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Shakti 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto opening Harman and Surbhi’s room door with keys. Just then Harman opens the door and asks do you want anything. He says you have done enough today, and says you tried to peep in my bedroom and disturb our privacy. He says the woman who is sleeping on my bed is the one with whom you got me married. Preeto says I…..Harman asks her to go and sleep, says Surbhi is having headache and slept with much difficulty. He gives her keys and asks her to sleep. She goes. Harman asks Surbhi to wake up and says Preeto is gone. He says it is good that you saw Preeto coming here. A fb is shown, Surbhi sees Preeto coming there and wakes up Harman. Fb ends. Surbhi says she will be happy thinking we sleep together. Harman says this will not happen in reality.

Kalsi tells Maninder

that she said yes to the groom’s family. Maninder asks how can you say yes from my side. Kalsi says this relation is perfect for her. Maninder asks if neighbors will decide now, and asks if family is dead? Kalsi gets teary eyes and says I have forgotten that this is not my house and apologizes to him. She cries. Maninder is upset too. Kalsi goes from there. Bebe asks Maninder why did he talked rudely with her. Maninder asks what would I tell her that we have pushed Surbhi in a meaningless relation and says I am worried that she will lose her identity in relations trap. He says if Surbhi tells him once that she is not happy there, then he will go and bring her back.

Viren tells Harman that their factory is profitable. Preeto asks Viren to get the sweets distributed. Harman asks what is the occasion. Preeto says she is happy today and got halwa made. She calls Surbhi and asks her to bring halwa. Surbhi feels apologetic and thinks this is the only way to maintain peace in the house. Harman’s friends come there. One of his friend comes from America. Harman invites them to come in the evening for party. His friend asks where is our bhabhi? Maninder also comes there? Soumya comes there. Preeto says she is your parjaayi…Harman’s friends tell that she is beautiful. Preeto says he is Harman’s sasur and asks Maninder to sit. Harman invites all his friends for evening party. They all leave. Preeto asks Surbhi to give her mangalsutra to Soumya in the evening. Maninder is shocked. Surbhi asks Soumya to take her mangalsutra now itself and removes it. She makes Soumya wear it. Maninder gets angry.

Saya tells Guru Maa that they want her to be Guru maa, but respects her decision also. She says we want to gift you something. Guru Maa opens the gift and see the collage, gets emotional. She says I have heard that kids throw their parents out of house, but my kids here love me so much and says I wish I could take my last breath here, but before going…I want to give you all, a new Guru Maa. Someone says Mallika didi. Guru Maa says I am sure nobody will have objection with Mallika. She asks Mallika to come to her side, and asks whoever is with her, shall come to her side and whoever don’t agree have to stand at other side. Half people are against Mallika. Guru Maa thinks I haven’t thought this even in my dream. She counts the persons and says it is equal. She asks who shall be new Guru Maa. Kinnars at Kareena’s side take her name. Guru Maa is shocked. Kareena says once I become Gurumaa, see what I can do Soumya.

Maninder asks Preeto until when this will go on. Preeto says Harman is young. Maninder says I am talking about Surbhi. He says I am seeing that you are making fun of her mangalsutra. Viren says what is our mistake? Preeto stops him and calls Surbhi. She asks are you happy after sharing your husband, mangalsutra etc with Soumya? She says I told that you are happy and doesn’t care. She asks her to tell. Surbhi says we are very happy here, and asks him not to come there again. Maninder is shocked. He tells Surbhi that he will never come again, and says you will understand a father’s pain and connection with his child only when you will have your own child. Surbhi is teary eyes too. Maninder asks her not to worry and says your father will not come again to trouble you. Surbhi cries. Maninder leaves.

Harman’s friend asks Surbhi to marry him. Harman asks him to leave her. His friend says she is your saali. Harman slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I have been an ardent viewer of this show because I loved Vivian as RK and was looking forward to his comeback…but seeing today’s episode it was about stupid characters Surbhi and Preeto…. Shakti is the story of Kinnar Soumya and her Shakti and also Harman has done maximum for Soumya after Nimmi…. So this Surbhi is nothing…. Remove that stupid actress from the show…. So disappointed to see only few scenes of Harman and Soumya in today’s episode….if this will happen then the rival show on STAR will get more trps which I really don’t want…. SHAKTI is a unique story,let it remain unique…

  2. Hi sakthi fans, I don’t know why the makers r playing with the mangalsutra. In our culture its very bad.its very irritating.
    In Tamil culture, after husbands death only wife will remove it but here they r easily removing it. Moreover now a days makers r not focusing on main theme. Just to satisfy the viewers they r showing some eyelock scenes between the leads and that too somu is showing the same expressions. I expect more reaction from Harman but he simply giving explanations and this shameless preeto is not at all feeling guilty for her evil things against her son. I think its time to say bye to sakthi fans and Tamil fans.

    1. U r right ma….preeto really playing wit msutr and uske maine voh thodhdiyaa…in tamil culture msutra (thaali) is auspicious one and girls removd aftr husband died…….sorry guys i m not blaming north indian culture …i m blmng preeto……..
      Tday no romance n sakti………
      Precap s bad……..
      Today s tn independence day……………..
      Ma news pathingla….????

  3. Sh u mail a khalil

    Comeback abhiseik surbhi life because not suit harman and end surbhi harman life since surbhi and herman wedding track worst cheap trp down for us haya love story open secret soumya is not Kinner now very disappointed mihnder not little bit affection with soumya

  4. Sh u mail a khalil

    Comeback abhiseik surbhi life because not suit harman with harman
    End track herman surbhi marriage and co summat haya marriage now will something happen go honeymoon haya not surbhi

  5. Sh u mail a khalil

    Soumya comeback herman room and wear own magalsuta and put a sindoor in front all and remove magalsuta and sindoor and preeto herself remove haya

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