Shakti 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming to Viren’s room and asks what happened. Viren says pain started. Harman says we shall take her to Doctor. Soumya asks him to call doctor. Harman calls hospital and asks to send ambulance. Receptionist tells about the strike of drivers. Soumya asks him to go and check if there is someone near. Shanno tells Viren that she can’t bear the pain. Soumya keeps her baby on sofa and tries to help Shanno. Viren asks her not to touch her and says don’t know what will happen if kinnar touches her. Harman comes and asks what you are saying Chache…He asks Soumya to come. Soumya says its okay and asks him to call Nani. Nani asks her to make men go from room and gets hot water and towel. Viren says he doesn’t believe on this nonsense and will wait for Doctors to come.


says Chachi will die till then. He takes Viren with him. Soumya asks Harman to bring hot water and towel. Harman brings it. Viren calls Harak Singh and asks them to come home. He sees baby crying and thinks how to touch kinnar’s baby. Harman tells Viren that it is limit as he didn’t want to touch the baby. He takes his baby in his arms. Nani asks Soumya to put cloth on Shanno’s mouth and asks her to force. Harman asks soumya to take the plate. Soumya takes it. Harman asks if everything is fine. Soumya nods. Viren prays for Shanno and baby. Preeto comes back with Harak Singh and asks about Shanno. Viren says she is inside. Soumya asks Shanno to push the baby. Shanno shouts and delivers the baby.

Preeto and Raavi go inside the room. Soumya smiles and shows baby in her hand. She says it is a boy. Preeto smiles and informs Viren. Shanno also smiles. Nani and Surbhi are happy to hear that. Viren asks Shanno if he is fine. Harman asks if everything is fine. Soumya says yes and says son is born. Harman congratulates Viren. Raavi asks Preeto why he is not crying. Nani is shocked. Preeto takes the baby in her arms and says shakes baby, but he don’t move as if he is no more. Viren asks what happened?

Preeto says abshagun happened as he is born with kinnar’s hand. She tells Viren that your son is born dead. Soumya, Harman and others are shocked. Soumya is in shock. Shanno gets up and cries. There is a moment of shock for everyone. Viren cries and asks what you are saying. Shanno also cries. Harak Singh asks Preeto to check and says this can’t happen. Shanno says nothing can happen to our baby. Harman keeps his baby on bed and tries to talk to Soumya. Viren says siyappa happened, I asked you not to let her touch Shanno, now my son is dead, leave her. He says kinnar will neither touch my son nor my wife. Shanno cries. Preeto tries to revive the baby and tells that nothing good can happen until Soumya stays in her house. Harman takes the baby in his arms and gives to Soumya. Soumya takes the baby with teary eyes.

Harman says whatever will happen, will do by Soumya. Soumya recalls Nimmi singing lori for her and sings lori while crying for baby. Everyone cry. Nani is on call still. Soumya cries and her tear falls on the baby reviving him. Baby starts crying. Everyone is happy and smiles. Nani also smiles. Harman sees Soumya smiling with tears in her eyes. Harak Singh says baby is alive. Soumya smiles and looks at the baby.

Shanno wipes her tears and asks Preeto to take her baby from kinnar’s hand and says I don’t want her to hold my baby. Soumya gives baby to Harman. Harman looks angrily and gives baby to Shanno. He tells Shanno that you will remember always that the baby is alive because of this kinnar else….He tells Soumya that they are selfish people and says where there is no place for you, I can’t stay. He holds her hand, takes their baby and goes to his room. Shanno looks angrily. Preeto looks on.

Preeto tells Harman that the toys in their house is not for anyone’s sin. Harman and Soumya looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This montage needs to be changed ASAP H Hasan…. Do something About it H Hasan… GUYS HARMAN AKA VIVIAN WON THE BEST ACTOR MALE AT THE COLORS GOLDEN PETAL AWARDS 2017… I am happy for him… Rashmi Sharma made a good decision for casting Harman!

