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Shakti 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maninder telling Bebe that Surbhi is not found and that he is searching her since 3 days. He thinks to call Preeto. Surbhi comes to Maninder’s house with Nani. Maninder slaps her. Surbhi asks him to slap her and says I am your guilty. Maninder asks why you have done this? Surbhi says she wants to go away from Harman and Soumya’s life. Bebe says you are married to Harman. Surbhi says you will not understand and says she will divorce Harman. Maninder gets angry. Surbhi says this divorce will happen and asks him not to tell anyone that she is in his house else she will go from here.

Soumya talks to Surbhi and asks her to return home, and says we have done what you asked us. Surbhi says I am fine and says I will return home. Soumya says if you don’t return then I will die

and jump in the river. Harman asks her to jump and die and says what else you know other than this. Surbhi says I will die and then problem is solved. Soumya says choti. Call is ended. Nani says everything will be fine. Harman tells Soumya that he is thinking to die. Soumya asks why you are saying this. Harman says just because you are saying. Soumya gets emotional and says she wants everything to be fine and don’t want Preeto to get angry with him. Harman sits on bed and tells that he is in love and don’t care about anyone’s anger. He asks her to hold his hand and says we will live together.

Viren tells Shanno that she gave him immense happiness today and says he wants to declare that he has a son now. Shanno asks him to be silent and says we have trump card now, and we have to play cleverly. She asks him to go to Harak Singh and asks wealth for his son. Viren goes to Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks him to sit. Viren asks him to make Patiala peg. Harak Singh thinks he asked me to make peg, may be because he is happy. He makes peg for him. Viren drinks it. He asks Harak Singh to give toys kept in room for his son. Harak Singh gets angry and says it is for my heir. Viren gets angry.

Preeto comes and says our heir will not come, then what we will do with those toys. She asks him to come and take all the toys. She gives toys to Viren. Soumya and Harman also come there. Raavi says what you are doing? Won’t you keep anything for Harman’s son. Preeto asks why? She says just like he got son from the street, he will get toys from there. She says these toys are made with Harak Singh’s earned money and says these we will give to our heir and not to anyone sin. Soumya and Harman are shocked. Harman asks her to give away all toys and says I will be happy that our son got the toys. He asks her not to taunt Soumya and asks Raavi to take care of her house and not interfere. Raavi says I thought you are attached to baby and that’s why I said. You are jobless. Preeto asks Viren to take all the toys.

Door bell rings. Varun opens the door. Servants come and tell that Shanno’s brother Jogi have sent these gifts. Viren thanks them. Raavi tells Harman that Soumya don’t have a family or any blessing. Preeto says he has no understanding of family. Door bell rings again. Varun opens the door. Some men come and keep the gifts and toys. Varun says who sent this blessing. Raavi says Shanno’s chachi mayka have sent this. Saya comes there and calls Soumya. Soumya and Harman smile seeing her. Saya asks Preeto not to feel bad and says life has given us a chance to give nek to someone so I bought. Harman says what is there in it to feel bad. He says if Mummy ji would have been alive, she would have done same thing. He says Soumya thinks of you as her mum and I think of you as my saas. Soumya says Mallika didi. Saya says today she came to meet her son. Soumya looks on happy.

Saya asks her to give baby in her hand. Shakti song plays….Saya kisses the baby happily. Soumya gets teary eyes and emotional. Saya gives baby back to Soumya and says she is feeling peace today seeing them. She blesses them. Preeto, Viren Raavi and Varun are upset and angry. Harman goes to drop her till door. Soumya smiles and hugs her son. Preeto thinks this kinnar have shattered my dreams and thinks Harman is my son first and then your husband.

Raavi tells that Shanno’s baby Naam Karan is happening here. Harman says he will have Naam karan of his baby. Shanno says he is kinnar’s son and asks him to name him champa, chameli. Harman says whatever may be the name, but his naam karan will happen with your son’s naam karan. Preeto thinks she will make sure that his naam karan don’t happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan update the new montage….Admins of must give us the latest montage which has Haya only…

    Msg from Team: From Monday.

  2. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Surbhi jab Harman ki legal wife hain nahi toh kaisa divorce yeh baat muje samaj nahi aa rahi hain log bolte hain Surbhi ko wapish lavo per woh yeh samaj nahi paate ki usmey na toh Surbhi ki na hi Saumya aur na hi Harman ki bhalai hain agar suchmuch ki Surbhi ke liye feeling hain you uski ussey shadi karva do joh suchmuch me ussey pyare karta ho shadi ushi se karni chaiye jo aapse pyar karta ho nahi ke usey jise aap pyar karte ho

  3. What nonsense are they showing in this serial. Why can’t Harman see his mothers pain. Harman is being selfish. Just to make himself and bhondu Saumya happy, he has crushed his parent’s happiness. Poor Preeto ? now even Shanno and her husband are showing her attitude.

