Shakti 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya recall same song at one time

Shakti 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeto throws away things while crying for Harman. Harak Singh and Veeran have to tie her hands with ropes. She cries Harman! Harman! In the hospital, Harman could sense something had been calling him.
Lameet comes to Harman in the hospital and says she was really missing him. Harman complains she wasn’t there when he even ran away from the hospital. Lameet makes up that she had gone to meet his parents. Harman requests to go to them. Lameet says she didn’t tell them about him, they would have been worried because of his memory loss. Harman watch Suomya pass by and fumes over her. He pours his anger about Mr. Kaushal as well. Lameet forces him into the library. Harman was uninterested and says he really suffocates here. Lameet asks Harman what else he can remember besides his dislike for books.

She had made a photo of Harman then clicks a few selfies with him. Harman enjoys watching the photos on phone. Lameet goes to get tea for them. Harman was irked as he couldn’t find any past photos of them in the phone. When Lameet return, Harman was furious and clutches her neck. Suomya and Mrs. Kaushal who watch from outside were worried. Suomya tries to come in, Mrs. Kaushal takes Suomya away as Lameet will handle. Harman soon realizes Lameet was in trouble because of him and apologizes her, making her up for a selfie again.
Mrs. Kaushal and Suomya enjoy tea together.
There in the library, Harman and Lameet also had tea together. Lameet demands to hear a song from Harman, he used to her a lot. Harman recalls one and sings for Lameet. Suomya who had come by a window also sang the same song. Harman walks to the window and smiles watching her sing. Suomya realizes he stood there lost. After a while she asks what happened? Harman forbids her sing the song, as only he can sing this one. Suomya argues that its her decision what she will sing or not. Harman deters to punch her otherwise. Suomya was stubborn and sings in return. Mrs. Kaushal comes there annoyed of their fighting. Lameet takes Harman away while Mrs. Kaushal forces Suomya backward.
Malika comes to the kinner’s residence of the society and introduces herself. The lead kinner welcomes her with a hug. Those behind Suomya were also among them. Malika asks if anyone of them has seen the girl. She doesn’t share that Suomya is a kinner. Agni denies recognizing Suomya. Malika says Suomya’s family paid them to look for her. Agni promises her any assistance possible in the matter. After Malika had left, she laughs hysterically saying if Malika is being paid in thousands to find Suomya we can get lacs as her ransom.
It was night. Harman speaks to the moon praying for return of his memory. There, Suomya in her window also complains to moon against Harman, he is always teasing her. Mr Kaushal comes to take her downstairs for dinner. Lameet comes to Harman outside the hospital on bench. Suomya serves the dinner to Mr and Mrs. Kaushal, both praise the fragrance of the pulao then kiss the back of her hand. Suomya was moved by this act. She thinks it seems this has happened before as well.

PRECAP: Harman was sweeping in the corridor and asks a ward boy about Suomya. He comes home for Suomya. Suomya opens the door. Harman finds her dressed up and asks what’s going on inside?

Update Credit to: Sona

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