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Shakti 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi asking Soumya to drink milk. Nimmi says you just came from hospital and asks her to drink milk. Soumya is about to drink milk and sees Harman knocking on the door. He asks how are you Gulabo? Soumya nods that she is fine. Harman says we couldn’t talk properly since you came and asks if she liked the flowers. Soumya is silent. Harman tells Nimmi that he will take care of Soumya and says may be she is feeling shy to talk to me infront of you. Nimmi says why not, you both can talk. She asks Surbhi to come. Soumya says Maa and gets worried. Nimmi asks her not to worry and says we will be in next room only. She says you knows what to tell and what to not, and goes. Harman closes the door and comes near Soumya….He says Gulabo…and fills Camphor in the box. He asks her to talk

to him like before and says I got desperate and did a mistake. He says what to do to make you smile…and says shall I do sit ups. He says I can do anything for my Gulabo…Soumya says no, don’t know…Harman looks at her and says everything is fair in love and war…I can do anything for you…my Gulabo…Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…………..Soumya gets touched by his words…and asks if you will throw me out of the house before 16 days. Harman says why I will throw you out of house.

Soumya asks him to promise that he will not throw her out of house. Harman says who is so daring to take you far from me. He says nobody can separate my life from me, says I will die but will never let you go far from me. You have full right on me and on this house. He holds her shoulder. Soumya asks him not to touch her. Harman says what you are saying, you are my wife. Soumya says I am not suitable to be your wife…Harman is shocked. He says this is new siyappa in your mind to keep far from me, and says just like you are a daughter and sister, you are my wife. Soumya says I am a daughter and can become bahu also, but I can’t give a heir to this family. Harman is surprised and clueless. He says you are nervous about mum’s wish to have a heir. He says we will adopt kids as many as they wants. He says you are my wife afterall. Soumya says you are not understanding me, and says one needs to be woman to become a wife which I am not….she cries reflecting her pain and says I am a kinner. Harman is shocked, but thinks she is joking. He says joke is good when it is under limits.

Soumya says I am not joking, but saying truth. Harman says you are so innocent, whatever you tell seems true. Soumya says I am saying truth as Mata Rani made me this way. She says Kinner is the one who is protected from the world by her mum. She says her father always tried to kill her, and who has no identity. She tells that she had no right to go to school or attend marriage school. Harman asks her to stop it, and calls her Soumya…Soumya cries and says kinner can’t have family. She says they can bless others, but nobody accepts them. She says I am a kinner. She says Maa don’t want us to unite because of this fact. Harman is shell shocked and shattered. Soumya says there is one truth too. She says I am not like ordinary woman, but my heart are like you people. She says for the first time, I felt love….She says Harman ji….I love you…I love you very much and cries. Harman looks angrily and kicks on the table which falls near her. Soumya stands up shockingly. Harman asks then why did you marry me knowing the fact. Soumya takes his promise and says I didn’t know about this fact.

Harman says you are lying even now and goes angrily breaking the things in the house. Nimmi asks Harman to stop. Harman breaks the things while his family ask him to stop and wondering what has happened to him. Harman sits in his jeep and goes. Harak Singh, Preeto and others come out. Varun says where did you go? Harak Singh says only her dad can stop him…Preeto blames that this is happening since marriage. Harak Singh says Bahu Rani must know. Raavi tells Preeto that they have not consummated their marriage, as there is no sign as such in the room. She says may be they don’t get along well. Saya hears them and thinks if Soumya told the truth to Harman.

Nimmi asks Soumya if she told the truth to Harman. Soumya says you always taught me never to hide anything from loved ones. Surbhi says you should have hidden the truth which will break your home. Harak Singh hears her and asks what is that truth. Nimmi, Surbhi and Soumya are shocked. Preeto and others also come. Harak Singh asks what you were talking about? He asks if you people are hiding something from us. He asks Nimmi. Soumya cries. Harak Singh asks her not to cry and asks her to tell what happened? Preeto asks Soumya if you are hiding something and says Harman went angrily, what is going on between you both? Soumya cries. Preeto acts sweet and asks her to tell. She then gets angry and asks her to tell. She says you have ruined my son’s life and is silent..asks her to tell what is happening else she will kill her. Harak Singh asks her to calm down, and says she is a kid. He asks Soumya to tell if she had fight with him, and says it is normal. He asks you was talking about which truth.

