Shakti 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman leaves his home to stay with Soumya

Shakti 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman thinking their question is right. Soumya thinks conditions are kept infront of him and not infront of me. I can run away and go to him, will ask him to take me far from here. She elopes from Kinnars’ home and calls Harman. Harman picks the call. Soumya says she is coming to his house and asks him to come out. Harman comes out and sees Soumya. He asks if everything is fine. Soumya says I have eloped from home, take me far from here. I have come here as Gulabo, and not as Soumya or Tarana. Please take me far from here. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays….Harman looks at her and asks her to come. Kinnars panic as Tarana is missing. Saya asks Chameli to call her and enquire. Chameli calls and says it is off. Saya asks Chanda to search in entire house. Kareena calls Preeto and says Soumya

ran away from kinnars ‘ home. Preeto checks in Harman’s room and finds him missing. She shouts Veeran, balwinder and asks them to search him. Harak Singh says nobody will go out of this house.

Harman drives the car and looks at Soumya smilingly. Maninder tell Bebe that why did they tell us whatever happened in their house, what we have to do with Harman. Surbhi asks if Harman and Soumya di eloped. She says they will be together now and says she is very happy. Harman brings Soumya back to the kinnar’s house. Soumya asks why did you bring me here. You knows that they will not let us unite. Harman asks her to come. Kareena says Harman can’t fulfill their condition and must have eloped with Soumya. Harman says my Gulabo haven’t gone anywhere. He asks them not to tell anything to his Gulabo. Soumya asks what you have done, why did you bring me here. Harman asks from whom we can escape, whom you call your Maa and asks what we will do without our loved ones. Soumya says I can’t live without you. Harman says I will come to take you and Saya will give your hand in my hand. He asks her to take care and says I love you so much. Kareena tells Soumya that Harman promised her big and left her back, what she will do now. Harak Singh says Harman must have gone out of city. Harman returns home and goes to his room. They take a sigh of relief.

Varun informs Surbhi that Harman and soumya are at their respective homes. Nani says their love story is unique, I knew they will not elope. Bebe says you are a good astrologer. Nani asks Surbhi to take kheer for soumya and have it with her. Saya asks Chameli to make tea. Harman comes and asks them to make tea for him too. Shanno checks in Harman’s room and says he took his clothes. Harman tells Saya that he will stay here and will have sweet tea daily. Saya asks what does it mean? Harman says I will not make tent, as Soumya gave me place in her heart and now I can stay here. He says if Soumya can’t come in my world then I can stay in her world and asks where to keep my stuff. Saya says so you wants to stay here. Harman says if we are kicked out by family then where we will do, and if anything happens to me then my family will not leave her, so I have cancelled my plan to take her to my world. He says he will stay here. Soumya says what you are saying. Gurumaa says we have an objection, you have values of that world and can’t stay here.

Preeto is leaving the house. Harak Singh stops her and our son left us. Now what I will do if you also leave me. He says I will call that kinnar. He calls Soumya and asks her to give call to Harman, and tell him that his mum is leaving home, and asks her to tell him if she is a man’s child. Soumya asks Harman to go home. Harman takes the call and asks him to put the call on loudspeaker. He asks her to go wherever she wants to go if she gets happiness and says if she forces him to return, then she will take his life. He asks her to stop staring Harak Singh and the things and have cold water and asks Veeran to keep her stuff inside. He asks Soumya to block Harak Singh’s number. Gurumaa says you don’t respect your own parents and asks him to leave. Kareena makes him leave. Harman says I came here to stay. Gurumaa locks Soumya in room. Soumya cries Harman ji. Just then they hear bullet sound. Harman comes inside and asks Saya to shoot him as it is impossible for him to live without Soumya. He says you are adamant that you will let us unite.

He says you have decided to make me go from Soumya’s life and asks Saya to shoot him and end the matter for once and all. Saya says we will accept that you can stay here and will be Soumya’s address, but what you will feed her. She asks Chameli to keep his stuff and asks him to think.

Harman plays the dhol while the kinnars are with him. Rani asks him to leave and says people will laugh at him. Harman says let it be. Harak Singh sees him with kinnars and is shocked. Surbhi cries and tells Varun why Harman is with them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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