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Shakti 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya asking Nani not to interfere between Soumya and Harman. Nani says Soumya would have stayed with me in my house. Soumya says when I stayed with you, I got your sympathy and then Harman’s sympathy after marriage. Nani cries badly. Soumya says she is staying here with rights, and tells that when things go it of hand, they shall leave everything on time. She asks her to leave her on her own and says now I want to live on my own. She says today Harman and cries. Before Nani could speak to her, Saya takes her outside the room. Raveena tells Kareena that they shall do some mischief. She asks Kareena to give her phone. Police comes there and asks Saya who is troubling them as someone complained. Saya says nobody. Raveena tells that the man is waiting outside. Saya asks Chameli to take

Tarana inside. Inspector sees Harman and asks what is he doing here? Harman asks him to go.

Saya tells Inspector that they have many factories and he came here to get receipt as kinnars got money from him. Inspector says ok, asks them to give receipt and goes. Harman asks Saya to understand and says he loves Soumya a lot. Saya says why he is lying and says I have seen your love. She asks him to go. Harman gets sad and pained as he is misunderstood by Soumya and others. Manzilein song plays…Soumya also looks at him from balcony. She recalls Harman’s words. Soumya goes to room. Saya asks her to sleep and says you couldn’t forget that world’s memories and asks her to forget everything of that world.

Harman gets an idea and climbs on to the balcony using climbers and breaks the window, and gets to Soumya’s room He holds her mouth and tells that their love story started with kidnapping and it sees this new chapter will begin like this. Soumya looks on. Saya wakes up and checks Soumya, sees broken window and gets shocked. Raveena asks what happened? Saya says Harman took tarana and asks Rani and Kareena to bring Tarana and separate her from Harman. Kareena and Rani get happy. They leave.

Harman brings Soumya somewhere and removes his hand from his mouth and asks him to try and understand. Soumya asks him to go and says she is not Soumya. She asks him to leave her. Kareena comes and brings rod. Soumya sees Kareena having the rod and is about to hit Harman, she turns and saves Harman and injures her head. Harman tells that he will take Soumya with him. Saya and others come there. Harman tells them that he will take Soumya and says nobody can stop him. He asks Soumya to get up. Soumya gets up and picks rod and tells that she will kill herself, but will not come with him. Harman asks are you mad? Harman says you said that you will love me always and will never leave me. He asks what is this new madness and asks her to come. Soumya shouts Harman ji.

Soumya asks Saya to take her. Harman asks her to go and says don’t come infront of me. He says I am mad to protect you and you have left me to go with them. He says you have never thought about me. Soumya leaves. Harman says I will take you back anyhow. Saya and others are taking Soumya in car. Soumya is about to faint. Soumya asks them to call doctor. Soumya says nobody shall know that Harak Singh’s bahu is Tarana. She faints. Saya is shocked.

Rani tells Soumya that Harman left and his love/attraction is finished with girly like kinnar Soumya. Just then Harman comes and asks someone to put the tent infront of Kinnars’ house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Power Packed Performance by Vivian today!!!

  2. Hai Tamil frnds
    Naan romba tension agitean. Intha Somya kadankari nallaave irukka Matta. Naasamaa than poga pora. Suttha nandri ketta dog. Harman Vida athigama enakku manasu kothikuthu. Porathu na appave poi tholaiya vendithane.avan life a nasamakkitta and namma elloraiyum fool aakitta.
    I have a big doubt. Yean ava amma Kitta itha keekka vendithana? And amma Ku iruthi kariyam seiyya Harman venum. Avala kappatha
    Harman venum.avalukkaga elloraiyum ethirkanum. Veetai vittu veliye varanum. Stunt man aaki kastha padanum Aana intha maharani avan sonnathan iruppaalam illana sethuduvalam. OK intha mathiri nandri ketta naai kuda irukkaratha Vida ava sagattum nu vitranum.
    Tarana va thiruppi kuttitu vanthalum endravathu oru naal thirumbi poga than seiva. Dog kuluppatti nadu veetla vachalum road Ku than poghum. So Harman nee avala vitru. Nalla life ah create pannikko.

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