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Shakti 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru Maa coming to cellar and seeing Soumya tied up on her order by Rani and Raveena. They take out tape from her mouth. Soumya says you have stopped my mouth, but how you will stop my heart voice. She says my heart will call him and he will come here again and again until he finds me. Guru Maa looks on. Rani says Guru maa is our mum, and asks why you are misbehaving with her. Soumya says she has hidden me in the cellar and lied to Police, only a criminal do this and not a mum. She says I can wait for my family all my life seeing their love and concern for me. If I meet them when I have last breath then I will live my life then. Surbhi tells Harman that Soumya is there. Harman says don’t know where they have hidden her. Guru maa says you belongs to us now, and I don’t anybody

to harm you. I am saving you and will always save you. Soumya looks on. Surbhi tells Harman that she is feeling helpless. Harman asks her to be positive and says now we know where is she? And says we can get her at any time, now we have to leave. Soumya is still sitting in the cellar, thinks Harman and Surbhi are trying to find her. She thinks she is sure that she will come out from here soon.

Kalsi comes back and tells Maninder and his family that Soumya’s mum in law have insulted her. Maninder says she is strange. Kalsi says even Harman was not at home. Beeji says he might have went to bring gift for you. Kalsi says I will do drama tomorrow. Rani calls Preeto and tells her that Harman and Surbhi came again to get Soumya, and says he will find her soon. Preeto asks what you people are doing and asks about the work. Rani says work will be costly. Preeto says I want to make Soumya go far from my son’s life at any cost. Rani and Raveena get happy. Harman comes back home. Shanno gives him mata rani’s prasad and says we were waiting for you to have food. Harman is about to take prasad. Preeto tells him that Kalsi came to meet Soumya. Harak Singh says your kinnar wife left many questions for us to answer. He says she came to invite her for godh bharayi rasam and asks who will answer the people. Preeto says today we have kicked Kalsi out, but how we will make everyone go. Harman picks the prasad and gives in her hand, says I feel that your faith on mata rani is fake. Shanno smiles. Harman reminds of their deal that nobody will come on his way until he finds Soumya. He says why did you insult Kalsi? He says I told that nobody will come in between me and Soumya? Why you people are making issue. He asks her to be normal and says everything will be fine when I find Soumya. He says I am going to freshen up, serve food for me and goes.

Preeto thinks you will never get Soumya again, but everything will be fine. Rani tells Soumya that Mallika asked Guru maa to take her out of cellar. She asks her to thank Mallika. Soumya sits at Saya’s side. Saya tells Soumya that she had faith on her that she will not run away. Soumya asks her not to trust her much and says when I leave from you then you will repent. Saya says you are very innocent. She says if Harman or Police force come here, then also you will not go from here. Soumya asks why did you save me from cellar. Saya says I feel good talking to you, and feel like human, else people treat her like an alien. Soumya says so you are keeping me here to make yourself feel as human. She asks her to take rest and says you have no answers to my question. Soumya comes out and prays to God. Shakti song plays………………She lights the diya. Guru Maa happens to see Soumya lighting the diya and praying. Soumya prays to God to help Harman find her, and says I will keep this diya until Harman finds me.

Guru maa comes to Soumya and sees diya. She asks Soumya, what she is doing here? Soumya says you can tie my hands and legs, but can’t tie my strength and belief. She says I will leave from here one day. Harman opens his cupboard and takes out sweater from his cupboard. He says he talks with it and this memory of yours make me believe that you are near to me and also makes me realize pain of losing you. Soumya tells Kareena that Harman and Surbhi came to took her. Kareena says they are different. Soumya says my Harman ji is different also. Kareena asks her to tell how is Harman? Soumya asks her to become Soumya and she will become Harman.