    1. But she made a bad decision in casting Rubina. She’s not fit for the role babes.

  2. Really tanvi how nice I told you he definetly win it. I’m sooooooooooooooooo happy congrats Vivi

    1. Ohh god…such a fake emotion ? give me a break!!

      1. It’s just an award not Oscar dumbo?

  3. Congratulations to vivian , he deserves it by sure , l am so happy for him , thanks to God

  4. Congratulations Vivian for award,
    Jessica u are completely correct about soumya such a dumb character, always Harman has to stand by her against the family, doesn’t she realise how she is separating Harman from his family by being such a dumb, wow so great of soumya I think preetos words are correct soumya came to house to separate Harman from them, she made delivery of shenno and make a babys life, but y can’t she stand for her and her baby, soumya stop ruining Harman and surbhis life, preetos and harak Singh expectation of grand child with your dumbness, I know u were not upbringed in a normal environment but please try to understand ur self-respect and the baby’s life, he is not a sin, please stop letting the hatred for baby in every ones heart, please stop being dumb, make a move and stand for ur self, its not sin to be transgender, u too have a life, plz recognise the importance of urs, Harman’s,surbhis, baby’s life, please stop being such a dumb, stop making Harman as wall for u in front of every one show some self-esteem soumya and fight for itself so that Harman can get some relief and can go anywhere without tension, so that everyone get a happy life, such as surbhi, Harman, u and the baby, stop creating hatred on the baby by using Harman against u, stop being such a dumb, irresponsible, show some respect stop depending on Harman for everything, do something for your self and the baby an Harman, surbhi, who are sacrificing their all life and happy moments with the families to give a secure and happy life, show some courtesy for harman and surbhi, soumya please don’t be such a dumb, stop being a Doll, u are a human recognize it, what will u do when every villager gets to know ur reality and make fun of ur child, what will u do, simply u cry and depend on Harman again, how good is Harman, please stop depending on him for everything, so that he can believe his wife and child can be safe when he is not around too, surbhis so they she can move on in her life, stop wasting everyones life on ur dumbness, please let them live happily an peacefully, they can’t spend their every second on u plz stop making fun of urself an surbhis and Harman, so that they too have great married life as now ur enjoying, please let them happy,

  5. Vivian-rublina is a such a dumb pair, thank u everyone for not letting them as a best pair, atleast now the makers get know so that they can stop creating such a dumb story as wasting everyones life soumya, plz do something for Harman and surbhi instead of wasting their total lives to keep soumya safe, and surbhis and harman has to realize their mothers last wish of not wasting theirs life to keep soumya safe. So let them realize as soon as possible. Oh god when the story takes a good turn

    1. Yes Sandy… Good Rubina didn’t win…she didn’t even deserve it with her fake acting.

      1. Thanks for supporting me Sandy?

  6. ha ha ha ha. I laughed over. it comes to see that some people are brainless. Souma wanted to leave many times, but Harman she will not allow it. Harman no wants Surbhi. so, which happiness? which marriage? even no slept together in bed. Harman never not taking Surbhi as a wife. two people to be together, just to produce Waris? Harman wants to be with his Gulabo

    1. Brainless toh tu hai. This is a serious topic ok. Just because Harman did not sleep with Surbhi does not mean thier marriage is of no value. Bhondu Saumya lost Harman when she sold him in marriage to Surbhi, for her and her family’s happiness. Harman is an idot in rejecting Surbhi and holding Saumya’s hands, who does not have any self respect in her. Your english is very bad. Please don’t comment.

    2. Very pity on your thinking estadra, you are such dumb like soumya, I think u didn’t read the comment completely, please check it once again

  7. Saumya not a dumb , she’s in love and harman too, so many times wants to go away but harman doesn’t let her to go , harman never accept surbhi as a wife even though saumya left him because he didn’t love her , he loves only saumya and he accepted her as she he satisfied with saumya , she is his whole world , it’s a different kind of love between them , why you didn’t understand ? Can harman live without saumya ? and being with anyone else ? I don’t think so because saumya is the secret of his being , she’s the blood in his body , she’s the air to brave and live life

  8. Ohh god.. All this drama…As usual bhondu Saumya did not think twice before helping Shanno. Shanno and Preeto were awesome in showing Saumya her right place…this is the poora parivaar that Saumya wanted and now she will have to deal with it. Awesome precap. I loved it. Saumya ko aur beizzat karo, kuch toh sharam ayegi kalmoohi ko.

  9. Rubina,Vivian congrats both you and shakthi parivaar. I’m sooooooo happy our shakthi drama win more awrds. Its a really good. My dear friends calm down jessica and sandy never undestand our haya relation just as preeto and others. So why we weast our time for try to understand them. Its a very crazy work. They are really brianless pepole?????

