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Shakti 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru Maa making Saya eat applies. Saya asks her to rest, and says you must be tired too. Guru Maa says we will all leave and asks Soumya to come with them. Saya calls Soumya. Soumya comes to her. Saya asks her to take care and says I will return soon and will also return your favour. Soumya says may be when you return, I will not be there, Harman will come and take me back, but I will also remember you in my prayers. Harman and Harak Singh are standing to do wrestling on land. Harak Singh prays before playing. Kalsi asks Surbhi to come. Surbhi asks what you will do there by going there. Kalsi says I will return Soumya’s dupatta and meet her too. Surbhi says we will not go there. Kalsi insists. Surbhi thinks what to do now. Harak Singh asks Harman to fight with him. Harman asks

Harak Singh to leave today, and asks why do you want to get insulted. Harak Singh tells Preeto that her tiger son is a bit scared. They start the fight. Police team looks on. Harak Singh tells Harman that he will make him fall down, and says I will show you who is the real father. Preeto and others looks on. Harman also fights with him.

Harak Singh pushes Harman. Inspector cheers for him. Kalsi asks Surbhi to come. Surbhi says lets go. Maninder, Nimmi and Bebe are shocked. Surbhi tells I forgot and asks Kalsi to wait until she brings khatti meethi tablets from the shop. Kalsi says I have and goes to bring it. Surbhi tells Nimmi that she will be back. Harman and Harak Singh continues to fight. Harman is near his win. Viren, Shanno and others smile. Harak Singh makes Harman fall down and holds his hand. Harman imagines Soumya asking him to come and take her soon. She is waiting for him. He thinks about Soumya’s words and makes Harak Singh fall down. Preeto thinks how I will stop him now. He gives hand to Harak Singh and makes him stand up. Harman says this is called check and mate, and reminds of his promise that nobody will stop. Harak Singh nods yes. Harman walks off from there. Preeto looks tensedly at Harak Singh.

Harman calls Surbhi and tells her that he has reached temple. Surbhi says I will reach soon and says she has to tell something to him. Harman says okay. Kalsi comes back and asks where is Surbhi. Beeji says she got call and left. Kalsi says she has fooled me. I will go alone and meet her. Maninder says you talked to Harman naa, it is okay. Kalsi says she will go for surely. Surbhi meets Harman and tells him about a kinnar chameli running away after seeing her. Harman says we shall not waste time now. Surbhi and Harman come to Police station. Inspector says we can’t come to Kinnar basti, if whatever you are saying is wrong then they will insult us. He asks them to go. Harman says okay, we will go, but before that you please write on a paper that you will not help us as it is a matter of kinnar, then we will go directly to court. Inspector agrees to come.

Guru maa brings Soumya back to her house. She thanks God for saving Saya/Mallika and says Tarana was with her and saved her. Rani asks you got a good chance, but you didn’t run and asks why? Soumya is silent.

Kalsi comes to Harak Singh’s house and calls Soumya. Everyone come there. Viren says she is Kalsi. Kalsi asks where is Soumya and tells Preeto that she will go to her room and meet her. Preeto asks who are you to enter our house. Kalsi says she is Soumya’s friend. Preeto bluntly asks her to leave. Kalsi says I will talk to her, have water and leave. I want to invite her for my godh bharayi. Preeto says I will tell her that you have come here, no need to talk or have anything. She says what did you say that Soumya is your childhood friend, and asks what did you know about her, go from here. Kalsi says I comes to know about other thing now, she says now I came to know that Soumya’s family is bad. She feels bad about Soumya, and says don’t know what she must be facing here. Preeto asks her to leave. Kalsi leaves. Preeto gets angry on Nimmi and calls her. She asks don’t have any shame, and says I didn’t tell anything to Kalsi today. She says even I am ready to tell everything to everyone.

Police team comes to Guru Maa’s house. Guru Maa asks what happened? Inspector says we got info that you kept somewhere here forcibly. Guru maa says this is a kinnar house, and asks why can’t you let us stay peacefully. Surbhi says Soumya is here only. Guru Maa says I told you that she is not here. Harman asks Inspector to check inside. Guru maa stops him, but Inspector shows the check warrant. Guru Maa checks and gives the envelope back to Inspector.

Guru Maa sits while the Police team is searching the house. They come out and tell that nobody is here. Harman says Soumya is here only and asks Inspector to check properly. Surbhi sees Chameli and tells Harman that she is the one who came that day to take nek in car along with Soumya. Chameli says it is their work to get nek and no Soumya was with her. Surbhi says she is lying. Harman asks Inspector to check again and says they are fooling us. Guru maa says you both are doing drama and says that person is not here, and warns them not to trouble her. Harman says Soumya is here and I will not go without her. Inspector says I will talk. Guru maa asks Inspector to leave. Harman tells Inspector to check again. Inspector refuses and goes.

Guru maa asks them to leave and says there is nothing for you here. Kareena is taking care of baby and sings the lori sung by Soumya. Surbhi realizes that it is the same lori which Nimmi used to sing for Soumya and says Soumya is here. Guru maa says your mum haven’t written this lori and anybody can sing it. Surbhi says I know that she is here. Guru maa asks them to leave else she will kick them out. The kinnars surround them. Harman says I know how to beat also. He challenges her that he will take Soumya back next time. He holds Surbhi’s hand and goes in his car. Guru maa asks everyone to go inside, and close the door. She then comes near the temple, seeing nobody is there, and opens a secret door to cellar. Soumya is seen tied up there. Rani and Raveena are with Soumya. They take out tape from her mouth. Soumya looks at Guru maa.

Surbhi sings Solah Shringar during Kalsi’s godh bharayi rasam. Kalsi asks about Soumya. Surbhi says she will come with jiju. Guest lady says may be she is not in her sasural and may be in problem. Harman comes and says no problems.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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