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Shakti 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with someone coming and asking Harman to stop, saying this marriage can’t happen. He stops Harman from giving bhog to Pandit ji. Harman calls him Varun, and asks you are here? Varun says I came to stop your marriage. He requests the pundits to have bhoj, but this marriage can’t happen. Harak Singh says weathers can change, but not my decision. He says this is my decision. Varun says this is just your decision and not Harman and Preeto Maami. He calls him Mama to Harak Singh and asks why did you ignore Mami and fixed the marriage. Harak Singh says my decision is final. Varun says I am with Preeto Mami and says Harman will not marry this girl, he can marry any girl but not this girl. Harman asks are you my brother or enemy? Varun says he is doing this for your betterment. He asks Harman

how can you crush mum’s wishes and is about to marry this girl. Harman says yes, you said right. You have opened my eyes. Varun asks what is your decision then? Harman says I have taken a decision that I will not marry Soumya or any girl of this world just for your mum. Everyone is shocked.

Soumya opens her eyes and looks at her mehendi. She asks Surbhi why didn’t you see my mehendi and closed eyes with me. Surbhi says she saw her happiness. Surbhi finds Harman’s initial on Soumya’s hand. Her friend says that Surbhi has her eyes on her jija. Soumya says she trusts her very much. Preeto tells Harman that she wants him to marry, but not this girl. Varun tells Preeto that the girl of her choice might behave badly with her and asks her to agree with Harman’s choice. He asks her to think about her safety before wish. Harman says he want to do penance for kidnapping Soumya and asks Preeto to agree. Preeto agrees. Harman convinces her finally.

Surbhi makes Soumya sit on terrace and asks her to wait. Soumya thinks about Harman praising her beauty. She looks for Surbhi and looks down from the balcony. Maninder sees her standing alone and thinks this is a good chance. Maninder thinks to push her from the balcony. He comes to terrace and is about to push her, but Saya comes and holds his hand. Soumya turns and sees Maninder and Saya standing. Saya says Maninder asked me to take off evil eye from you. She takes evil eye from her and asks her to go to room. Soumya goes. Saya warns Maninder not to do anything to Soumya till 21 days. Maninder says he can’t sit idle and wait. Saya warns him. Nimmi sees Saya and runs to her. She says you said that you will not roam around my daughter for 21 days. Saya says I came to save your daughter. She says Maninder tried to kill Soumya, when I refused to help him, and tells that she has saved Soumya today. A fb is shown. Nimmi says I can’t think that he can try to kill her. Saya says she will be around Soumya till her marriage happens. She says I want to see your dreams broken and then I will take Soumya with me. Nimmi is shocked.

Later at night, Nimmi asks what happened? Soumya says everyone said that I have to learn many things to keep inlaws happy, and says you never told me anything. She says how I will keep them happy and become a good bahu. Nimmi asks her to come with her, and makes her sit. She says you don’t need to act to be good, as you are herself good. She tells about golden hair princess story. Nimmi explains to her and asks her to respect everyone. She says a girl’s astitva is with her sasural. She asks her to lower her eyes, but be strong whenever there is a trouble. She asks will you become shakti.

Bebe mixes poison in Soumya’s curd. Nimmi makes her eat it. Later Soumya faints just before the wedding. Harman lifts her and begins the rounds. Soumya loses all the consciousness shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for the super fast update mam!!

  2. Alisha

    Who else expected Soumya to find Harman’s name in her mehndi? Yeah, that’s me. ?✋? Anyways.. Never mind , Surbhi won’t do anything. She won’t turn negative, I hope so.
    On the other hand, I am loving the new guy. Loved the way he persuaded Preeto. Thanks to him, that in the upcoming episodes Harmanya would be taking pheras. Yay!
    Well, who else thinks the story is kinda similar to Disney’s animated film “Tangled”? I know… Comparing this serial to a Disney movie is kinda childish. Sorry.. ????
    The promo, argh! Not again… First the suspense of Soumya’s past and now the suspense that how would Soumya survive. The story is full of suspense and drama.
    Well, at last we all know that the hero and and heroine would be together, that means

    1. Whydouaskemailamywaywewillnevergive?

      May be u knw i heard some where that if the hair texture is difrnt or somethng they make her to become a devadasi a servent of god nd make her portitute or some nomsense i read some where long back… They have some thing called matted hair itseems… crzy it is… May be it was based on that…?? But already krishnadasi is der na in color…?!?!!!!