  10. Whatever you said is absolutely right shananya.These ppl jessica nd sandy r really brainless ppl.They never understood d unique pair of haya.Maybe they r feeling jealouss.Rubina also won best female personality award in GPA awards.haya got high votes for best jodi but due to ekta interference that award goes to other pair.anyway i m very very happy for viv nd ruby. Already they won our hearts by their beautiful pair.In my opinion they r d best ,wonderful, unique pair forever.

  11. Hi everyone. Please don’t scold Jessica and Sandy. Don’t call them brainless. They are correct in their point of view. They don’t have any hatred on soumya. But they don’t like Rubina. Her dressing is very worst then foreigners. I know she had rights about her dressing. But this is India Na. We have some respect towards our dressing and culture. How could anyone like her. If anyone got angry then please don’t scold others. Ask Rubina to dress properly and improve her acting. What ever you want you can think. But Rubina is really very boring actress.

    1. Thanks Anjali….Rubina became arrogant after she got dome fame in one of her previous serials. I believe she was posting dirty pics (in bra and panties) on twitter and instagram. Fans advised her not to do so as it’s going againts her image. However, she lashed out at her fans instead of listening to them. Then the serial ended and for a long time, she did not get any work until Rashmi Sharma approached her.

  12. Yaa some people like Shanaya and Dalia live in their own virtual world and reject reality…their thinking is just limited to a world within a TV serial where everything is nicey nicey. Yes I do understand haya relation but you know what…the makers of the serial are going to make haya suffer as much as possible and you’ll see it in almost every episode until the serial ends. That is what is irritating. You have 2 options – either blame the negative characters, get sad and say AAAAWWW to hayas relation, every time they get torchured or else enjoy the torchure.

  13. ???????

  14. Hi , everyone , l don’t know anything about Indian’s culture and your thinking , your roles , to judge in a lot matters , l think everyone has right to say his opinion clearly and we have to respect it if we wanted to be respectible , there’s deference between real life’s actor and the characters he acts and we have to separate between , l am talking from human’s feelings just all , l live in reality and l know it very well so this serial is an opening invitation to change it because it’s so cruel and unfair to live as we want in a perfect world together without separation and deference because we all humans in God’s hands with no deference without matter to our colors ,our bodies ,our knowledge , our thinking and our s*x as a man or a woman

  15. Rubina is a great actress and she’s not dumb her character is supposed to be like that. How can you expect someone who was always locked in her house. The only people she saw were her family and the only people she communicated with were her mother,Nani and sister. So you can’t expect a person like her to know how to fight for herself. She grew up with her father always belittling her so as much as pretto’s words hurt and a normal person will fight back ,she doesn’t cause she’s used to it. Going to Harman’s house is surely a change of scene to her with many people around and so but still it will take time for her to start standing up for herself. All her life she she has always been afraid. She didn’t live a normal life like surbhi but instead she had to live in fear of being taken by the library people anytime. Yes it was a dumb choice to get her sister married to her husband but the fact that she is a Kinnar made her do that. Preeto made her do it. she did it so that the family could get an heir and she has done all she can to get surbhi and Harman closer. All am saying is you can’t expect someone who has lived the life like soumya’s, being afraid everytime, always in her house , poor communication skills,always under her mother’s eyes and kind when thrown to the outside world become Like surbhi’s character. It’s gonna take time for her to be like surbhi’s character.

    1. Really….that’s a dumb excuse. She learn’t how to read and write inside her house but can’t learn how to stand up for herself?? Did she not see her mother Nimi standing up for her and fighting for her?? Her father and her (Harman’s) entire family treated her so badly…yet her character does not potray even a bit of anger. How is that possible? That almost inhuman.

  16. *kinnar.
    I think Harman and Soumya are great together.Soumya just needs to toughen a little

  17. I agree your coment hessy

  18. Can I ask you question ? I don’t know anything about kinnars , are they bad as Jessica think and talk about them? What they are doing in them lives ?and your lives as normal people ? Why she hated them so much? They have no choice to be kinnars , why you are punishing them with this cruel ways ? Someone answers to me please to understand the picture correctly .

