Shakti 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi telling Preeto that Chinto cried a lot and slept taking Soumya’s name. She says if she shall send him to hostel or to some relative’s house. Preeto says Chintu will not take time to tell others that his mami is kinnar. Shanno asks then what to do. Preeto asks them to act infront of Harman as they are sad in his pain. Harman comes home. Preeto comes to his room and takes off his shoes, and asks him to do whatever he can to bring Soumya back and says your Preeto will not stop you. She acts good infront of him. She says I know you might have some helplessness else you would have accepted her infront of everyone. He says may be Soumya don’t love you. Harman says Soumya loves and cares for me a lot like you and used to take off my shoes when I used to come home drunk. Preeto

thinks she has to give him pain to make everything fine.

Kareena tells Rani why did she save Harman. Rani says if Soumya is also acting. Saya comes and says you will not understand Harman and Soumya’s love and asks who asked you to hit Harman. Kareena says it was your order to bring her back in any circumstances. Saya gives medicines to given to Soumya.

Nani comes back home. Maninder and Bebe pretend to be worried for her and asks where did she go? He says he couldn’t sleep being worried. Nani says you must get good sleep today as Surbhi’s life is set and Soumya’s life is ruined and cries. Soumya wakes up and takes Harman’s name. Chameli asks how is she? Kareena tells her that Harman escaped in the night. Rani says there was no love, it was just attraction with girly like Tarana, when he got fed up, he left her. Soumya looks on. Saya hears them. They hear the truck sound. Harman gets down the truck and asks men to put tent there, outside kinnar’s house. Saya and others see Harman. Raveena tells Soumya that Harman loves her a lot and she thinks she has a misunderstanding about him. Saya asks if she has any objection if Tarana stays here. Raveena says when Tarana is here, I am not feeling good to see her here. Saya sits at Soumya’s side and says decisions taken with heart is difficult to handle. Soumya says I got everything in that world, but it was all lie, my identity is here. She says my place is here even if I am unhappy. She sees Harman putting tent outside the house, and says it would be better if they separate.

Some people gather there and asks Harman what is he doing outside Kinnar’s house. Harman tells them that he is doing special puja to get his Gulabo outside Kinnar’s house. They all agree with him. He says he wants to get Gulabo. They ask who is Gulabo. Harman says Gulabo’s smell will be all around. Nani calls Varun. Varun lies to her that Surbhi went out, and tells that she is fine and busy. Nani says ok and disconnects the call. Varun thinks she has to do this until Surbhi get adjusted to him. Preeto calls Varun and asks him to keep an eye on Harman. She tells Harak Singh that they can’t be relieved. Soumya tells Saya that she will also go to work and will take nek. Saya says ok. Raveena brings sarees for her. Soumya look at orange saree and recalls Harman liking it. Kareena asks her to wear orange saree as it is Harman’s favorite. Soumya says she don’t like it now. Kareena says you wouldn’t have saved Harman that day or enjoy giving him pain. Soumya says you are taking me wrong and says even today I can give my life for Harman, but everything is not same. Kareena asks her to wear the saree and make everything like before.

Harman comes to Kinnars’ house and tells that he needs something for the yagya. They donate rice. He asks Soumya to give rice too and holds her hand. Soumya looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tanvi

    Congratulations to Rashmi Sharma & especially Vivian, Shakti becomes the no 1 show on Colors!

  2. k

    Kuch jyada hi Karr rahe he e Soumya aajkal
    Jinone inkeliya Puri duniya ke kilaf hai aaj unhi se badtameez Karr rahe hi
    Aapko lagta hai o sirf apki kubsorot ko lekar aap ke sath he?
    Koi jitna bhi kubsurat Ho mard kabi bi kinnar ke sath pyar nahi Karta
    Harman Ki sache pyar apko najar nay a rahe he kya ? Chudail soumya

  3. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Saumya aap Harman se naraz thi to apni nani ke ghar chali jati aur aapde yeh kyoun nahi Socha ke aapke astitva ko sabse pehle aapke ghar walo ne chupaya Harman ko Kyon target Kiya himmat thi to Maninder ko kehti ki woh sab ko aapke astitva ki sab ko jankari de Harman ko sirf khubsurti se pyar hota toh jab aapde aur sis ghatiya Preeto ne jab Surbhi se shadi kavayi tab aapko ko kinare kar Surbhi ke saath sukh ki jindgi ji sakta tha jish ke liye aap ki so called choti khush thi Harman se naraz hone se pehle jaan ne ki koshish toh karti ke Harman aisa kyoon kar raha hain waise Rubinaji aapki acting acchi hai

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