Shakti 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Shakti 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sindhu bringing Harak Singh downstairs to play a game. Harman says if he plays game, then will we go to yatra. Sindhu makes them sit and says this game name is passing parcel. She explains that when the music is stopped, that person have to follow their orders. Harman says okay. Harman looks at Soumya. Sindhu stops music and asks Harak Singh to come. Harak Singh asks Preeto what she wants him to do. Harman asks him to make sound of an animal which resembles him. Harak Singh makes tiger sound. Preeto asks him to sit. Harman eyes Soumya while she is tensed. He thinks Gulabo’s eyes are restless about me and thinks to make her more restless for him. Soumya thinks she knows what he is feeling and thinks what will happen when she will reveal his truth to him. Music stops at Preeto. Preeto

says I am making pulao tomorrow. Harman says you don’t need to do anything, just make us eat preeto. Harak Singh says this is wrong justice. Preeto smiles. Harak Singh says everyone should follow the game rules. Harman asks what do you want? Don’t want to eat wife’s hand made pulawo.

Harak Singh smiles and gets up to talk to Preeto. He says okay Preeto ji, you don’t need to do anything. Preeto sits down. They start playing again. Music stops at Raavi. Harman asks her to walk like fox. Raavi refuses to play game and gets irritated with him. She goes to her room. Harman says lets continue the game. Music stops at Nimmi. Harak Singh says I want to ask you something, you are more attached to whom Surbhi or Soumya. Nimmi says I love Soumya more as she gave me the happiness of motherhood. Harak Singh praises her answer. Next Surbhi turns comes. Varun says I will decide her punishment. He asks her to tell him something depicting her feelings. Surbhi says….when I come to know about you, I forgot myself. I want to hide you from world and says nobody is dear to me than you….she goes to Soumya and says my Somu Di….She says I can’t live without you, my Somu di….I love you the most di. Soumya gets touched by her words and hugs her emotionally.

Harman turns comes next. Sindhu says you are caught. Preeto says I will order him. She says if you would not have married at bullet point then how you would have proposed her for marriage. Harman says I would have gone near her, hold her hand and asks her to marry him. Preeto says this way girl would have ran away. Harman says I would have also ran with her. Harak Singh says you shall propose my beautiful bahu. Harman asks if you have doubt on my heroic abilities, whispers something in Varun’s ears and asks Harak Singh to give 5 mins.

Bebe asks Maninder to open the door. Maninder asks her to go. He tells God you haven’t done right with me. He says I tried to make Nimmi understand, but she didn’t listen to me and throws their pic. He says my daughter Surbhi couldn’t understand me and cries. Harman comes near Soumya…..Tera Ishq Ka Meri ibadat plays………He forwards his hand….Soumya is hesitant to give her hand. Nimmi gives Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand. Soumya gets up…..Varun makes flowers fall on them…..Harman looks at her lovingly….Soumya looks up and sees the falling flowers…..Tu hi mera khuda continues to play…….Harman eyes her lovingly. Soumya feels bad. Harman bends down on his knees and proposes her holding flower in her hand. He says Gulabo….love have to happen, that too with you and thirdly immensely. He says whenever I see you, I get mischievous. He says love’s full word is incomplete but I want complete relation with you. He says may be your identity get lost in this world, so pray to God that Harman becomes yours for 7 births. He asks tell me Gulabo….if you will become mine….for seven births.

Varun asks Soumya not to break his heart and take flower from his hand. Surbhi asks Soumya to take flower from his hand. Soumya takes flower from his hand. Harak Singh claps for them….Next Soumya turns comes. Harman says I can’t save you here, and says beautiful girl needs a beautiful punishment. Chachi says we know, and asks what he wants her to do. Harman asks her to tell I love you with love. Preeto asks her to tell him. Soumya looks at Nimmi. Harman says Gulabo…you don’t have to say love to Neighbor, but to your husband. Soumya says I love you and runs to room. Harman says me too and smiles. Everyone smiles.

Harman tells Soumya that everything is fair in love and war. He says I can do anything for you. He holds her hand. Soumya asks him not to touch her and says I don’t deserve to become your wife. Harman is shocked and says you are my wife. Soumya says you are not understanding and says I can’t become your wife because to become a wife, I need to become a woman. Harman is surprised. Soumya with teary eyes and painful heart says that she is a kinner….Harman is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. jo hota hai ho now nothing could effect me

  2. Was this serial shown previously? On zee TV?

    1. No Saina it’s a very new serial and is not aired before…

  3. Great concept. Really portrays the trials people hv to go through because of society biased views.

  4. no spoilers abt post mahaepisode???