    1. I’m not againts kinnars and I do not hate them but can’t stand Saumya’s dumbness. To get a clear picture on kinnars you’ll have to visit India. Everything shown in the serial about kinnars is nothing but fake. You’ll find most of the kinnars in India begging at traffic signals and teasing mens to get money. Thier life is very difficult and nobody accepts them. People treat them like shit. They live in groups but not the way like they have shown in the serial like having a good house, good clothes etc etc. I know it’s sad but that is the whole truth. What irritates me is that the makers could have shown the reality of kinnars and thier progress but instead they are showing a dumb character called Saumya who is a kinnar and is trying to make her place in a family who treats her like trash. She is just a hopeless wretch who always relies on others to help her. She does not have a mind of her own to think what is good and what is bad…I hope that answers your question.

    2. ok I’ll go ahead and tell you about an incident in my life 3 years ago. . I was travelling in a train with my bf and few friends. We were college students. All of a sudden, 2 kinnars came begging for money. One of them touched me while begging. My bf was a bit hoy tempeted. My bf got angry and slapped that kinnar. Both of the kinnars got angry and attacked back but were taken over by my college friends. One of the kinnar made a phonecall and asked them to come to the next station. Then then told my bf that we made a big mistake and they have called thier group on the next station. They said that they will break bones of all the guys and sell me and the other 2 girls in my group. We were sooo scared. I wanted to stop the train and get off immediately but luckliy other passengers heard the commotion and got in between. They trashed both the kinnars black and blue and handed them to cops. The other kinnars came to the station but were too confused. My group just got off and went away. This incident stll gives me chills but I do not hate kinnars. It’s Saumyas character that i feel is fake.

  19. I understand you dalia kinners mean transgender. They are not crual peopel . They are human as like us. I dont know why she is hate so much them. But i know they have right in our soicety.They want to learn high education like us and they want to family they want to friends they want to care. My opinion is we shuld not blame or curse them becuse its not their falult. its a genatics problem.Actually they are women or men but not show their gender. But some people bring medicene for that.

  20. Dont firght to kinners dalia they are not bad people. Jssica’s ideas not get your mind. She is hate them.But actually we should not hate them we must help them

    1. Omg how many times should i explain to you that I have nothing again kinnars but I hate Saumya’s chatacter. Which part of english do you not understand ? Babes read my comments.

  21. your silver lining

    Hi evry1…I was a silent reader of this page but today just felt like commenting…
    Honestly speaking the show is becoming dumb day by day…and the decreasing viewership is a proof…
    First of all I completely agree that kinners are human and they should be treated well but saumya is crossing her limits…indeed the entire show is from saumya’s point of view…her pain, her carving for father’s love, her husband….
    All the other characters are portrayed in the negative limelight…hence, saumya appears to be the most innocent one… But actually she is the most selfish and self centred character in the entire story…at first she did not know that she was a kinner…fine that waan’t her mistake…but when saaya told her the reality in the temple, she begged harman to let her stay in the house for 21 days…and later after gaining harman’s sympathy she came to stay there permanently…
    Afterwards she got her sister married to her own husband for her own selfish reasons…so that she can stay in the house..and through she tried to bring them together she never let surbhi live as per her own will…saumya’s actions always showed that she is the one to claim right on harman…as if surbhi was a merely a mistress who had been hired to give birth to a child and thus complete saumya’s family….
    As for preeto, which mother would want her son to get married to a kinner…in TV serials it seems to be so goody goody but practically not feasible…
    And what about surbhi…what about her life, her love, her dream, her pain, her right, her sacrifices…
    In short saumya is pathetic and so is the show.

  22. Thank you to all of you , l know that kinnars meaning transgenders , l searched for the meaning , and l don’t want to knew the meaning but who are they ? And l understand thanks , why they are acting like this ? Jessica did you ask yourself this question ? I think it’s a normal reactions because theirs separation from their families and society and being in a world for only them as they are trash ,I think they need to treat as humans have rights , feelings , you and all of you have to change this reality by creating a normal environment for this people beginning from them families , giving them love ,care , education as normal child ,you have to consol them for being uncompleted not rejected them ,then seeing what they’re be I think that uncompleted not in them bodies but in our minds and limited thought , here in Egypt there’s transgenders living with us having all rights as we with no separating they’re normal to all of us ,please don’t misunderstanding me , I don’t forced you to change your roles but let’s it better

  23. Thank you , shanaya for uunderstand me and for supporting , thanks to Jessica too and please understand my opinion , forgive me if I crossed limits

