Shakti 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman takes Soumya to Saya’s house

Shakti 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno telling Veeran that they shall sell the house and distribute the amount equally, and says if we stay here then Harak Singh and preeto will come here and make our life miserable. Varun says Mami is right. Balwinder says share shall be equal. Kishan lal thinks to call Preeto and inform her. He comes to room and calls Preeto. He tells her that they are talking about selling the house and distribute the money. Preeto is shocked and calls Harak Singh. Raavi says he went somewhere early morning. Doctor comes and bandages Sameer’s head. He asks Soumya to bring the medicine and make him take it. Soumya asks Harman to bring the medicine. Harman thinks nautanki.

Chameli tells Saya that even they played an important role in Harman-Soumya love story. Saya says we shall make

the ambience and everything like before so that Soumya remembers everything.

Harman sees Harak Singh and asks if he is searching something? Harak Singh tells him that he came on road and tells that Veeran betrayed him and took his house. He says today I need you. Harman thinks of Preeto’s words and tells Harman that Harak Singh is searching ways to get him back. Raavi says you know Bau ji well and asks if everything is fine today. Harak Singh goes. Raavi asks if Soumya is fine. Preeto stops Harak Singh and tells that you have to tell Harman that you were lying. Harak Singh asks why you wanted me to lie? He says I will not tell. Harman asks if everything is fine. Harak Singh says I can lie several times to keep Harman away from Soumya. Preeto asks Harman about the medicine. Harman tells that Sameer has broken his head while acting and that’s why I am taking medicine for him. Preeto says she will beat the plates and will make people of Gurdaspur dance when Soumya returns. Harman comes to Soumya’s house and asks her to go and change her clothes.

Soumya goes to change her clothes, buts he couldn’t take off her blouse. She comes out and tells Harman, what is this new trouble and says she can’t take it out by herself. She says now I have to take someone else help. Harman smiles and asks her to come with him. He takes her inside. He asks her to blindfold him. Soumya blindfolds him. Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa plays……He opens her buttons while recalling their romantic moments. He opens his blind fold and leaves. Soumya changes her clothes and comes out. Harman says lets go seeing Sameer gaining consciousness. Soumya says he is still unwell. Harman says Sameer has done this nautanki to waste my time. Soumya says you are selfish. Sameer pretends and asks Soumya to go. Soumya says I will not go anywhere. Sameer thinks I know you will not go and asks Harman to call Doctor. Harman says Doctor asked you to rest. Sameer says yes. Soumya says do you need anything.

Sameer asks her to make tea. Harman says the decision will be taken in 10 days. Soumya asks if he has no humanity. Harman says we will take him with us in Kinnar’s house. He asks if you have any problem to stay with us at kinnars’ home. Sameer says why will I have problem. Harman says if he is around you then you can take care of him. He packs Sameer’s stuff and asks Soumya to come. They come to kinnars’ house. Chameli opens the door and sees Soumya. Chameli opens the door and pretends as they don’t know them. Saya comes out. Harman tells her that they have a bet and will stay in their house for 24 hours. Soumya says I am a part of your society and says they want to stay here in 24 hours. Saya takes Soumya inside and asks Chameli to close the door. Saya says you was given the kataar so that you can protect yourself, I didn’t know that you are a kinnar. He says when you came to us, then you will stay with us and we will go to ask for nek. Harman says what are you saying? I will not let her stay here, I love her a lot. Sameer laughs and says I can only keep her happy. Saya asks if they will leave her hand. Harman says I will not leave her hand.

Saya says she is a kinnar, if society comes to know then you will not get work. She asks them to forget her and leave. She says Kinnar don’t need a husband or love. Harman brings drum and plays dhol on it. Harman gets flashes of Harman playing dhol.

Harman is playing dhol while the kinnars get grains for them. He tells Chameli that Soumya will turn to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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