Soumya is about to tell about her kinner’s truth, but Nimmi interrupts her and says it was my mistake. Preeto says you brought Siyappa home. Nimmi tells about dosh in Soumya’s kundli, and says we didn’t want this marriage to happen, but you know how this marriage happened? Preeto asks what is that dosh? Nimmi says we talked to Pandit ji and he asked us to keep husband and wife far. Harak Singh asks what is the big deal? You would have told us before. Preeto says it is not a small thing, she says you would have told us. Surbhi says we didn’t want this marriage to happen, she says Panchayat people had not listen to us, and says dosh is on Soumya and Harman, both. Preeto asks her to stop interfering between elders. Harak Singh tells them that Harman is soft like candle and will return home. He says everything will be fine. Preeto folds her hand and asks her to tell if there is something more, and says I will get heart attack. Nimmi apologizes. Preeto says you please forgive us and goes.

Harman is driving his jeep and recalls Soumya’s words that she can become bahu, but can’t give heir to the family. He thinks of Soumya’s words that she is not a woman as she is a kinner and can’t be his wife. He stops his jeep and recalls their first meet, kidnapping her, marriage and all the moments with her. He walks towards the river…Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays……………..He cries and reminisces her. He breaks down and sits. He recalls all the incidents leading to their marriage. He says I fell in love for the first time in life and gave promise to take care of her all life, married her and brought her home, and she is a Kinner. He questions Mata Rani and asks why did you do this with me, what wrong did I do with anyone. He thinks what to do now? Shall I kill myself or kill Soumya? He asks Mata Rani, why did you do this with me. Saya comes in her car and sees shattered Harman trying to cope up.

In the evening, Preeto tells Harak Singh that there is something wrong with this family, and mother- daughter duo. She asks Mata Rani to protect her Harman. Harak Singh asks her to look at Harman and says he has done something which forced our innocent bahu Rani to cut her wrist. He says this is the result of your over protective love. He says he is useless and says I wouldn’t have a son than him. Preeto asks him to stop and says I have changed this family destiny. She says you have requested infront of me. She says if I can leave everything 25 years back then I can leave anything even now. Harak Singh says Harman is my son also and I have same right as you to scold him.

Soumya calls Harman and tells Nimmi that he is not picking the call. She worries for him and prays to Mata Rani for his well being. She cries. Surbhi asks her not to worry. Nimmi asks her not to think anything and says Harman is shaken up and will need time to cope up. She says I have faith on him that he will not leave your hand even after knowing the truth. Beeji comes to Bebe and Maninder and inform them that Surbhi called and told that Soumya informed everything to Harman. Bebe and Maninder are shocked. Maninder says we are ruined now and breaks the things. Bebe asks him to stop it. She asks him to get ready to fight with big storm. Just then they see Saya coming there. Maninder says did you know what is happening there? Saya says I have seen with my eyes. Maninder says I am suffering since 21 years, I gave you money and did as you say. You haven’t done anything and challenged Nimmi of 21 days. Saya asks him to shut up and says Harman knows the truth now. She says he can’t hide the truth. I will take Soumya to my world infront of everyone.

Nimmi comes out of kitchen and sees Preeto. She asks her to take tea. Preeto asks where is Harman? Nimmi says I didn’t know, don’t know what happened between wife and husband. Preeto says you can fool others, but not me. I am his mum and will not stay quiet. Nimmi thinks what to do now. Preeto tells Harak Singh that there is something wrong. Sindhu informs that Harman came back. Harman comes home. Preeto asks where was you last night and asks him to tell. She says I am your mum and needs to know. Harman goes to his room without talking to her. Harak Singh asks her to let him go and says they will solve the issue.

Harman comes to room. Nimmi worries if he told truth to everyone. Soumya asks where did you go ji…Don’t do this again. She says I will go very far from your life and will not show you my face again. Harman asks her to keep quiet. Nimmi and Surbhi are shocked. Soumya is also shocked. Harman asks why only me? He asks Nimmi, why did you play game with me. I gave mum’s place to you, but you have broken my dreams etc. He says I don’t have the strength to face my family or anyone in the society, just because of you…and asks what did you get by ruining my life. Nimmi cries and falls on his feet. She requests him to give shelter to Soumya for 2 weeks and then I will take her very far from here. She says you can get married again and have your dreams fulfilled. She says I got blinded by my daughter’s love and apologizes to him. Soumya cries.

Nimmi says I came to tell you truth in the temple. A fb is shown, Nimmi tells Harman that when you come to know about the truth then you will leave my daughter. She was about to tell him about her truth, but Harman tells her that he will not leave Soumya even if he comes to know that she is a candle doll. Fb ends. Nimmi cries and apologizes to him for thinking him wrong. Surbhi also apologizes to him and says you can punish us, but let Soumya stay here for 2 weeks. Nimmi says my daughter will be snatched from me.

