Shakti 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman disowns Soumya fully shocking her

Shakti 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya crying and telling Preeto whatever Harman said. Preeto asks her to calm down and stop crying, says Harman is taking out his anger on her this way. Soumya says I didn’t do it intentionally. Preeto asks her to take care. Harman and Harak Singh are having wine. Harman tells Harak Singh that kinnar betrayed her. Raavi and Balwinder get happy. She says our all mannats are fulfilled. Balwinder says it is late, but not too late. Shanno tells Veeran that she sent Soumya to Aravan Puja. Veeran says Harman will not accept her now. They rejoice. Nani cries blaming herself. Maninder says all those people are responsible who supported her to lead a normal life. Bebe asks Maninder to calm down.

Preeto tells Soumya that it is not easy to convince him. She asks her to have patience.

Harak singh and Harman see them talking. Harak singh says I am bearing Soumya because of Preeto. Harman closes the door. Soumya cries and calls him. Preeto hugs her. Harak Singh says whatever happens is for good and says tomorrow’s sun will bring new day for you. They have wine.

Chameli asks Saya why this has happened with Soumya. Saya cries and thinks what will happen with Soumya. Harak Singh tells that God made the world, rules, community etc. Harman says I am not married, someone killed me and drinks more. Harak Singh asks him not to drink more. He makes him sleep and says tomorrow will be light in your life. Preeto and Soumya wakes up hearing the sound. They see Harman throwing clothes. Shanno says new drama again. Harman says I don’t want any memory of her who have killed me. Preeto asks him not to take any decision angrily. Harman says I can drink poison if you give me, but don’t ask me to have relation with kinnar. He asks Shanno to give all his clothes for dry cleaning and says it is touched by a kinnar. Shanno says you are right.

Harak Singh asks him to throw those clothes and get branded new clothes. Harman agrees and says I won’t need any bad memory and asks shanno to give clothes to beggars. Soumya asks Harman not to punish her so big, says she can do mistake, but her love for him can never….Harman holds her cheeks tightly and asks her to do one favour on him, not to take his name and her love together on her tongue. Soumya is shocked. Shanno gets happy.

Insurance agent comes and tells Harman that he brought the papers for insurance policy of Soumya. Harman says I don’t need. Harak Singh says we will call you if we need. Preeto asks Harak Singh, why did you do this? Harak Singh says whatever he is doing is for his betterment, but you have changed. He says you can return kinnar’s favors, but I have no favors of them on me. Preeto says it is a matter of humanity. Raavi asks why she is not seeing Harman’s happiness and asks why she is not hating Soumya now. Shanno asks her to change her thinking and send Soumya back to kinnar world. She says you can give her money, jewellery etc, and can meet her whenever you wants. Preeto is silent. Soumya goes. Preeto also goes.

Chameli tells Saya that they have to be together in this toughest time. Saya says what we will tell him, Nimmi gave her responsibility to me, but I couldn’t handle it. They decide to talk to Harman.

Nani calls Harman, but he is not picking her call. Surbhi says I am going there and will talk to Harman. Maninder tries to stop Surbhi. Surbhi says I don’t want to argue with you early morning.

Preeto comes to Soumya and asks her to freshen up and have breakfast. She asks her not to lose hope and says if you don’t eat then I will also not eat. She says she made kheer of her choice. Soumya hugs her and cries. Preeto pacifies her. She brings Soumya to dining table and asks her to sit. Harman gets up to go. Preeto reminds him of wedding vow that husband shall support his wife in all circumstances. Harman breaks the plate and asks Harak Singh to get divorce papers ready for him and asks Veeran to bring breakfast to office. Preeto says I will tell her truth to everyone, then your father will divorce me, and I will go with Soumya. Harman says it will be good for me and tells that he tried to give his wife’s rights to her, but she betrayed him. He comes out of house. Saya and other kinnars come there and ask him to listen. Neighbors gather there. Harman asks them to give nek to kinnars and misbehaves with them verbally. Harak Singh gives nek. Saya gets sad, and blesses Harman. Preeto feels bad.

Harak Singh tells Preeto that Harman is his life, ego and everything and whoever is against him, he will be against that person. He says you can give protection to kinnar, but not here, I am the head of this house and I can throw you or anyone out of the house. He asks her to see what is her value in the house before supporting Soumya. Soumya hears him and thinks Harak Singh is talking to Preeto arrogantly because of me, she only supports me. She says if I lose this war and then I will lose everything, may be my life too. She asks Mata Rani to show her way.

Soumya asks Harman to swear on her head and tell that he don’t love her and she is trouble of his life. Harman keeps his head on her head and says the same words. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What do you think guys Is Harman acting to be rude to make her strong?

  2. Harman is so evil. Soumya made a mistake unintentionally hes going crazy over it. Everyone else in that family are betrayers, soumya is the only loyal one. Shanno raavi balwinder veeran r only happy if hes unhappy with soumya. THey are greedy n after money n property

  3. Harman is in pain , hurt and anger because he feels defeated in love not because Saumya’s Puja or lie he thinks in spite his all efforts to make Saumya with him she prefers to be in a kinnar world that is the issue ,he humiliats her and behaves as a rude manors just to be sure and confidence that she loves him he wants to get her love and his life back he wants to see how much does she have? Harman declared war of love using all weapon’s love without shields just to win Saumya , at the end he is human and has feelings and ability to suffer, to express to blame himself or saumya herself l love Harman as he in all conditions ..

  4. Utama Seshagiri

    What is the story leading to!? More suffering for Sowmya , helplessnes to preeto and more power to Harak Singh and his family to hurt Preeto ,Sowmya . And no scope to improve the status of the Kinnars.

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