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Shakti 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman sitting with his friends and tells about his love story with Soumya. Preeto brings Surbhi there. Harman’s friends get impressed with his love story and says these love stories happen in India only. Harman’s friend asks him about Surbhi. Preeto thinks I wanted him to ask about her. She says she is Harman’s saali. They ask Surbhi to sit.

Bebe comes to Maninder and asks him to have roti and sleep. Maninder asks her to listen to him and says our chulbuli Surbhi brushed her hand off from me and asked me not to go there again. He says her mangalsutra is snatched and they call her Harman’s saali infront of everyone. He says I want to free her from that life and sends her far away from them.

Harman’s friend Sunny. praise the pakodas and tells you didn’t

tell me that your saali is beautiful too. Harman says you came in my marriage. Sunny says I was eyeing Shalu then. He says I am liking Surbhi and proposes her for marriage. Harman asks him to drink wine and sit down. Sunny asks him to calm down and asks Surbhi if he is eligible. Harman asks him to enjoy party and drink. Sunny asks what is your problem, I am proposing your saali and not wife, that you are getting angry. Harman says I told you naa to stay far from her and slaps him. Sunny says you was doing masti with my brothers’ saali during his marriage and asks if you have any relation with your saali that you raised hand on me. Harman says yes, I have relation with my saali and says she is his wife’s sister and he has a relation of humanity with her. He says I didn’t go to your brother’s saali, they came to me and I talked with them within limits and not like you. Harman goes inside. His friends leave.

Kareena asks Guru Maa if she is allowed to choose someone for Guru Maa’s position then who she will choose. Guru Maa says she can’t choose being the Guru Maa, but if she was given chance then she would have chosen Saya/Mallika.

Harman comes to room and asks Surbhi, why did she come there? Surbhi says she was in the room, but Preeto took her there. Harman says I will talk to her. Surbhi says if you talk to her then she will make Soumya’s life difficult and scold her. Harman stops hearing her.

Preeto tells Harak singh that Harman started caring for Surbhi and they have started staying as husband and wife and says it seems time has come for heir. She gets Mallika’s call and says I want to meet you for our betterment. Preeto asks her to tell date and time. Harak Singh asks who is on line? Preeto says Mallika wants to meet me. Later Mallika meets Preeto and tells that she wants to become Guru Maa for Soumya’s safety, and if others’ win then kinnars will surround your house. Preeto asks what I can do? Saya says she needs Soumya’s vote to become Guru Maa. Preeto thinks it will be good if Soumya is connected to her people and agrees to send Soumya to kinnar’s place.

Harman waits for Preeto. Viren says it seems she will get late. He asks Shanno to do aarti. Harak Singh stops her and asks Surbhi to do today’s aarti. Surbhi takes the plate and asks Soumya to light the diya. Soumya says everyone is waiting and asks her to do aarti fast. Surbhi insists. Harman asks them to do aarti together and not to make God and everyone wait. Surbhi and Soumya do aarti together. Preeto comes back and sees Surbhi doing aarti. Surbhi asks Soumya to give aarti to everyone. Preeto comes back and says she is glad to see the new generation taking up the responsibility. Surbhi says yes, and tells that badi bahu Soumya lighted the diya and did aarti first. Preeto looks on upset.

Soumya comes to kinnar world to support Mallika. She takes Guru Maa’s blessings and is about to go. Kareena becomes Guru Maa, and asks others kinnar to lock her up. Guru Maa and Mallika are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope that Stupid Surbhi doesn’t think that Harman cares for her… HE CLEARLY SAID THAT HE COULD DO THIS IF ANY PERSON WAS THERE… Remember when Harman saw a man insulting a kinnar on the road… He stood for the kinnar… And Harman Soumya scenes should highly be increased….IF Soumya stops listening to preeto and Harman stops listening to that idiot Surbhi…. Then only Haya can be strong…. And audiences are interesting to see HAYA who are the leads of the show….

  2. reality tv no romance, bye soumya, toobad.Madoballa was much better

  3. Horrible serial

  4. Past two days no romantic scenes…..i eagerly waitng fr big romantic scene ……
    I hate kareena,,she s not a gud friend of soumya……
    Precap vry disgusting. …..dont want d person who r all ruin somu life…..
    Dont want more harman n surbi scene..
    Writer ji if u want to concentrate more on surbi means u could do it but not in singh house…….
    Happy valentine’s day guys…….
    G n alll

  5. And not together wit harman:: writer ji…

  6. Abhiseik comeback in surbhi life

  7. Why soumya character is so innocent why she afraid to all characters

  8. nice twist. Kareena becomes Guri Maa.

  9. why soumaya depends all the all the time. she should be stud up and tacled all the problem and make surbhi free. vo aaj ki nari hai she can manage any face

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