    I m sure Harman will say there could be some confusion you cannot be kinner..-:))

    1. Ya Saras many are confused about that and hoping that she eventually conquers her all weaknesses and face the world with Harman, Nimmi , Surbhi’s and all support from her loved ones…
      Reaalllly hope for something positive as science has really progressed a lot and also the in laws are wealthy, hope all goes well….

  5. Awesome epi…..

  6. Hii every1…

    1. Renuverma

      Hi daisy.?

  7. What is mean of kinner i did’t understand what is it ?

    1. Em it’s a transgender/ hijra/ third gender…

      1. She’s basically inters*x because she’s been like that from birth. So yeah ‘third gender’, she doesnt have the full mAle or femAle hormones, body parts.

    2. It is a chromosomal defect. It is not about having interest in same s*x but a defect of complete infertility such people lack uterus thus having constricted secondary s**ual characters I’ve heard they won’t be tall but soumya seems fine……a girl has xx chromosome but ppl with this defect have x0 they lack one x chromosome making them neither girl nor boy… is called turner’s syndrome….this is just my guess though

  8. Nice episode waiting to see harman reaction .

  9. Hi daisy

  10. Luvleen

    I didn’t really watch this episode but I will watch the one when Harman finds out for sure. I hope he will support her. Unlikely to begin with but eventually.

  11. Waaah. ..NYC episode lovt…aftr this episode am sur no one can sprt Harmnan and his gulabo..there r made for each other…I wish harman will accept soumya with out any hesitation…

  12. Nice episode.. Harmya scenes are super..

  13. Renuverma

    Wow harmans proposing style was awesome ?

  14. Renuverma

    When surbhi said I forgot u when i came to know abt u i want to hide u from world n i love u the most varun was feeling on top of world.
    Later when he realised it was gor soumya his face was ?????

    1. I hope surbhi marries varun not Harman. .

  15. Narendran

    Nice epi.. Waiting for next update..

  16. its a very good issue they have picked up n so far carrying the story very well. .hope they continue to take story positively for soumya…

    Very good stacast n great acting by all. ..

  17. I dnt understand why u want harman to accept somya. U may fink im backward and nt treating a kinner like a normal human being and a kinner also have feelings.
    Bt y u want a straight guy to change his s*xual orientation. U too people i think u woud not ur life partners to be gay, lesbian, effeminate if u a straight. So if u want ur partners to be perfect why u wish ill for someone else. I
    I appologise sincerely if i have hurt anyone

    1. I truly agree wit u…y spoil harmans life. …he cn lwys support her as a frnd..

    2. ashvin.. I think u r mistaking kinner with homos*xuals…
      kinner is a physical condition of distorted genitals whereas homos are either mental disorder or a hormonal disorder so they are oriented abt same gender. .. but soumya is not lesibian she is indeed oriented n interested in male (harman)

  18. Guys today is Shakti ‘ s mahaepisode…. So don’t forget to watch it 🙂

  19. I listened to tu hi mera khuda complete song.. its so Devine. ..
    harman n soumyas love story too is so so Devine. . They look so cute n love each other so much. .. y this injustice of god came in between our love birds??

    Hope things go good for them. . They fought all odds n live a happy life. .together

  20. “khudmain tumhe main chupaaloon.. bas aakhari meri khwayish.. tere sajademain sar jhukaavoon mujhe dede itaneeijazaat haaye..”

    What music n lyrics yaar..

  21. I think hijra is for male having incomplete man reproductory system n kinner is female. .

  22. Bt u must accept that she has s*xual defect. Would u have accept if u were happen. U would say yes as u truely love her. Bt what u would do when u would make love? U would close uq eyes? A kinner has both a vagina and a pennis bt without testicles.
    U are saying that haya jodi should nt broken. I fink u r just saying so out of love for the characters in this show and u r great fan followers. Bt if something would have happened to an ordinary persn in real life u would have gossipped or laughed behind their back.
    I appologised again to have unknowingly hurt by my words bt i dnt want similar to happen to anyone?

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