Shakti 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya decorating Harman’s bed for his wedding night with Surbhi. She gets sad and recalls her wedding night with him. She reminisces the moments and his words touches her hearts. She thinks I want to hug you and say thank you Maa, for giving me choti as a sister. Surbhi comes therre and says yes…mummy. Thank you from my side too for giving me world’s best sister. Soumya asks her to come inside and sit. She says today is the new beginning of your life and blesses her for happiness. She says I will tell you about Harman’s likes and dislikes. She says he drinks water at night and goes on telling everything about him. She says Harman ji might be coming, I shall leave. Surbhi stops Soumya and hugs her. Maninder apologizes to Harak Singh and Preeto. Bebe tells

them that they couldn’t stop Hamran- Soumya marriage and asks them to give love to Surbhi. Harak Singh says Surbhi is our bahu now. Nani is leaving also. Soumya asks her to stay. Nani says you both are sisters and got involved in a new relation. She asks her to take care of Surbhi and never to let any misunderstanding come in between you both. Soumya says okay. Nani hugs her. Bebe tells Soumya not to trouble Surbhi. Maninder asks them to come and not to do drama.

Preeto congratulates Soumya and says our deal is completed. Now nobody will ask you to leave this house. Soumya says I haven’t get deal. I really wanted Harman to get a wife and bahu for you all. Preeto says it is good and asks her to make her place diminish in Harman’s life, and asks her to stay in a corner so that Harman stops caring for her. She comes to her room and sees Harman there. She says you shouldn’t have been here, and asks him to go to room as Choti is waiting for him. Harman says I am thinking what to do, and how to take out your aarti. He says you and your promise have won, and you made me small. She asks him to go to his room. Harman says I will stay here.

Soumya says you can’t stay here as today is your wedding night…Harman says if you wouldn’t have told me, I wouldn’t have known. He asks her not to blackmail him anymore, and says if you do any more drama then I will blackmail you. Soumya says Surbhi didn’t do any mistake and asks him not to punish Surbhi. Tera Ishq Ka Meri Ibadat plays……………She holds his hand and takes him to his room. Surbhi looks at her. Soumya closes the door and goes. Harman looks at Surbhi. Soumya walks back to her room. Preeto asks Harak Singh to let all lights on and is happy. Harak Singh is happy too. Preeto says darkness is gone after many days and smiles. She dances and says I want to feel this happiness. Harak Singh asks why she is happy? They say we shall say at the same time. They say they are happy as Harman is married, and hugs each other. Harman takes a pillow and sleeps on sofa. Surbhi looks at him. She opens the cupboard and takes blanket. Harman wakes up and asks her to stop.

He tells her that she can’t sleep on bed. Surbhi asks then where I will sleep? Harman says it is your problem, you wanted to marry me. That place is of my Gulabo, and nobody can take her place. Surbhi puts bedsheet the on floor to sleep. Harman says your sister has made you sit on her head and this is the place you deserves. Surbhi looks on. Soumya recalls her moments with Harman….Nasiba song plays……………Surbhi thinks about her marriage with Harman. Soumya recalls Preeto asking her to make her presence low in Harman’s life. Surbhi recalls the promise made to Nimmi. Harman is sleeping.

Surbhi tells Soumya that aunty ji did this intentionally. Soumya asks her to call Preeto as mummy ji. Preeto hears her. Surbhi and Soumya cook food. Preeto asks Harman if dal or palal is good.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harman is only someone who is pure from hear, and easily anyone could justify his character…I hope Harman shows that Surbhi her correct place…..

  2. Sabrina

    Oh boi this is one interesting drama love u rubina

  3. Sabrina

    I just don’t want Surbhi to become evil pls

  4. Hi frnds
    H r u all? I am back for only reason say to wishes. Happy pogngal to all of you.
    Hi ammu ma,karthi,udhaya,bunny,kopz and Tamil frnds serial eppadi poghuthu? Appappo parpen. Perusa solla ethuvum illa. First we will celebrate our Tamil pongal. Then I saw my favourite vijay movie bairava its good OK. Then any other good news will see about this serial I will come back.again happy pongal.

    1. Hi raji akka happy pongal

  5. I am annoyed to the rafters, I hope in a month the will be some improvements coz that’s when am going to watch this show, stupid stupid the original concept of the show has been eroded

  6. Hi ammu akka and all Tamil frnds happy pongal serial pathi solla edum illa ini edavudu nalada nadandatan return varuven pa so bye

  7. Hi friends, wish u all happy pongal,

    Hi raji ,thank u and wish u the same and more thing me too Vijay fan pa.

    Hi kopz , iam in t.nagar ma where r u from? Most of them from Chennai will come to t.nagar . U came ah? Happy pongal ma.

    I saw in spoiler that preeto starts her plan i.e, rift between somu and surbhi. The writers first ruined our culture in the name of marriage by a man marrying two sisters now they took mangalsutra in the hand. Preeto ask surbhi to give mangalsutra to somu seeing pandits in the house who came to lohri function after they went again she removes from somu and gave it to surbhi. Is this a toy ? Y writers r doing such nonsense. If they think they can show any thing. Its very irritating. Mangaldutra is a main thing for a married woman . They r playing with that .

    Day by day serial going worst. This is what the twists said by rubina ? Which will make viewers happy?

    Pothunda samiii.

  8. Hi everyone …… Its Ashley here….??

    Today’s epi was a bit boring…???