Harman holds Soumya’s hand and takes her out. He brings her downstairs. Preeto asks what is the new drama. Raavi says it will be fun if he kicks her out. Harman pushes Soumya. Harak Singh holds her and asks why he is doing this being a tiger. He asks if we taught you to do this, you dragged her till here. Harman says it is enough now. He asks him to make his bahu understand not to rule on him, says she is my wife and asks her to become my wife only, don’t try to become my mum. He asks him to ask Soumya, why did she cut her wrist? Soumya is confused.

Soumya sees Saya coming there and gets shocked. Harak Singh gives them nek and asks if she is happy? Saya says you are nice people. She tells Soumya that they will throw her out once they come to know about her truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alisha

    First of all, hats off to Vivian for his superb performance in today’s episode. He never fails to impress us.. Coming towards the episode, at first I was really mad at Harman. I was like, “What the hell do you think about yourself? Just clam down, okay?” (Well, forgive the dumbo side of me) But later, I understood that it’s not that easy. We all had been expecting him to support our Soumo but.. Honestly guys, it’s not that easy for him. Like we were disappointed a bit, this would have brought him disappointment too. It’s not that simple, for a guy to accept that the girl he married, the girl with whom he fell in love at first sight is actually a kinnar. I do object on one thing.. When Soumya said that even she didn’t know in the first place that she is a kinnar and Harman yelled back, “JHOOT!” That was really heartbreaking…
    I was continuously advising Harman (another dumb side of me, don’t worry you would get to see many things like that. Lol!) I was yelling on the top of my voice, “EK MIN KE LIYE THANDE DIMAGH SE SOCHO!” (I always do that, you know.. Advising the characters ke ye mat kerna.. ?) SORRY SORRY! ??
    2nd point was when Harman was mad at Soumo and he went to that river side or whatever it was… Ek baat! Colors wale aaj tak jab bhi kisi character ko wahan le ker gae hain na, wo pani mein girta zaroor hai. So, when they showed that place.. I totally freaked out! I was literally yelling at him, “Don’t you ever think of doing that. Get back there.. Stop walking! Just don’t..” And yeah, plus point.. If I am not wrong in childhood that was the same place where Surbhi pushed Soumya..but the point is these type of places always make me feel like the character is gonna commit suicide. Argh! Then Hamran added, “Mata Rani, Apne aap ko mar lon ya.. Ya use mar don?” I honestly, jumped and sat straight.. “Tum na.. ??”
    Coming to how Khadak Singh always supports Soumya… ??
    I know they lied and we have no idea how would Khadak Singh react after he gets to know about the truth but one thing.. His concern and love for Soumya isn’t fake. He really cares for her like a father would. Even after the truth is before everyone, I would never be able to forget his love and care cuz that just makes my heart melt. I feel super happy for Soumo.. ?
    The last scene where Harman held Soumya’s hand.. Who else expected him to say that he is ready to support her and let her stay in his house for 16 more days? No one? Looks like I am the only one.. Lol! But to our disappointment he stormed out of the room, took her downstairs and pushed her forwards.. Thank goodness Khadak Singh held her. I wasn’t expecting that.. But anyways.. Time lage na thoda, is mein Hamran ki bhi koi ghalti naheen hai. He needs time..
    Guys, I won’t be able to comment daily from now onwards as my school is starting from tomorrow and I would not get time. Sorry! ??

    1. its fun reading ur comment alisha ,u r just like my lil sister who also reacts to the scenes!:)

    2. haha nyc cmnt,,,and that river part is true,,,In colors whenever a character goes near river either he/she will try to suicide or someone else will push them to the river…swaragini is example

  2. I hate Harman why he is he pushing her around like that

  3. Iamsofianeak

    I feel bad for Harman , But what is the story of 21 days ? i missed the episode , someone explain me please ?

    1. Lila

      Saya challenged Nimmi that if ur daughter stays in her sasural for 21 days then she will never try to take soumaya away. And if soumaya’s truth comes out in front of her in laws and they kick her out then Saya will take Soumaya away for ever. Nw soumaya has 15 days out of 21 to stay in sasural

  4. Super episode… Feeling sad for harmya…

    1. Wow …..harmya is my name…..;-)….hai dear frds Happy Independence Day

  5. Omg really a epi with full of suspense, I keep thinking what nxt what nxt till the end i can’t able to guess anythink and iam from tamilnadu I understand hindhi very less but both the leads performance is just awesome and flawless they showed their emotions and their pain in acting so their no language is needed to feel it , actually it makes me cry with them seriuosly our harmaya rocks today and thanks for detailed and breif written update

