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The episode starts with the man offers money to Soumya and forces her to dance. He tells make me and my relatives happy. Accidently,she pushes him and they get shocked. The man gets angry. He tells you forgot who you are. She apologies. He tells not to apologies kinnar. And says you don’t know who I am.

Harman recalls something and thinks I will bring soumya. He tells I have a humanity relation with Soumya and I will find her. The lady apologies to the man and tells it’s our work,were sorry. We don’t have any relation with men or women. He tells she did mistake and she will only say sorry. Another lady tells yes she’ll. You kinnar who have no respect. She imagines Harman there calling her Gulabo and asking what happens. The lady asks her to apologies. She apologies to him and

he tells don’t forget who you are. He distributes money to everyone and gives to Soumya and she hesitating takes it.

Chachi asks something to him and he asks not to take out that word from your mouth
She tells him something. He tells don’t you know bhaisa? The time you atop thinking he starts thinking. She tells we will make a plan that he’ll not get to know of it.

Harman stops his car in front of Bebe and Mahender house. They ask him everything is fine and calls him putter. He tells do u know the meaning of it. If you would be known then you wouldn’t have eaten a single bite. Do you know where Soumya is she on the road? He tells the place she belongs. He tells who made you made u a father and was about to day something when Nimmi asks him to stop and tells who are you to fall in our matters. Soumya is my daughter and he’s my husband. He tells she is my wife and even I am upset as u are. She tells we know and she belongs to that place. He tells you made Soumya live with you 21 years and now you are telling something. . Whenever you want you can break relations? He tslls she stayed with me for 21 days but they were like years and in these days someone could’ve loved an animal and I started to love her. She’s so innocent. Till when I will not find her I will not relax. Bebe tells you can relax and asks him to go him. He asks if humanity is left in this house or not? She tells in your house thers no humanity. Your mother made her away from us. He tells she is one among us and will live with us and he tells he want to talk with Nimmi. Nimmi goes from there.

The kinnars go home. Soumya wonders I want to see someone whom I know and want to run. Kinnar tells her she’s not special and she has to do what we do. Another lady asks her to stop. Harman tells Nimmi she’s so innocent and can’t live with them. She don’t know the world, she doesn’t even know how to use a phone. He tells something and asks where is she. Do you suspect something? She tells you gave us everything and asks him not to do more go to your home. He calls her mummyji and tells please tell me where she is. Surbhi also asks her to tell. Nimmi tells yes and tells Saya took Soumya. She wanted her from childhood. And tells the incident from childhood. She goes to say as room and a man tells her you’re Nimmi and gives her something. She tells when I reached there. That time soumya and Saya weren’t there. And gives him the letter with the man gave. He reads the letter and tells wherever she’ll take her. I will find her. He was about to go. She thanks him and tells she was alone and will now come with you.

Mahender asks her where is she going. She tells for finding soumya. He tells her not to become mad and stay home. Harman tells I will find your sister and if I need your help I will call you.

Kinnars see a pani puri sall
Sh recalls Harman and the time they went for eating pani puri. Sajne par sar play..she coughs. Kinnar tells is someone remeberin you ? She drinks water and recalls Harman making her
drink water when he coughs. She recalls the
man telling that Harman and she will stay together.

Harman talk on phone and tells no need to tell anyone about this. Harak Singh asks Preeto not to worry and he will come. He calls her Chinta Mani and tells your son isn’t child. He will come. Varun comes and tells see I came. Preeto asks where is Harman? He tells he wasn’t with me. I went to do mama’s work. Preeto thinks what shall I do of him. He tells something. Chachi ji tells my sister Aparna is coming so I send veer ji to pick her up. Harak singh tells okay. Preeto tells I won’t ask something nor say anything what siyyapa she’s doing. Harman reaches the man’s home and asks where’s kinnar . Man tells I don’t know. Harman tells how could u giver ur house for rent for someone whom u don’t know . Tell me where she. He tells don’t do dada giri. Harman tells I know how to handle you. He keeps gun on his mouth. Harak singh recession there and signals him not to say anything. Man falls on his feet and ask forgiveness. Harak asks him something. The man tells she came for 20 days and gave me the money. I don’t know anything more. Harman asks him Saya number. He gives him. The phone isn’t reachible. Harman tells you gave me wrong number. Harak thinks it’s good he called me and told me that Harman’s came here. Man tells if it would be correct then also you couldn’t do anything.

Soumya runs from house and she sees drunken people. They ask does she want a lift? They come closer to her.

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  10. Has Harman found the pullover that Soumya made for him? How about the letter she wrote and where she expressed her emotions towards him?

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