Shakti 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena and other kinnars coming to see Saya’s dead body. They are shocked. Harman asks Soumya why she is sad? Soumya says first Maa left me and now….she says I saw Maa’s reflection in Mallika didi, but she also left me. Saya gets up alive and shocks Kareena. Saya slaps Kareena hard on her cheeks and says revenge fire have made you inhuman which I haven’t thought. She apologizes to her community and says I have no other way to call you. She says you people are doing anarth/wrong. She says you thought that you had killed me and says I can’t die as Mata Rani gave me Soumya’s safety responsibility and that’s why someone saved me and got me treated. She says I started keeping eye on you and didn’t meet anyone so that you don’t know that I am alive. She says you are supporting

her, who didn’t hesitate to take my life to take revenge from Soumya. She says when Soumya is happy there, then why do you want to bring her back, and wants to suffocate her and bring her back to us. She says we are God’s made human and is answerable to him. She says same God have written Harman and Soumya’s love story and may be he wants to rise hope in our lives that doors are not closed for us, and asks them to change their perception. He says Harman have accepted Soumya truly and we don’t have any right to come in between them.

The kinnars thank Mallika for opening her eyes. Kareena tries to provoke them, but kinnars refuse to listen to her. Kareena says I am your Guru Maa. Kinnar asks her to have shame and says from today our Guru Maa is Mallika didi. Inspector arrests Kareena. Kinnar asks Mallika to come home. Saya smiles. Harman tells Soumya that even he is sad knowing her gone and says she has helped us much. Soumya prays to God to give her peace and not to make her kinnar in any birth. Harman tells Soumya that he wants to fulfill her wish and asks her to make call to mallika didi and says he dialed on God’s number. Soumya asks him not to joke. Harman asks her to talk. Soumya takes the phone and says hello. Mallika says yes Soumya, I am alive. Soumya gets happy and asks how are you? She says I didn’t believe that you are no more. Saya says your believe is true and nothing can happen to me as I have your responsibility. She says although I have not given birth to you, but you are my daughter. Soumya says I know, and tells that you have given me motherly love since mum left and tells about the happenings. Saya assures her that she will search Surbhi. Saya says she wants to meet baby. Soumya smiles happily. She ends the call.

Soumya asks why did you do this? Harman tells that he thought to fulfill her wish. Soumya gets touched by his gesture and prays to God that he becomes his wife in next birth and completes their marriage. Harman tells her that she is complete wife for him in this birth.

Harak Singh calls Chintu and tells about the puja. Chintu says it will be fun. Raavi and Balwinder smile. Harak Singh asks him to call everyone. Chintu calls everyone. Preeto comes and says she is ready. Viren tells that Shanno will take time and says he will bring her. Chintu asks about Harman and Soumya. Raavi says they must be sleeping and asks him to go. Preeto looks at Harman’s room and tells that Harman used to take villagers in his car to Puja’s place, but today he didn’t know that today is Puja. Harak Singh says that they will pray to God to return their son.

Harman tells Soumya that he used to be happy with today’s puja and says that is because of two reasons and says he wanted to see all villagers together and girls also. Soumya asks him to go. Harman says my family is infront of me and why I will see girls, as my Gulabo is with me. He says I won’t go to any place where my wife and son is not allowed. Tu Mera Khuda plays….Soumya says but mummy ji. Harman says she is a problem and will taunt me. Let her be happy in her world and I will be happy in my world. Shanno gets ready for the puja and tells Viren that she is happy as Soumya’s reality will be exposed to villagers now and dances happily. She then feels labour pains. Harman and Soumya hears her screams.

Soumya delivers the baby and tells Preeto that son is born. They worry why he is not crying. Preeto saysheis dead. Shanno is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Montage needs to be changed ASAP… Saya is back with a bang… Colors Golden Petal Awards 2017 is taking place today… M hoping to see Vivian winning!

  2. Nice episode. Malika arrive is amazing. poor kareena her all plans are faild. I’m sooooooooo happy????????????????????? plz our haya unit and make them happy plz plz

    1. Hi shanaya. Read yr comments n appreciate yr feelings.
      God bless u.

      1. I read your comments too Reenuverma and don’t appreciate you feelings. First of all you misunderstood everything and then on top of that you are wrote you crap suggestions…you should have atleast asked for a clarification before jumping to conclusions… I’m damn pissed off on you and Shanaya ?

  3. Jessica are you read my reply comment? I think you must read it Then your ideas can be change

    1. No its not going to change, do you get it? …you misunderstood the whole thing and then other like Reenuverma also fell into you trap. I’m againts Saumya not because she is a kinnar but it’s because she is super dumb and lacks brains. I like Kareena better. Is she not a kinnar? There are some harsh realities which you need to accept. The world is not the way you see in serials. Saumya just does not deserve Harman. Gosh you need to read my whole week’s post. Taa… Daa.

  4. I’m so happy to see malika alive , I like her so much , she’s a very good actress , l love kinnars thanks to her character , she has both of kindness and cruel and she knows when did she uses this or that , she is brilliant and very good choice to make this character , l don’t know much about kinnars because l am not Indian , I am Egyptian , but l know about humans and their feelings , their rights , their wishes , their needs which it’s same to all of us even though we are kinnars or natural humans . There’s no separating in Egypt between us , we live all together with no deference , all of us God’s made .

    1. Who cares???

  5. Ok jessica its your opinion. So what i do? You have free to write any comment. Its your right. But i’m not agree your opinion NEVER.Becaoz i have a warm heart and i’m a cool persone i’m never thought just like you . I help other pepole always. becoz all are human. We must to help others then we can live with them peacefully

    1. Are you a reptile?? Even they have cool bodies and warm heart??? Anyways someday you’ll get my point when life will teach you a tough lesson.

  6. Thank you renuverma for you help and bless thank you

  7. I support u Jessica, u are completely correct, this soumya is such a dumb character, because of stupid soumya, surbhis has to hide in nanis house and just wasting her life on soumya, and Harman has gone heights of stupidity, I know soumya needs much care, but if she could stand for herself, then Harman and surbhis can move on in their lives, not going against whole families. But no this stupid soumya always want to depend on both of them, such a dumb and selfish character, if she could stand for herself, at least surbhis can have a happy life, but no stupid soumya needs attention from everyone, there is need of a person who can teach a good lesson to her, I fact I love saya , at least she can stand for herself

    1. Thanks Sandy… Appreciate your support?

  8. Dear freinds vivian has bagged best actor award n SHAKTI SERIAL HAS got best PATH BREAKING SHOW IN GOLDEN PETALS

  9. In yesterday’s episode I enjoyed each and every haya scenes. Plz show more haya scenes daily. I like saya also. Hate u preeto. Surbhi plz marry some other person as soon as possible bcz u r still in our haya life only, we don’t want you in-between our haya. Harman saumya is the best couple forever. Haya be always together bless you.

  10. Hi frnds. I am a new one. Daily I read all comments, whoever support haya I like them very much. I love haya only don’t want anyone in-between haya. Hi Tanvi,shanaya, I like your comments. Plz support haya always. God bless you all.

  11. Hi smily welcome shakthi fans defietly we support our haya. Nobody come between them. Our haya defiantly win the awards golden petal awrds

  12. Jessics I’m not a reptile but I think you are venomous reptile by the way don’t say words my future life. Because I know what I do and never happen tough incidents in my life I know that I think you are not educate.because educated people never angry other person in this manner and they know how to talk them and how to respect others and respect others opinion

  13. I don’t like soumya Harman because of them only surbhi lost her life I support Jessica

    1. Thanks laav?

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