  6. Actually I liked when Harman was devastated… Because it was a natural reaction.. When anyone will know that his /her life partner is kinner… Vivian ‘s performance was good… Preeto has some Raaz definitely…! And even Raavi ke hubby ka Raaz…!! Too much raaz awaiting for the viewers…

  7. @Iamsofianeak Basically the saya told Nimmi that if Soumya stays in her in laws house for 21 days then the saya would leave them along hence they want Harman to let soumya stay in her in laws for 2 more weeks. Hope this helps

  8. Lamsofianeak actually that saya who is always behind soumu from her childwood to take her to their world is tried to take her before marriage by telling her identity which is unaware to soumya she expect if soumu came to know truth then soumu itself came with her but nimmi caught her and ask her not spoil her child life likewise …so that saya said that soumu can’t able to stay for three days in her inlaws home they will definitely kick her out but you expecting her to lead a normal life there ok if she able to stay for 21 days in her inlaws home then I won’t comeback to kidnap or take her away from you for which nimmi accepted with hope .

  9. Poor Harman

  10. Iamsofianeak

    Thaaanku so muccch @uthaya & @pooja

  11. Please can someone enlightened me on what is kinner.

  12. it was an heart touching episode and reading it I am feeling it ,,,, dont no how would I have reacted if I would have watched it!!!!!!

  13. sad for everyone. .. its not soumyas mistake for sure .. it was he who kidnapped her n he who assured nimmi that even if soumya is momb ki gudiya also he will take care of her. ..

    Then in what way anybody is wrong? ? Only fate is playing games with everyone. …

    I m in love with all characters of the story….

  14. actually I feel very sorry most sorry for nimmy… How would a mother face such situation I can’t imagine. …
    she is doing a great job in her acting too… very very heart touching. …

  15. Excellent acting by Vivian, Rubaina, Reena kapoor .Berry also contributed well.Altogether enjoyable episode of the day.Nicely crafted.

  16. florentina moldovan

    lessons…life lessons, love lessons, tolerance lessons…humanity lessons….
    in my country this even it is not a subject because, i think, people manage the situations easier…surgery…etc…
    congrats, my dear indian people for the courage of bringing this type of subjects on public debate!!! so proud of you, my dears!

    1. hi flora nice to see u here..

      I think now even herman will look for scientific remedies. ..

  17. Sabrina

    Gosh I cried today Somu was so braved but glad she told the truth to Harman I expected this reaction from him. I hope he accept her.

  18. Angelk1

    I think it wasa mix up in the hospital. And soumya is actually a girl. I think thats what will happen. I think her dadi switched it or the hospital by accident. It just seem like it will go that way, how else Will they end up together. But i think they will continue the drama a bit until they twist it around.

  19. It’s nt Soumya’s mistk that she is a kinner,it isn’t Harman’s mistk either…he feels cheated,,,it will take tym for him to cope up

  20. Narendran

    Epi was awesome.. Sorry for late comment.. But I think Harman gonna safeguard soumya for 2weeks?? Or he will be with her life time?.. Anyways.. This show is good eg for society people.. Who taunts kinnars??

  21. Epi waa very gud Haya made me cry. They were tremendous in their respective parts. I also think that Harman will safeguard Somu 4 two weeks. Dont know what will happen nxt finger crossed jst eagerly waiting 4 it. Luv u Vivian,Rubina nd others member of shakti family

  22. Hey Harmaya thats so coooool….Happy Independence Day to u tooo dear…

  23. hi am new can i join u guy’s. will harman leave somya or not. what do u think

  24. i am not understanding last para can u explain plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  25. there is not fun to read an episode than seeing on t.v right or not

  26. Shrinjal

    Hey I am Shrinjal . Please read my new ff.

    Swaragini – Kismat connection

    Another one is Sau Tarah Ke.. Taud de.. Ishq ka harz kya hai?

    Do read that. I posted kismat connection now so it will take some time to uploaf

  27. Could anyone please explain me that how Soumya does not know she is kinnar in first place?I am not getting it atleast she should have known that fact.

  28. Ofcourse Mehak u can join our family…..WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY nd keep cmntng

  29. Sry Mehak dear i cant help u as i didnt get tym 2 watch it bt u can watch it on voot.I hope it’ll help u nd again sry….

  30. Renu di where r u….m waiting 4 ur cmnt nd where r all the members….plz plz plz……cmnt

  31. Yes renuverma I too waiting for ur cmnt where r u

  32. Where is today’s update?

  33. What a stupid show ls this even how to treat a woman what is this? Chiiii 4 now I stopped watching this show until it is good again please directors of the show be sure of what u are doing.

  34. How is the story suppose to go forward? I mean how are they supposed to be intimate. Got to say, I’d be mighty piss too.

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