Shakti 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya return to hospital

Shakti 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr and Mrs Kaushal were worried for Harman and Suomya wondering how they must have spent the night. A doctor comes there and asks why they are worried for that kinner? They learnt from him that doctors must not be emotional, they must not worry about them now. Lameet stood behind him, clutch his collar and asks him to say sorry to her parents. Afterwards, Mr. Kaushal scolds Lameet but she wasn’t ready to listen.
Harman and Suomya beg at the corner of street for some money. Harman stops a man asking for help as the girl is mental. He gets some alms. Then Suomya asks a man to help her make this man meet his Gulabo. Harman snatches the money back from Suomya and returns it to the man angrily. A police man begins to run behind them. The flee.
Preeto hits Malika as she runs away from the crowd.

Malika calms her down and feels pity for her. Harak Singh comes to take her back home.
Harman and Suomya reach a camp where a minister was giving money to the couples. A couple suggests them to get in line, the minister will give them some money. Suomya get their name registered as Khushi and Jolly. Harman brings her aside asking what this is. Suomya requests him to do this drama for some money. She asks if he doesn’t want to go back to his Gulabo. Harman was stubborn. A couple brings them Varmala. Harman grabs the Varmala but says he can’t do this. Suomya says they may be able to return only if they get the money. Harman and Suomya’s name was being called. Suomya requests Harman, puts the Varmala on. Harman doesn’t move. She forces the Varmala from his hand into her neck. Their names were being called again. Suomya drags him up on stage.
Suomya and Harman happily come out of the camp and cheer winning the money. Suomya says they can even go by taxi as well. Harman says he wish to do such fake marriages with Gulabo a number of times. Two men nearby kept a close eye over them as they count their money. Harman and Suomya spot a temple nearby, Suomya asks him to place the Varmala here. They pray together for ease in returning home. Harman suggests about going to hospital again. Suomya says they might get the auto from here, lets wait. The goons had gathered up and circle around Harman. Suomya goes to Harman who was also intrigued as the goons gather around them. They demand to get Suomya and laugh wildly. Harman says they can’t get her. The goons joke that she isn’t his real wife, they can also spend some time with her. Suomya resists as they hold her back. Harman fights against the goons until they run away. Suomya looks towards him terrified and runs to hug him crying. Harman forbids her crying and turn to go to hospital.
In the hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal scold the staff for their irresponsibility. Harman and Suomya return. Mrs. Kaushal was angry that he even took Suomya along. A nurse blames that CCTV shows Khushi went with Jolly happily. Suomya tells Mrs. Kaushal she didn’t run away, she doesn’t remember what happened after she ate a few spicy grams water. Mrs. Kaushal asks who gave her the water. Suomya looks towards Harman. Harman calls her a liar and was offensive. Only then the patient whose medicine Harman stole returns asking about a red medicine. Mr. Kaushal asks which medicine? He was shocked to see the prescription. He sends the patient to medicine store to get new medicine. He then scolds Harman for giving sleeping pills to Suomya. Now its his punishment that he must work for 24 hours non-stop.

PRECAP: Suomya and Harman argue about a song. Mrs. Kaushal watch them fight with each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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