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Shakti 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Harman if he is fine. Harman says his wounds will heal, but what about his heart wounds. He asks her to make him drink kada for his heart pain. He looks at her face and asks about the slap mark on her face. Soumya is silent. Harman holds her hands and takes her inside house. He calls Harak Singh and Preeto. Soumya asks him to leave her hand and asks what is he doing? Viren comes and asks what happened? Everyone come there. Preeto says your blood is coming out from bandage and says she will change. Harman asks her to stop the drama and asks her to tell clearly who raised hand on Soumya? Harak Singh says you are calling your mum a nautanki. It is her motherly love. Soumya says nobody have raised hand on me. Raavi scolds Soumya and says Harman came to question us. Harman

asks her not to add fire and says I asked who had slapped Soumya.

Preeto says I have slapped her and asks what he will do. Harman says I thought, but my heart was not accepting it. He says you cares for me, but what about the wounds which you give me on my heart. He asks her to look at Soumya, who is bearing her tortures and staying in the same house. He says it is enough now, now we will not stay here. He asks Harak Singh to do the partition and says he needs his share. Soumya is shocked. Viren says what you are saying? Varun asks him not to say this. Soumya asks what you are saying? Harman asks her not to interfere. Harak Singh claps and asks God to see what his son is doing, asking share in property. He says just wait for a night, we will do the partition. He asks Preeto to see and says he will call Lawyer tomorrow. Shanno thinks it will be enjoyable now and is beyond her thinking. Harman says we will do partition in the morning, but nobody will come to my side from now itself, not even Preeto. He asks Soumya to take him to his room, and says he can’t go alone because of wound in his leg. Soumya says okay. Preeto looks on shocked. Shanno and Varun smiles.

At Maninder’s house, Surbhi asks Nani to stay with her as she don’t want to sleep alone. Nani says okay and sleeps on her bed. Maninder is drinking and shouts that they are seeing worst days. He tells Bebe that Surbhi was begging infront of Preeto and he wanted to kill her rightaway. Bebe asks him to calm down. Surbhi tells Nani that she will talk to him. Nani says he is your father and asks her not to behave rudely with him. She says Nimmi had crossed her limits when Soumya’s life was in danger. She asks her to respect Maninder being his daughter. Surbhi looks on.

Preeto is shocked and tells that our son asked us not to come to our side, and says that Kinnar did black magic on our son, else who would have gone mad about her. She asks Harak Singh to bring tantric to get solution of black magic. She tells that they shall tell everyone that their bahu is kinnar and then the society will decide how to behave with her. She says my son asked me not to come to her side. Harak Singh asks her to calm down and says he will find some solution, asks her not to deteriorate her health.

Soumya is sitting in Harman’s room, says you get angry so soon and says you shouldn’t have talked about partition. Harman asks if her nani didn’t teach her how to make kada to make her speak less. Soumya says Preeto must be very upset and will blame her. Harman asks if she will take blame for nation’s problems. Soumya is silent. Harman says I just asked them to let you stay here in the house, but they are not letting you stay peacefully. Soumya says let me go and marry again. Harman says he will not let her go and says you will stay here with me. Soumya tries to make him understand, but in vain. Tu Hi Mera khuda music plays……… Harman holds her hand to stop her. He asks where are you going? He says this room will be at my side and asks her to stay there itself. He says it is mine and yours too. Soumya asks why he is not understanding that she will be accused for the partition. Harman says even I was accused to kidnapped you, I didn’t know that the punishment will be so beautiful. He asks her to come to room whenever she wants, says this room is yours and Harman too, both of us will wait for you. Soumya looks on.

Neighbors come to Maninder’s house and tell that they heard about his fight with someone. Maninder asks what I would have done then. Neighbor asks him to try and understand and says this talk will reach other neighboring villages also. Surbhi asks what is the matter. Maninder asks her to go. Neighbor asks him to control his anger. They leave. Maninder fumes angrily. Surbhi asks what happened? Maninder says these people were saying that you had eloped with your jija? Surbhi is shocked.

Preeto promises Soumya that she will not kick her out if she agrees to her demand. Soumya says she will agree if the matter is for Harman’s betterment. Preeto asks her to get Harman marry Surbhi. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally We got to see what we didn’t wanted to. I mean seriously why Surbhi, preeto has gone crazy, I think Harman can’t survive with that Surbhi, and atleast one should think of Abhishek, I mean what is wrong with that guy,he is so supportive and here all of the family are planning to pair Surbhi with Harman, if this track continues the rival show on STAR plus will final something to lower trps of Shakti, guys please protest so that Shakti continues to rock the charts and hearts

  2. Seriously what’s happening in the drama?? Everything was going well and then the precap. Totally disappointed! How can they pair harman and surbhi. Harman can get married to any girl but not surbhi. Why surbhi? What are the writers doing? Trying to make a love triangle here? Please it’s a request, don’t pair surbhi with harman.

  3. i told u na… that evil preeto bring surbhi btween our haya… harman super… whatever u did thats correct… pls surbhi you dont accept this relationship…. coz harman only loves somu… please quickly reveal the truth that somu is not a kinner….

