Shakti 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman names his property on Soumya’s name, but Harak Singh plays smartly

Shakti 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena asking Soumya to have tea and says it will cut down your inebriation to get down on earth. Soumya refuses to have it. Kareena says she feels bad for Harman as he have enmity with kinnar community and he has no respect at his house. She says if there was any other man then he would have left her due to shame. Soumya says there is a difference between any man and Harman. She says he is not only my husband, but my strength and ego. She says she has many complaints with God, but is thankful to him for giving him Harman who is ready to do anything for her and she is ready to do anything for him. Kinnar asks why can’t he convince his parents. Gurumaa says I don’t think he will come. Saya says you don’t know him, he will come. Harman comes and calls Soumya. Soumya gets up

and smiles. Saya asks if he got answer. Harman says yes as the matter is about his love. He shows the papers and says he has transferred his property on her name, if anything happens to him then she will get his property. He says he asked lawyer to name his life for Soumya. And the lawyer replied that such paper can be made by God. He asks can I take my Soumya now? Soumya cries happily.

Saya takes the papers and gives to Gurumaa. Gurumaa checks and says papers are alright. Soumya can go. Harman says you will get answers slowly, he says his love for Soumya is true and he will give her love all life. Soumya comes and gives his hand in Harman’s hand. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Harman asks her to come. Varun comes there and says Mama ji got the lawyer wrote notice for you and asks him to read the clause. Harman asks him to read. Varun reads Harak Singh will that until they are alive, Harman can’t use their property or factory. Kareena and Raveena smiles. Saya looks at the papers which Harman gave to her.

Gurumaa asks Harman to go and says what you will feed to Soumya and how she will stay without you. Saya tears the papers and takes hand from harman’s hand. Soumya asks her not to separate her from Harman and says she will go with Harman. Varun says Harman loves her very much and will keep her happy. Harman asks him to shut up and says this matter is between us. Saya asks Harman to go and take his answers from the ground.

Preeto tells Harak singh that he did right at right time and says Kinnars sent him. Veeran appreciates his doings. Preeto says kinnars wanted him to secure Soumya’s future. Veeran asks Shanno if he named anything on her name. She nods no. Veeran says kinnars wanted Harman to name his property on Soumya’s name.

Balwinder tells Kishal Lal that he is trapped as Raavi told to return her jewellery and then only she will let him go else Harak Singh will not leave him. He asks Kishan Lal to give him some money. Kishan Lal says I have grown old, from where I will get money and asks him to think.

Varun comes to Harak Singh and appreciates his plan. Harak Singh scolds him for helping Surbhi. Varun says I was helpless, Surbhi had locked me in room and snatched my phone too. Preeto slaps him and says I know you went to police station. Varun says I went to police station and asks them to understand his situation. Harak Singh scolds him. Preeto asks him to ruin Soumya’s family. Harak Singh says I will tell you how? Surbhi and Nani come to meet Nani. Surbhi says she wants to take Soumya from there. Saya says until Harman fulfills their condition, they can’t let her go. Surbhi says even we have right on her. Saya says we will make her Gurumaa on a nice mahurat. Surbhi says I want to hear from Soumya di’s mouth. Soumya says I don’t want to go from here, and will not become Gurumaa. She says if I dies from the world the will go to Harman only, goes to room again.

Surbhi follows her and goes to room. Nani tells Saya that you are like a mother Nimmi to her. She asks why you are doing this. Gurumaa says she has fulfilled her wish and saw, now the three Gurumaa’s will decide. Surbhi asks Soumya what she thought. Soumya says when she thought to go far from him, she couldn’t, and when she thought to go to him, it is not happening. She says she has to live her life without him ad this will be her repentance. Surbhi asks her not to think this and says whatever you had done is on Preeto’s orders.

Harman comes home. Harak Singh says he is not mad to let his property go to kinnars. He says you knows just love. He says I had understood everything and changed the clause, you will not get any penny. Harman smiles. Harak Singh asks him not to do acting and says your father is standing infront of you. Harman says you both have tagged love as game, may be you both don’t know it. Harak singh says your game is with me now.

Soumya calls Harman at night and asks to come down. Harman meets her and asks why she came in night. Soumya says she came as his Gulaabo and asks him to take somewhere far from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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