weak by calling Gulabo, and asks him to go and never return.

Harman says husband and wife fight with each other and says this doesn’t mean that love will end. Soumya says I don’t love you and says now you can go. Kareena and Raveena smiles. Saya asks Harman to go and take tamasha with him. Harman is upset and angry and tells that he will go, but will take his Soumya back from here. He takes oath. Saya says even I promise that I will not let my Tarana go at any cost and asks him to go. Harman says lets see who have much strength, your or my love. Saya asks everyone to get back to work. Soumya crosses her fingers. Saya asks what happened? Soumya says Surbhi used to tell in childhood to do this when they lie. She says she loves Harman a lot and will love him all life. Saya keeps hand on her head.

Saya tells Chameli that they have to keep Soumya at some other kinnars’ place to keep Harman away. Soumya says she can stay anywhere and says she wants to go far from Harman. Saya is taking Soumya out. Harman sees them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harman was awesome today in the ACTION mode!

  2. Shadow

    intersting vd is superrr

  3. What a pity Soumya could not have shown this attitude to the people like Preeto who actually deserve it.
    Instead she is being a b*t*h to the one person who would actually move heaven and earth for her.
    To the person who has actually stood by her in every problem who, despite being a b*t*h to him, he is still fighting for her.

  4. Y soumya is behaving like this actually it was Harman who wanted to tl the world his wife is kinnar ..and now he is worried for her as she should not die like the other kinnar ..y soumya can’t understand this ..her attitude could have been shown when preeto made her suffer

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