      1. Alisha

        Yeah, if it’s something like Krishndasi, then the audience would defined stop watching the serial or gradually loose interest. I hope it’s not something like that, we don’t want 2 serials to have the same track, do we? Hope the mystery unfolds soon. We just have to wait and watch till 21 days to get to know about what’s wrong with Soumya, after 21 days or within 21 days (according to Saya), the mystery would be revealed. There is just one problem, with all this stuff happening.. 21 days in real life and 21 days in reel life, both are completely 2 different things. Hope for the best! ?❤️

  3. Narendran

    Guys I have decided to write a ff on this show?? Will u support me?? I already write… Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2.. And. That too crossed 200epi!! Still writing..???will u help me?? Epi is good.. Precap is amazing.. Hope nothing happens to soumya!

  4. nice episode

  5. Narendran

    Bebe is evil!!???Saya helped soumya.. Soon tell the mystery!! I think she is transgender for sure.. What u all guys think??

    1. Hey, dude.
      Why not.. But do make it spicy like real track.. Please, Don’t turn Somu transgender… Okay ?

    2. I think she is not trans for sure. .
      There is something else. ..

      saya is saving soumya from mahinder but how could she not see bebe mixing poison? ?

    3. Mona146

      yes. Even I think so?

  6. suspense pe suspense pe suspense. . -:)))

    how will the marriage be finished if soumya looses conscious while taking phere??

    1. Why dude? Marriage will definately complete… Cause Harman will be there in support of Somu..!!!

  7. Wow…. Wow.. I knew it.. I knew it.. Harman will lift her and will complete all rituals…
    Sooooo.. Cute…. Lovely episode…
    Now, just let the marriage happen, none can take Somu away from her Hero, Harman… He will obviously save her. Just waiting to see some close moments of them. !!! Yahooo…!!!

  8. transgender

  9. Sriranjani

    Soumya is not transgender and I think Soumya is a Saya and she doesn’t know about it and God is helping Soumya as she is Good Saya 😛 …… And Narendran don’t worry I will Support for your FF and I’m very Excited and All the best.

    1. Juggu

      Saya na ennq???
      Enaku therinju soumya kandipa trans tha…..seriel aramikum munnadiyea enaku fb pagela yaro sonanga

  10. Narendran

    I have sent to tu.. They will post soon.. Pls do read and comment…it is little diff from current track

  11. i think soumya is transgndr for sure, bcoz nimmi was talking with strange woman like a eunuch,i saw her body like a ***

  12. Lila

    Anyone else thinking this new guy Varun is opposite Surbi? I mean in all RS production dramas sisters get married in the same house…like in Saathiya, Swaragini and SSK

    1. All thinking same -:))
      hope rashmi sharma too thinks the same

    2. Alisha

      Me! ???
      He is kinda cute so would definitely suit Surbhi, just hope she doesn’t apply that “Pehla pyaar, pehla pyaar hota hai” law. ??

      1. Lila

        Lol I hope not…but I have a feeling Varun will start liking Surbi first… maybe even at first sight??. Nw wouldn’t that be cool. They would look so good together??

  13. i want to join this group,pls join me

  14. pooja prajwal

    Please can anyone tell me what is the transgender

  15. pooja prajwal

    I just need it’s meaning

  16. I hope soumya collapsing during wedding isn’t a dream. ..
    you never know… in udaan for a dream sequence they showed promos for weeks together later it was a dream -:((
    kuch bhee hosakta hai

  17. I have seen…that HAYA was dancing at their reception…. It means hatman saves soumaya …n they get married….

  18. Hi everyone
    I m new here
    Was reading ur all comments n enjoyed ur all views
    But I think it is neither gender problem nor super natural thing
    I think it is something with her family background, might be she was born as illegitimate child or some prostitution background
    As that saya told that some people doesnt meant to marry
    Just a suspicion

    1. I think u r right. .. That’s y mahinder says meri kamzori sabko pata chalegi..
      Hope u r right. .

    2. Yah I think….this serial is about the girl who belongs to pros**** background…but yrr ek doubt aur hai…..aaya said that her reality would be out in 21 days… agar vo aisi family se hai b to 21 days me usko sachhai kese pata chal sakti hai….

      1. saaya also told when her truth is known people will throw stones at her saying “apshakuni saaya”.
        God knows what does that mean

  19. what ever may be the secret n theme of the serial. . its really not nice to watch a father trying to kill daughter. .
    disgusting. .

    1. 100% saumya is an enunch.she can be a mother or have relations physically so saya has given condition for 21 days as before this o ly harman would come to know about it.

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