Shakti 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman gets Harak Singh arrested

Shakti 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling that someone is going to come soon. Police Inspector comes and tells that they came to search Harak Singh’s car. They search the car and find something. Rani tells Saya that she met Surbhi yesterday and asks her to enquire if it was Preeto’s drama. Saya says some other people are also in this drama. Rani says but Harman will not be affected by this. Saya says she hopes Harman takes Soumya soon. Soumya says if you had let me go then, we would have been happy. Saya says if you both had gone then these Gurumaas and other people wouldn’t have let you both stay peacefully and says she wants them to live happily and peacefully. Soumya says when will this end be finished. Saya says soon it will be finished and blesses her. Inspector asks Harak Singh what is all this

and shows the wine bottle. He asks Constable to seized all. Harak Singh says it is someone’s conspiracy, Inspector says you have to come with me. Harak Singh says whatever I do, I do it openly and tells that he didn’t do anything. Inspector says you have to come with us. Harak Singh agrees to come and tells that he has a request. He tells that he is afraid that someone might attack Mohini, the guest and tells that for her security, she needs two constables. He says if you can help me then I will come with you.

Harman asks Inspector if he will give protection to anybody. Inspector tells Harman that it is his responsibility to protect the guests. He handcuffs’ Harak Singh and asks Constables to be there. Veeran asks Harman why did he get Harak Singh arrested. Preeto says Harman did right. Harman tells Mohini that he will give her much money and asks her to leave with her baggage. She says you looks good being angry and don’t look good while pleading. Harman says I don’t plead infront of my parents and asks her to take her bags and leave. Mohini complaints to Constables . Constable asks him not to take law in his hand. Harman says you will teach me law and is about to beat them, but Preeto calms him down. Mohini smiles. Preeto asks Varun and Surbhi to go and says Harman is with her now.

Harman talks to Soumya and she asks him why did he send Harak Singh to police lock up. Harman says Harak Singh will not understand. She gets upset with him and ends the call. Harman thinks Soumya will melt seeing her face. Preeto gives food for Mohini and asks her to have food. Mohini says your family is entertaining and tells that nobody knows that mastermind is you. Preeto says Harak Singh and she can go to any extent to get their son back from Kinnar’s clutches. Mohini says you are giving me money and making me having tasty food. Preeto goes.

Surbhi tells Nani that Preeto was genuinely crying and was helpless. She is in real pain. Varun thinks Surbhi is trapped in Mami’s fake tears and thinks preeto will get prize to shed tears. Soumya comes to Police station and greets Harak Singh. She says I brought food for you. Harak Singh says you have trapped my son and making family have poison. Soumya says whatever happening with Preeto was wrong and tells that Harman cares for you both. Harak Singh says he sent me here and you are saying he cares for me. He asks Inspector not to let anybody from his house meet him and is about to say that she is a kinnar, but stops. Soumya looks on.

Soumya comes to Maninder with kinnars and asks for the food grains. Neighbors ask him to give. Just as Maninder gives her grains, someone informs him that his licence is passed and asks him to thank veiled kinnar. Maninder looks at Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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