Shakti 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto switching on music system and plays music on it to make the sound. She comes to Soumya and slaps her hard. Soumya is shocked and then glass falls from her hands. Everyone is shocked. Harman couldn’t hear anything because of the music sound. Preeto slaps her again and looks angrily. Soumya cries keeping her hand on her cheek. Harman thinks whenever Soumya is with him, he gets garden like feeling and when she goes, her rosy smell stays with him. He says I get drunk seeing you and says wine is waste now. Preeto holds her face tightly and says I asked you to stay away from Harman. She asks her to listen carefully and threatens to kill her and says even Harman can’t do this. Soumya says you are thinking me wrong and says I went to just give him kada. Preeto asks her to shut


Harman says to tell you the truth, this kinnar word wall is widening between us. He says I understood that love can happen between two hearts and not between a man and woman. He says I don’t care that you are a kinnar. He says I just knows that my heart loves a loving person, and that’s why I have feelings for you. He says I have fallen in love with you, true love. When you are near me, I feel peace. He says Doctor gave me injection to get sleep, but I am getting sleep with your kada. He sleeps.

Preeto asks Soumya if she wants to make Harman impotent with the kada and make him kinnar like her. Soumya says no, and says she wants him to get fine. Preeto pushes her and asks her to stay in her servant’s room. Surbhi and Nani comes there. Soumya lies to her that she fell down mistakenly. Surbhi understands Preeto’s hand, and tells her that Soumya would have gone if jiju had left her. She says I am sure that my sister haven’t done any mistake. She says jiju is very good and you are lucky to have a son like him. She says he is a good husband who holds his wife’s hand in every trouble. She folds her hands and asks her to let her sister stay here for his happiness atleast. She asks her to tell whatever she wants to tell, but not to her sister. Preeto looks angrily. Maninder looks on. Surbhi consoles Soumya. Varun comes to Surbhi and says what to say? I am so sorry. He says I will make you meet Harman, come….

Harak Singh asks Preeto not to increase her BP and don’t take tension. Maninder comes to them. He tells them that Surbhi got angry and says I am bearing this kinnar since 22 years, and have lost my wife and younger daughter. Harak Singh asks why you are bearing her since childhood, why didn’t you kill her in childhood. Preeto says if you will have same ramayan. Maninder asks her to confuse the question if we can’t solve it.
Surbhi meets Harman. Harman asks her about Soumya and asks if she is having any problem. Surbhi is about to tell him about Soumya, but Nani stops her. Surbhi says she must be fine. Nani asks him to take care of himself and says we will come and see you again. They leave.

Soumya is the servant’s quarters. Surbhi and Nani come there. Soumya closes the door and tells Surbhi that she shouldn’t have talked to Preeto like that. Nani says whatever she said was in limits. Surbhi says I understand your helplessness to stay here and says if you agree to come with us, then I can take you home, I don’t need anyone’s help. Soumya says everything will be fine in some days. She says once Harman remarries, then they will not think of me as their enemy. Then I will leave from his wife. She says Harman saved her from big trouble, it is her responsibility to give him little happiness. Nani says my Nimmi told me that she will not go anywhere and will be around you. She says whenever she sees you, she might be feeling proud of herself for giving birth to you. She asks her not to lose hope and says we all are with you. Someone knocks on the door and comes inside. Soumya is tensed to see Maninder. Maninder asks Surbhi and Nani to come. Nani asks Soumya to take care of herself and hugs her. Surbhi asks her to call her and goes.

Varun brings water for Harman and asks him to be fine soon. He says Mami is worried and asks him to get fine soon. Harman asks him to give his phone as his phone is broken. Varun gives his phone and asks him to sleep soon. He goes. Harman calls Soumya. Soumya thinks why Varun is calling me at this time. She picks the call and says yes Varun ji. Harman says I am not Varun, but Harman ji. She cuts the call. Harman thinks she has disconnected my call and calls again, but Soumya doesn’t pick his call and gets teary eyes. Harman comes to her room and opens the door. Soumya gets concerned seeing him walking up to her room in this condition and asks him why he is giving pain to himself. She asks him to be careful and helps him sit. Harman says my pain will go, but you are giving me more pain than this. He asks about the mark on her face. Soumya recalls Preeto slapping him and looks tensed.

Harman brings Soumya home and asks Preeto who raised hand on Soumya. Preeto says she has slapped her. Harman says I understood and asks Harak Singh to give his share of property, says we will not stay here anymore.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Angelk1

    I bet Soumy Will refuse next eps

  2. Precap was awesome.
    Love u Souman………

  3. Important things for all members of
    1)Requesting for new montage
    2)Watch Shakti regularly, the rival show on STAR will bring any track to increase the trp. But haya has to rock and rule

  4. Preeto is very bad and how rudely behave with sowmya.I hate haraksingh one stops preeto while she’s slapping sowmya.surbhi is good, but surbhi don’t come between my favorite haya jodi plsssssss.makers how long soumya suffers bcoz of she’s a kinnar. Eliminate the kinnar concept totally and make haya jodi to live happily like married couple.plsssssss reveal somu is not a kinnar. U all showed how a kinnar suffer in today’s society and what problems they r faced pls end dis concept and bring soumya original parents and reveal that somu is not a kinnar then they take somu with them a nd theyfixed marriage for soumya with another person then preeto nd her family members know d value of sowmya. At d time of marriage Harman again remarries somu then it will superb. Pls makers try to bring some new twist like this.dont make d story as love triangle as another serials.abhishek is perfect person for surbhi.pls haya ko mila jaldi and make preeto happy by giving haya kids to her nd for family members.

  5. Harman’s words were So touching: love doesn’t have to happen between a man and a woman it happens between two hearts.

  6. Sabrina

    Gosh Preeto is so violent and everyone supports her shame on them. Feeling so sad for Somu

  7. Shanitics

    .. I’m falling in lve wth ths serial.. Especial with harman-Soumya jodi..?? I’m smpy mad of it.. Harman is smpy rocking as a gud Hubby?

    In b\w can I be a membr of ths family ?

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