    1. Sabrina

      Maybe the truth will reveal on wedding day

  4. hello kopz.. are you ok… neenga nethu comment pannave illa.. power vandhuducha… apparam unga phone sariaayiducha..

  5. ammu ma.. nan ungala appdi thana koopudren.. appa oru ponnuku avanga amma mela akarai irukka koodadha…
    ok ammu ma.. enakku neraiya work irukku… meet again tmrw..
    GOOD NIGHT & SWEET DREAMS for shakti family…

  6. Hi shakti fmly

    I’m new to this commenting area but I never miss even a single epi

    Today’s haya’s scene was awesome but I hate precap

    Hi kartgia, ammu,….
    Naanum Tamil thaan. Neenga ellarum enna idam ??

  7. cheee horrible precap..
    Hope stupid soumya doesn’t agree.. At least for surbhi’s sake..

  8. Angelk1

    Soon Soumya will convince her too even though they don’t want too. Soumya is getting on my nerve . Presto probably heard the rumors going on and will use it to get Soumya out and honor their name. Soumya being an idiot will accept and even convince harman and surbhi who refuse.

    Surbhi might even start having feelings for harman again, and with presto manipulation will become a negative character. Truth comes out Soumya is a girl and was switch by birth. Or her DNA record was switch, and barman will try to get out of his new relation, but presto and surbhi won’t allow it. This will probably happen.

  9. Hi karthika you are correct but I hope its not happen when they know Soumya is not a kinner?

  10. hi chaya.. i dont know when it will happen…but it must happen…

    hope surbhi never become negative character.. because this love triangle of harmam-somu-surbhi …..

    one new tamil fan… vanakkam to shakti family.. _/\_ _/\_

    ok bye..

  11. Hi to all sakthi fans. Today I didn’t see the serial just now read the written episode . Hate the precap, very disgusting.

    Hi karthi, yen ma ivlavu kovam naan yethuvuma solalaye.. Inga power cut athigama iruku ma athanaalathaan yesterday comment Panna mudiyala. Sorry… Ippa thaan munthana naal comment ta paathen.

    Yenudaya Peru the great MUTHU LAKSHMI .

    Apparam naan en ponnunga Kita romba santhoshama sonnen yenna patthi rajapalayathula irunthu visaarikaraanganu en friend nu. Thanks u for ur concern and ofcourse neyum en ponnu thaan deal ok…

    Smile please…???

  12. Hi Ashley happy to see u .iam from Chennai.neenga?

  13. Nethu naanga yarumay comment pannala athuku nu ippadiya verum 7 comments Thaana…?

    Ithula irundhu enna theriyuthu naan thaan velai vetti illama iruken pola iruku hmm …

    Ok itha patthi kavalai padaama en samuga sevaiya naan thodarnthu seiven…(vettiya pesarathu thaan).

  14. Hi kopz eppadi irukinga? Power supply vanthuducha ? puyal nammala romba kashtapadu thiduchu . I think safe va irukeenga nu nambaren ma.

    Waiting for ur comment. Come back soon.

  15. Sabrina

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh I can’t Noooooo what the hellll I was hoping this isn’t true omg …. I can’t Noooooooo pls don’t do it ahhhhhh

  16. Nothing is wrong with Abhishek. Writers just want to pair harman with surbhi. That’s why they have dragged surbhis wedding. Why do they want to pair them? Seriously as i think this will be the only reason to spoil this show. We don’t want that to happen.

  17. @ammu ma… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 deal…

    unga per romba nalla irukku… the grt muthu lakshmi….

    unga mela kovama… enakka… hahaha….
    apdi ellam edhuvume illa..

    apparam naanum en samooga sevaiya thidarndhu seiven….

    i m waiting…. for kopz comment…

  18. This show is going insane. If surbhi marries Harman the TRP will go down. If they said that Somu is not a Kinner it’s f**king stupid coz how can’t a mom knows about her child. It will be so funny ? that Somu is not a kinner. They can’t even make love triangle nor they can reveal that Somu is not a kinner. I’m expecting different end of this show, if Somu turns out to be normal person. Nobody would love to watch it. And my time would go to hell for watching this kinda show. I hope they make the end differently rather than Somu isn’t a kinner.

  19. From precap I could not enjoy anything about Haya scene anymore, I’m disappointed to see again and again that maker try to force remarry happen, why choose to low your show in this idiot way and slowly destroy character one by one. This is shakti or find out someone to produce heir. And if you sure to go on this stupid way pls release that track to confirm soon for my permanent quit not to skip some over unnecessary and boring drama epi.

  20. pwincess pari

    I hate the precap ???? Only Harman Soumya , NOOOO SURBHI ???

  21. I’m frm tuty guys

    Hi Karthika and ammu

    Kopz…. R u Tamil???

  22. Seriously I’m not gonna watch if harman and surbhi agrees! So stupid. If that happens i will stop watching this and start watching the other drama on star plus.

    1. je suis tous a fais d*accord avec toi

  23. Hi Ashley, am fine here. R u a student?

  24. OK this was my last day watching this seriel why could they not let go of that pairing of all the girls in the world am soo pissed done with it getting back to American series now

  25. Shanitics

    Hate the precap ? But lvd Haya scenes…

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