    1. No worries… You didn’t. We all have different opinions. ?✌️

  24. your silver lining

    Hi guys, i was a silent reader of this page… but today I just felt like commenting….
    First of all I want to make clear that I am not against the Kinnar society but the character of saumya is irritating…
    NOTE:I am talking about the character of Soumya and not the actress…
    The entire show is from Saumya’s point of you and she has been portrait as the most innocent one… her pain, her life, her sacrifices,her carving for father’s love, her husband, her mother’s loss….
    What about Surbhi’s pain?? her love, her sacrifices…the sacrifice that she made for Saumya…even she lost her mother..her carving for husband’s love…
    I see the problem is that all the other characters of the story have been portrayed as a villain and hence Saumya appears to be the most innocent one…
    but the reality is that she is the most selfish and self centred person in the entire show…
    I first she did not know that she is a Kinner find that wasn’t her fault but when saaya told her about the reality in the temple she asked harman to let her stay in the house for 21 days… but later after gaining his sympathy she came to stay there permanently… then she asked her sister to marry her own husband so that she can stay in the house… although she tried to bring them close but did not stop interfering in harman’s life… her actions always showed as if she has all the rights on Harman and Surbhi is merely a mistress who has been hired to give birth to a baby to complete Saumya’s family….
    she never considered Surbhi as his wife but just a servant of hers.
    Now coming to Preeto, which mother would want her son to marry a kinnar and ruin his life…
    In short saumya is pathetic and so is the show…

    1. That’s exactly my point… This is exactly what I wanted to say in all my previous posts?

      1. Hi jessica, i understand ir opinion u totally have the right to say it and believe in it, i just disagree with ur way in discussing it with others here, i mean u don’t have to say bad names specially u really have a good point of view, just express ur opinion with respect to others

  25. Am not saying what you all are saying is wrong but you all are judging soumya like a person who lived a normal life. Try to be in her shoes, picture her life as yours and think according to her life you’ll see that she’s not being selfish she’s actually naive. Yes it’s time for her to stand for herself and fight her own battles and not let Harman and surbhi fight it for her but Don’t forget she’s always grown up being supported by others(mom,nani and surprises) and not herself so you can’t her not to hide behind Harman whenever trouble arrives. As for surbhi yes Soumya didn’t do the right thing by making her get married to Harman she actually ruined her life and i hope she doesn’t lose her sister because of this marriage. And Soumya really loves Surbhi and she doesn’t consider her as her servant. That day when she cried because surbhi said some words to her proved her love for Surbhi. She cried not only because Surbhi called her a kinnar but also because surbhi thought Soumya didn’t value her. Soumya’s character is actually very innocent and naive what you are calling selfish. Hopefully she toughens up in the coming episodes and learn to fight for herself. I think until she learns to fight for herself she will always be crying and hiding behind Harman

  26. your silver lining

    Hi hessy…ur right that Saumya has grown up in a very different environment but it’s high time now…she has been in the outside world for world a long time now….plus she’s not a kid to not understand that because of her so many lives are ruined…so many relations are deteriorated…and some are at stake…
    And I am not blaming saumya only…it’s harman’s fault as well….they should already think about surbhi…she did so much for her sister only to get insulted all the time…
    She loved Harman at first sight but neber let others know about it…Afterwards when saumya was taken away but kinnars she searched for her with harman…she even married harman on saumya’s insistence and that too for her safety so that she can get a place took stay…
    And what she got in return…harman always kept on insulting her….she has took his herself in her nani’s home…and here saumya is not concerned about her sister….
    Saumya felt bad when surbhi insulted her but when Harman always insulted surbhi she never even tired to say to Harman to behave politely…
    She never thought about surbhi’s dream that she would have also dreamt of a perfect family with a loving husband and a dear child…infact she emotionally blackmailed surbhi to marry harman…common yar this is not selfishness or what…
    I am sorry if i have hurt anyone but i am talking practically…and again i would say that i am not against kinnars..coz kinners deserve a good life like other people…but i don’t like saumya’s character… She is not justified according to me… In reality also there are kinnars who have achieved greater heights for themselves and are respected..anyone having doubt can check the link to know about them…
    so saumya’s character should be bold and not dumb..that will be the actual message to the society and not the rubbish they are showing…

  27. So glad that viv won yhe best actor hope he will make it to oskar oneday wishig him all the best

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