Harman talks to sweater and says you are Soumya and I am Harman. He asks her to switch off light and sleep, asks her not to make food for him. Soumya acts as Harman and asks her not to wake him up. She asks did you have food….No., and asks her not to cry. Harman calls her Gulabo and asks her to smile. He says you look beautiful while smiling. Soumya says Gulabo…I love you yaar and laughs . Harman says where did you go? You are so near yet so far. Soumya suddenly starts crying and says I don’t have any answers. I want to go from her e to my world. Harman says I will bring you back to this world.

Next morning, Preeto does aarti of the God. Harman and others attend the aarti. Some people come there and says mata rani came to your house also. Harak Singh asks Viren to give money. A man asks Harman about Soumya and says puja will be done by the new couple. Harman says she is unwell and taking rest. They leave. Harak Singh tells Preeto that his heart is asking him to shoot everyone and says don’t know what to do now. She had left many questions for us to handle here. Preeto looks at Harman.
Maninder tells Bebe that they will not go to Kalsi’s godh bharayi. Bebe says we will be troubled at either ways. Maninder says we have no option left. Beeji tells Nimmi that God will handle everything. Just then Surbhi’s mobile rings. She goes to room and thinks Kalsi is calling her repeatedly. She calls Harman and tells that Kalsi is calling her repeatedly to ask if Soumya is coming or not. She asks Harman not to pick call. Harman says if I don’t pick the call then she will get doubtful. Surbhi asks him not to pick call. Harman says okay.

Guru Maa does aarti while others look on. Guru maa asks Tarana to give aarti to everyone. She informs that she is going to Chennai for few days and until she is back, Mallika will handle everything. Soumya gives aarti to everyone. Raveena tells Rani that their plan will be easy to execute once Guru maa leaves. Rani will do tata bye bye to Soumya, as planned by Preeto. Harak Singh asks Harman to come with him to factory. Raavi says I know what is going on? Harman asks her to leave interfering in other’s life. Lawyer comes there and informs Harak Singh that they will get their grand son’s custody after 4 years. Harak Singh gets happy and asks him to have tea. Lawyer refuses and says I am in a hurry.

Preeto tells Harak Singh, what we will answer to people if they ask about Soumya. Kalsi godh bharayi function is shown. Maninder, Nimmi, Beeji, Bebe and Surbhi come there. Jugni asks about Soumya. Beeji says she will come with her husband. Kalsi’s husband tells her that he will go as her best friend Surbhi is here. Surbhi compliments her beauty. Kalsi asks her to call Soumya. Surbhi says she will come. Other friend asks Surbhi to call Soumya. Surbhi says okay and calls Harman.
A woman says she didn’t come after pagphera rasam and start gossip. Kalsi says she will come surely. A woman asks if they are hiding something and says she was strange before marriage also, asks if she is strange even now. Jugni tells her that Kalsi went to her sasural yesterday and invited her. Nimmi asks why you people are after my daughter, today is Kalsi’s day. A woman says we were just asking if she has any problem at her sasural. Harman comes holding gifts and says there is no problem. Everyone looks on.

Surbhi dances during godh bharayi rasam on the song Solah shringar. Harman gives gifts to Kalsi with a letter from soumya. A woman says may be it is not written by Soumya. Kalsi says she will get her writing checked in the card. Harman and Surbhi are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. These days there are no comments on Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki page which means that nobody is interested in watching Surbhi… the show has Haya as an unconventional couple…. Also there is great decline in Shakti ‘s trp which shows the fans hate surbhi to the core…..

  2. tanvi.. I don’t think people hate surbhi.. At least I don’t. . But the story isn’t progressing so not so keen to watch. .. It’s so silly of preeto to send soumya even without thinking what will she answer when people ask for their bahu…
    total story only not convincing. .

  3. so much draging i feel that there ia miss of events even the writter doesnot know what will happen . if harman marries surbi i willnot watch this show ever again .

  4. Rubina’s acting is awesome when she acted like Harman.obviously Vivian proved himself as great actor.
    I hate preeto I know as a mother she cant accept kinner as a daughter in law but as a women she is doing wrong against a girl.

  5. Y less comments?

  6. Please writer I want to see the show harman n sowmya along with only

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