    1. U are correct Jessica, Harman have crossed the height of stupidity, why can’t he realize, there are many people who are related to him other than soumya, y can’t he realize the pain of his parents, he is a son too along with a husband, how can surbhi and Harman be such selfish, y do they think only soumya is a human and she is the only one who can be happy, y can’t they feel it, the people who love them most is facing much pain because of them, I saw flood today in maninders eyes when he is hearing to surbhis, I never thought such a disgusting human can have heart, what he wished is just to see surbhi to have happy and lovable life, y don’t surbhi realize her fathers love, this Harman y can’t he realize his parents are breaking due to his stupid deeds, y they both always give pain to the persons who loves them most, I feel like slapping both of them and tell them just soumya is not only the person who deserves happiness, there many of them who deserves happiness have hopes on their lives. Today I feel like slapping surbhis repeatedly, how can she talk to him like that even though she knows he is d one who loves her most, she is d one who is hurting him most, these two(Harman and surbhis should be sent to orphanage) then they will get to know the value of parents and siblings, what they care all about soumya soumya, come on guys there many people who needs them, stop hurting them. They got most pampering that is the reason they don’t care about anybody else. The people they live or die that doesn’t make any sense to them. Stop hurting others just to keep soumya happy, Ravi well done u gave and to irritating Harman, he doesn’t deserve ur care, all he cares about is soumya, stop supporting him, he can never understand ur sisterly love.

    2. Jessi kya apko lgta hai kisi ko aise hurt krna sahi hai …saumya ke sath kitna game khela jaa rha hai kitna dukhi kiya jaa rha hai problem tb aati jab wo skal or awaz se kinner lagti even she have only one problem wo pregnant nhe ho sakti lekin ye toh aj ki 30% women ke sath ho rha hai ap khud sochiye agar harman wakai ek new chapter logo ko pdha rha hai usme problem kha hai preeto ka jab pati maar gya tha usne dusri shadi krli but agar wo infertile hoti toh kyaa krti woo…. sheep ki tarah dunia chal rahi hai dunia ke khilaf jana apno ko bchana har kisi ke bass ki baat nhe or un men ka kyaa jo capable nhe baby ko born kr sake problem kha nhe hai

  4. It’s difficult to make it fair , the happiness of harman and saumya against with the happiness of preeto and his family , How the makers solve this problem ? Preeto has right to be grandma and saw his son happy with normal woman , harman’s happiness with saumya and he refuses to be with anyone else , saumya tried to go away so many times but harman didn’t let her go the only solution to change that situation is saumya became a normal woman or ended this show by us everyone put the end he likes

    1. I agree with u days d point now

  5. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Yeh serial gaur se samjo toh her character selfish hain Harman Saumya baad main aate hain pehle unme parents ko insaniyat shikhavo agar soch lo Saumya hain nahi aur koi normal ladki hain aur usey bacha nahi ho raha hai aur woh adopt kar rahe hain tabhiwoh aisa karegi? Aur Harman bina soche usey saath de toh woh accha vaat kya baat hain jinko serial ke lead se aur track se itna dukh hain toh woh dekhte hi kyoon hain jab Surbhi ki shadi ka track muje nahi pasand tha toh main Surbhi ko bhalabura kahe ke serial nahi dekhti thi ye serial kinnars ko society me sthan mile isa liye hain na ki Preeto ki feelings samaj ne ke liye banai gayi hain

  6. I think everyone is being unduly harsh towards harman and saima. They love each other and have done a noble deed. In which they have adopted a child and gave it a home and love. Why can’t his parents accept the child as their grandchild. Is only blood relatives everything, harman is their son and that is his child regardless if it biological or not. Harmans parents are grandparents if they don’t wish to accept that then that’s their problem. As to surbhi she is an evil home wrecker. Why did she marry her brother in law knowing that he was married to her sister and that her sister loved him. What did she expect that everything would be ok and harman and soumya would stop loving each other. She deserves what she gets. Soumya should not magically turn normal she should stay as she us and her family should accept her as she is. Her family is disgusting they have a mould that you need to fit in otherwise you don’t get love that’s low parents should love their children regardless of their gender. Everyone that’s feeling sorry for maninder should remeber how he treated Soumya all his life. Just because he feels sad for surbi does not excuse his disgusting behaviour towards Soumya. He has two daughters.

