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Shakti 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Nimmi asking ladies why they are asking about Soumya, and says today is Kalsi’s day. Lady says we were just thinking if she has any problem. Harman comes and says there is no problem. Everything is fine. He gives the gifts to Kalsi and says it is sent by Soumya. He says Soumya sent a letter for you. Kalsi asks where is she? If she didn’t come. Harman makes an excuse that Soumya couldn’t come here because Amritsar bua ji is well, and Soumya stayed with her. He says Soumya said that Kalsi will agree being my best friend and that’s why I came alone. He says I wouldn’t have agreed and brought her here. Kalsi says I know Soumya well, and says she will not come until your Bua is fine. She thanks him for coming. Harman says welcome. Kalsi reads the letter and smiles. Woman says Soumya

didn’t come, but her letter is here. Don’t know if this letter is written by her or not.

Kalsi asks what is your problem and says jija ji said that it is sent by Soumya, so it is of Soumya only. Woman asks what is the proof that it is written by her. Kalsi goes and brings the friendship card given by Soumya. She asks them to match handwriting on both. Other woman says hand writing is same. Kalsi says we have invited you for the celebration and not to insult my friend and her husband, she asks them to get out. Surbhi thinks how did the hand writing matched as Soumya couldn’t write being away. Kalsi says don’t know why these people add poison in others’ lives. Jugni says lets start godh bharayi now, and asks Kalsi to sit. She does the rasam, followed by Nimmi, and others. Kalsi says rasam is completed now naa. Jugni says rasam can’t be dry. She asks Surbhi to dance. Surbhi refuses. Kalsi asks Surbhi to dance and asks what you would have done if it would be Soumya’s godh bharayi. Surbhi says okay, and agrees.

Surbhi dances on the song Solah singar karke godh bharayi re……Jugni also joins her. Harman imagines Soumya and dances with her on the song tere ishq hai meri ibadat………….tu hi mera khuda….He romances with her while dancing. Soumya looks at him and goes. Surbhi keeps hand on his shoulder, and he comes out of his imagination. He looks on sadly.

Soumya looks on sadly and thinks about Harman’s words that everyone used to call him lucky and now he understood why they call her lucky, as you are in my destiny. She recalls Harman telling that he doesn’t know that love will be so beautiful. She then sees diya about to blow, and holds it. She then looks down from the window and thinks I have to leave from here, no matter if I have to hurt these people, she asks for forgiveness from mata rani. She then takes glass of water in her hand and throws on a man going from there. The man scolds her and asks did you spit on me. He asks how dare you? He comes to their house, and scolds Saya for throwing water on him. Saya asks him to tell what is the matter? Man asks her to call that kinnar. Saya apologizes to him and says she is new here, and haven’t done this intentionally. I will make her understand. Man says explain to her, else we will throw her out. Saya says I will make her understand, now you can go. Man leaves.

Saya asks Kareena to close the door and asks Rani to call Tarana. Harman and Surbhi come back to Maninder’s house. Surbhi thanks him for saving their respect and asks how did he get the letter. Harman says he was thinking what to do and then Soumya came to me. A fb is shown. Soumya comes to Harman and says I want to talk to you. Harman asks her to tell. Soumya tells him that Kalsi is her only friend and will have to bear taunts of people if she don’t go. She asks him to help her. Harman wakes up from sleep as Soumya came in his dream and talked to him. He takes out Soumya’s letter and writes letter for Kalsi in Soumya’s hand writing. Fb ends. Surbhi thanks Harman. Saya tells Saya that they will not throw her out and says Guru maa is not here, and I don’t want any problem to happen in the house. She asks her to treat them as a family. She asks her to make food for everyone.

Soumya says she don’t feel like doing anything here as she don’t want to stay here. Saya says Tarana, and asks her to do as she said. Kareena holds her hand and says I will make her understand. She takes Soumya to side and asks her not to argue. Maninder is thankful to Harman and says if Soumya would have been our daughter then we would be happy to get son in law like you. Harman asks if Soumya came in your dreams, says you and your mother don’t care about her. He says Soumya’s heart is cleaned and you would have accepted her then this family would be one. He says nobody will have problem to accept her, except you. He leaves. Maninder looks on.

Soumya cooks food for everyone and recalls serving food to Harman. Harman saying that his wife’s hand made food is magical and offering to kiss her hand. She cries and thinks why shall I make food for these people who don’t love me. She then thinks if I make tasteless food then may be they throw me out. She adds chilli powder in dal and salt in other dish. She cries and thinks she can’t live without her family. Kareena says your wish will be fulfilled if your destiny is different from others. You are increasing troubles for you by doing this. Soumya says I want them to throw me out.

At Harak Singh’s house, arrangements are done for the puja. A man comes and says there is a jashn in your house tomorrow. He says you had announced puja from your son and daughter in law’s hands. Harak Singh is tensed and holds his head. Man asks are you unwell, and goes. A guest lady asks Preeto, where is Soumya? Shanno says she went to her mum’s house as she is unwell. Neighbors asks if everything is fine. Preeto says yes and excuses herself. She goes to her bedroom and is angry. Harak Singh says you would have thought once before kicking her out of house. Preeto asks him not to trouble her mind. Harak Singh says what we will do now? Who will sit with Harman in the puja. Preeto says we have to do something. Harak Singh asks what? Preeto gets an idea and tells Harak Singh.

Saya and others wait for Soumya to serve food to them. Kareena serves rotis to them while Soumya brings dal, gravy dish etc. Kareena and Soumya serves food to everyone. Saya eats it first and makes faces, unable to digest it. She praises Soumya’s hand made food. However she smiles and asks everyone to eat. Rani and Raveena eat it, and get up shockingly. She says it is very much spicy. She made it intentionally. Saya says if you don’t want to eat then don’t eat, but don’t do any drama. Rani asks why you are supporting her? Just because she is beautiful or if she will go to her mum’s house. Raveena says you are treating us as step relations. Saya gets angry and says she treats everyone equally.

Preeto comes to Maninder’s house and tells that you gave us Kinnar daughter, but now you have to make up for the fraud. She asks Maninder that Surbhi will have to sit with Harman in the puja. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Angelk1

    What the hell is this.. I dont like where this story is going. Writters being soumya back. Today eps was terrible

    1. Hi angel.. I’ve started a new ff “how much you love me?” on shakti do read n comment

  2. very bad precap..

  3. Wow after longwait today i see them both sharing same screen space,harman how sweet of u .I hate promo I don’t want to see a luv triangle plz cvs don’t do that with our harmaya

    1. So true.. I don’t want Surbhi to get attracted to Harman…. rather if cv’s are showing her all the time then she should be the one to unite HAya…Btw I expected that they played more of the song Tu he mera khuda… the song is beautifully sung n it’s picturised for Haya… that’s the icing on the cake….

  4. Abhishek is ready to marry surbi naa then y this nonsense. I hate this track and one more thing where is that baby?(Amrit)

  5. Preeto don’t like surbi then y she is asking her to do puja.and this lady always worrying about her son only not her daughter if she handle raavis problem then she will be in her in-laws house .For a mother both the children are same only no.

  6. You are the best Harman…mwah mwah mwah …. you and Soumya look great …loved today’s episode….

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