Shakti 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeto cares for unwell Soumya, Harman gets concerned

Shakti 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun coming home drunk. Surbhi asks are you drunk? Varun says what’s a big deal and tells that Maninder and Harman also drinks. Surbhi says everyone is waiting for you to have food. Varun says someone is waiting outside and here also everyone waiting. He says he will go and sleep and says sorry to Surbhi. All kinnars do puja. Guru maa asks everyone to drop rice behind. Soumya prays to Aravan God to accept her puja and apologizes for not knowing about him. Harman wakes up and asks where is Soumya? He comes downstairs. Shanno thinks how can anyone love kinnar and tells Harman that she is making chocolate milk for Chintu, and asks him to go to room. Harman is about to go to kitchen, and thinks if I tell her anything then Chintu and Soumya will argue with him. He goes to room. Shanno

thinks how to stop prem ka deewana. Guru maa says now we will apply haldi to each other becoming relatives of each other and will pray that we don’t be born as kinnar again. Soumya applies haldi to kareena and Raveena praying for their normal and happy future. Kareena and Raveena apply haldi to her. Kareena thinks she is happy about her ruined life and thinks once this puja completes, she will be ruined.

Soumya returns home. Shanno says I can’t rescue you and asks her to do something. Soumya says she is sure that her puja will be completed and says she will go and take bath. Shanno thinks Soumya is innocent to fall in their trap and thinks it will benefit her. Soumya feels restless. Harman wakes up and sees her shivering. He says you got fever and calls Preeto. Preeto checks and says she is having fever. Harak Singh says we shall call doctor and can’t take it lightly. Preeto takes cloth and ties her feet and even massages her legs. She checks and says fever is lowered. She says Doctor is not needed and goes to make ginger tea.

Varun asks Surbhi if she didn’t go to office. Surbhi says you said much in drunk state. Varun says he had seen her with someone. Preeto tells Harak Singh that even Soumya’s fever is lowered while dupatta is tied to her feet, like your fever goes by doing this. Harak Singh asks what do you want to say? Preeto says her relation is build with you today. Harak Singh says it is a coincidence. Preeto hopes Harak Singh will accept Soumya soon.

Beeji gives tiffin to Surbhi and asks her to eat on time. She gets call on mobile. Varun checks her phone and says his name is Rajeev. He asks if he is coming to pick her. Surbhi says Rajeev is Kalsi’s husband and he calls me whenever he fights with kalsi, so that I make them patch up.
Harman tells Soumya that he is going to office and he promised to work hard. He asks Soumya to rest and says we will go together once you gets fine. Preeto asks her to rest and says she will bring her food. Soumya feels bad to hide truth from them and thinks she is sure that things will be fine.

Kinnar asks Soumya to dance thinking she is married today. Soumya dances reminiscing Harman. Oh Re piya plays….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congratulations Vivian !
    Shakti completes 450 Episodes…Truly u r portraying the character of Harman very Honestly…Wishing you more Success and obviously more AWARDS AND HONOURS in 2018.Brilliant Actor u r Vivian !

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