  7. your silver lining

    Initially, the show promised to be centred around the life of a kinnar bit now it has become a daily soap which focuses on a single leading lady who it’s the most innocent one in whatever she does…the only difference is that the protagonist here is a kinnar…
    What non sense is this..of they really wanna tall about the kinnar’s empowerment and their rights then their should show saumya struggling for education and making a place Ford herself in the society…indeed of dreaming for a perfect family…
    I guess the makers of the show have not done homework on the kinnars…
    And I don’t know what to say about harman… Now his character is becoming overrated…in a way too overrated…he is taking stand for saumya in everything she does…everyone he goes against his own
    family like he never loved them…
    And if he really wants saumya’s safety then why doesn’t he seems saumya somewhere to study(as she never went to school) and make her independent so that she can take a stand for herself…
    And i am very sure preeto and harak singh will happily finance for saumya’s education… This way all the problems will need solved…but no the makers game to make saumya a bechari and innocent who all the time has to make a masum face and destroy a ‘Hasta-khelta parivar’
    Foolish makers…

    1. I completely agree with u, dats our point from manydays

      1. your silver lining

        Thanku sandy…i have been a silent reader of this page…so just wanted ko keep my point forward…

  8. your silver lining

    And I need to mention that my post aims no offence to anyone…it’s just my point of view…i have read yesterday’s comments and i completely agree with @jessica…

  9. your silver lining

    And one more thing…today the way saumya hugged the baby clearly shows she cares only for herself and no one else… I am sorry if i sound rude but that’s true… I really feel pity for the child…without any fault he has to bear everyone’s hatred…just because saumya wants too prove that she can be a good mother…

    1. ?…thanks

      1. your silver lining

        Anytime dear…?

  10. Kami toh aurat me bhi ho sakti hai saumya kinner lagti bhi nhe family riste sab sambhalna janti hai …preeto ka bhi toh pati maar gya tha kitni aasani se usne b dusri shadi krli thi ….agar harman apna pyar nibha rha hai toh logo me 20 % toh insaniyat honi chaeye …preeto or hadak ghamandi hai baat krne ki tehzeeb tak nhe or asli kinner toh shanno lgti hai skal se or naam se ???

    1. So u think of they look alike transgenders, so what don’t they have hearts, the too need effection too, they too need care, but our point, only soumya is not the person who need good life, but many out there, not just every person will have motherhood and fatherhood, we don’t like that point making soumya all bechari of the serial, making all parents villains, Harman a wall against soumya there are many other out there like chameli,another’s with good heart they too need good life, happy family, we are telling that if the makers want to teach us they too are humans, please make such way, there are many kinnars out there who doesn’t look like that y don’t u bring them and give good life, every person deserves a good life despite of genders, and lookalikes. Plz understand that, stop supporting soumyasdumbness

  11. Hi friends. This serial has new concept. With this concept they can make serial for 1 to 2 years. That is good. But this is rashmi sharma serial. I am telling you she will drag this serial for 8 to 10 years like saathiya, sasural simar ka rishta until Vivian get white hair she will drag it definitely.???

  12. Hi Jessica. I think you don’t like soumya. I too don’t like Rubina and this serial. But I want to say something to you. Don’t behave rudely with others for this serial. I think u can understand.

    1. U didn’t understand anjali, Jessica doesn’t likes soumya bechariness, she got tired seeing bechari of the show, her point is there are many kinnars out there who deserve good life and happy family, she doesn’t like dumb soumya, her point is that soumya could make a stand for herself as says and help other kinners to get good life instead of being silent to portray herself as as women, I think u understand, we like soumya but not her dumbness and selfish intentions just want to portray herself as a women, instead she can accept herself and help others than living with people who hates her and gets her hurt and even them.

      1. Thanks Sandy and Anjali and everyone who really understood me ? ✌️. For those who didn’t understand, please read my previous comments. My comments may sound aggressive but I’m not a rude person at all. I like being very frank and upto the point. A little bit of slang is ok babes. I hate bhondu Saumya’s character and can’t tolerate her fakeness and thats it. The only thing that can change my mind is, if the makers turn her character into a bold one.

        Disclaimer: Please note that I have not mentioned the word “Kinnar” in my comment. I do not want ANYONE misunderstanding my comments and pointing out to me that I’m referring to all Kinnars.

        ? I had to put a disclaimer for other dumb ass…oops other friends in this portal.

  13. Hi everyone , please calm down , we all have opinions about the show but with no arguments , we know each other by this serial , we have grateful for that , any good serial has to change bad manners , bad knowledge , bad thinking , bad cultures and anything not good or normal in our societies not to create arguments between us ,at the end of the show makers will do what they are want to do without matter to any opinion of us , what we are gaining by the end ? Arguments …..we have to respect each other’s opinions because we are deference just like that , easy

    1. Dals, we are not arguing…just debating…hehehee ? We are all friends here…right guys??

  14. I agree your comment dalia???????????

  15. Thanks Shanaya , for being understand and supporting ,it’s pleasure to me

  16. Thanks Shanaya , for being understand and supporting ,it’s pleasure to me

  17. What do you all think about Varun? I find him hot.

  18. Yes Jessica we are friends , l think harman is the only hot , who are with me ? And just for Jessica varun is too

  19. Viv is definatly the hot one here but varun is ok too

  20. I’m happy reading ur comments guys, learns allot from u all and love u all. Thanks to all of u from Egypt

  21. Yes jessica dalia we are friends.??????????????????? I think haraman is a hot but varun is not bad

  22. Vivian won best actor award..shakti won best innovation award..and rubina also won d award…
    Shakti got more award in al categories. .

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