    Wat raji ma ennaku wish Panna maranthitingaley ???. Happy pongal.. Eppdi irukinga…

    Hi ammu ma, epeppdi irukinga…. How r ur children.. R they fyn from fever…. Neengalum ennaiya maranthitinga
    Happy pongal

    Hi karthi akka.. How r uu… Happy pongal…. U too forgot me…. Congrats for taking first class….. I’m so happy for u… Now r u n tuticorin… In which place … Which place u r gng to visit 14th Jan …

    Hi kopz akka….. I was wondering where were u….. Wen ammu ma and karthi akka missed u a lot… I too was missing u….. Anyways happy pongal…

    Hi uthaya akka… Happy pongal…

    Sry if I hadn’t mentioned any other Tamil fans… Happy pongal…..

    Naa serial updates sa vaasikeno illaiyo but regularly naa comments read pannuven ….coz enna Pathi ethaavadhu comments irukaantu….

    Naa 12th padikirathunaala comment serialum paakala… Eppadiyum serial bore thaan nu theriyum… OK bye guys….

    God I pray to give some brain to the writers….

  9. Poor soumya.she couldnt do anythng against preeto…preeto’s evilness starts…

  10. Wish u d same raji.Today HAYA seen is ausumnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ND Harman I love u soooooooo much bcoz u prove that Soumya is always in ur one can separate u from ur gulabo.i hope Harman ,pls avoid surbhi like this ND make all ur family realized that after ur marriage also nothing will change ND keep always stay with also I hated u for one reason?Y did u marry surbhi? It’s giving so much hhhhhhhhhhhh pain to us.anyhow don’t leave Soumya.she always do what others said.she didn’t know that they’re all try to separate her from u.she is very innocent ND thinks that they all loving her.u only save ur gulabo from Preeto and surbhi evil plans.Kya Dialogue hi Harman?I just loved it very much.MERI GULABO KI JAGAH KOI NAHI LE SAKTE.its really superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.pls harman,don’t leave Soumya.i can’t see that serial cover photo also means promo pic.pls change that.harman ND surbhi on one side Soumya on another.i can’t bear this distance also.i hate surbhiiiii.u r really stupid.Thats y only Harman did like that.

  11. Surbhi edho plan vechirka ninikren..saya kita pesu modhu apditha thonuchu.watever it may b pls do favour of somu.

  12. Wish u all hapie makar sankranthi or hapie pongal to u guys..celebrate well nd enjoy ur day…g n all…

  13. Hi uthaya, happy pongal and thank u.
    I think our serial lost its place among viewers.i don’t know how writers improve the story. They collapsed the main theme.naanum serial paakarthey illa ma.only TU thaan ithuke semma tension aaguthu innum serial paathen avvalavu thaan.makers r wasting the talents of leads and they r trying to bring surbhi as lead. Ppaaaaaaa……

  14. Hi karthi,wish u happy and prosperous pongal dear.vaazhga valamudan.

    Hi nila happy pongal ma. Madurai la pongal is famous for jallikatu thaane. Y no comments ? Busy ya.

    1. Nila

      hai shakthi family and hai ammu sis and other TN people happy pongal to all of u and ya ammu sis saddest pongal for us bcoz of no jallikattu anyways waiting for a good result cmg to episode I am not happy to see soumya and harman separation hope for the best episode

  15. Hope the love the two sisters share will always remain. I don’t like to see the evil side between sisters,

  16. Hi Ashley, sry sry sry I didn’t forget u ma I thought u were busy in ur studies ma. So u wont read TU. Any how happy pongal da .hey fever raji Yoda children Ku ma and my childrens are is ur studiesstill 45 days only there no for your board exam.ok stay blessed .

  17. hope harman dont change.i am actually not going to watch this serial any more.what relations are there in this serial.whom surbhi should call jiju , she is married.bakvas.harman dont accept surbhi as your wife.accept only your gulabo.

  18. Hai Tamil friends happy pongal. Serial going on a dissatisfied track

  19. Hi Ashley my heartily pongal wishes to you. And really very sorry to forget u. Because I thought u in outing. And I am not recharge my WiFi for my son Shakthi studies (yes his name is also Shakthi vel) and board exams. So I can’t reply to u immediately. This is my data via reply. Then neenga nalla padinga only concentrate in ur studies.

  20. Hi Ashley my heartily pongal wishes to you. And really very sorry to forget u. Because I thought u in outing. And I am not recharge my WiFi for my son Shakthi studies (yes his name is also Shakthi vel) and board exams. So I can’t reply to u immediately. This is my da
    ta via reply. Then neenga nalla padinga only concentrate in ur studies.

  21. Hai ammu ma, raji ma, kopz, ashley, udhaya akka happy pongal to all.. 🙂 …

    ennoda phone repair aayiduchu. Now I am commenting in my laptop…

  22. I think later I will shown that soumya is not a kinner.Harman will want to divorce surbi but will not be ready to leave Harman.Then surbi might turn negative..

  23. Hi karthi, how r u? How is ur IV ? Super Ra . Tourist place laam kudu paarthirgala. Pongal celebration nalla pocha .

  24. illa ma.. first tuticorin harbour.. next oru museum… semaya irundhadhu…
    appram panimaya madha church.. its a peaceful area.. tiruchendur kootitu porenu solli emathitanga… night 8.30 ku dhan veetukku vandhom.. en comet paatheengala. nan 4.30 am ku previous written update la commetnt panirundhen..

    ippa phone vera illa .. i am commeting by my laptop..

  25. Hi karthi
    Must you will come to our TCR. Why did u not come? Inga unakku naan irukkean. Next time u will come and I give u my address.

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