Shakti 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman to get proof for Suomya’s security

Shakti 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman comes to the temple thinking about Suomya’s love confession. He thinks he never forced Suomya when she wanted to get away, but since she wants to live with him he must make effort to get her back in his life.
Everyone at home was waiting for a big news. Preeta comes there and says kinners took Suomya. They were all happy to celebrate the coming festivals. Preeta says not now. Veeran asks about Harman, Harak Singh says it’s a fever of his youth; but they must have faith over God.
The goons stood outside the house. Surbhi and Varun come in police mobile. Surbhi complains that they are standing outside their house since yesterday. They were arrested.
Suomya requests Malika to let her go with Harman. Malika asks if she also considers them wrong, they let her leave with Harman but

it ended with them all empty handed. Suomya is behaving as if she is a woman and they have kidnapped her, they aren’t forcing her to be a kinner. Suomya wonders how she must explain to them. Kareena complains they were gathered to get a new Gurumaa in face of Tarana. Malika wasn’t ready to listen to her anymore. She says today it will be decided, the three Guru Matas are present; they must decide if she live here as Tarana or as Suomya in the other one. She must decide to live upto her full in any of the world’s she decides.
In the room, Harak tells Preeto it will be written with golden words in history. He regrets its about his son Harman. Preeto wonders how a kinner can fell in love with Harman. She expressed her love openly. Harak Singh says this all has been done by Surbhi. Preeta says they must call Varun and Surbhi tomorrow and fix this matter.
Harman arrives at kinner’s residence. Malika questions why he came here now. Suomya was elated to see him. Harman says he wants to keep his wife with himself. Malika questions if his world would accept her. Harman says neither his world would accept her, nor would they cease to mistrust his love. He says he doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks. Malika asks Chambeli to bring the phone, she will call police. Harman throws the phone away to break it, he shouts that he loves Suomya. He asks for their demands. Malika marks a few conditions, then he promises no one will interfere between him and Tarana. Suomya asks why she tests Harman repeatedly. Harman was ready to fulfil all conditions. The kinners demand a proof of Suomya’s security, they aren’t sure what she will get if he dies. She is a kinner and won’t be able to inherit anything from him. Suomya wasn’t ready, but Malika says now the world won’t accept her after knowing the truth. Malika tells Harman that their relation isn’t any normal one. Tarana is like her daughter, and every mother wants her daughter to live secure in anyway. The kinners tell Harman to leave now and bring answers to all their questions. Harman was about to leave, Suomya was upset. She asks Malika to kill her once for her relation, but not behave with Harman so badly. Malika asks her to let them do what they are upto and take her inside.
At night, Preeta gets a call from Kareena.
There, Maninder and Bebe regrets that Suomya couldn’t become the Gurumata of kinners, else he must have celebrated. Surbhi comes there and complain them for ruining all their victories. She says it’s the first time she and Suomya won’t be together on Diwali.
Harman comes home and says he can’t think about any solutions right now. He only wants to sleep now. He decides to take the replies of kinners, now he will return from that doorstep after he has got Suomya back. He will answer the world, Guruma and Suomya together now.

PRECAP: Kareena tells Suomya if there was another man he must have left her long ago. Suomya was excited to see Harman. Harman says he got a reply for them. He transferred his share of property after Suomya so that even if he dies, she is secured.

Update Credit to: Sona

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