Shakti 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto and Harak Singh are seeing Harman as he gets ready to perform the stunt. They hide their face. Director explains the scene to Harman. Preeto recalls Harman getting scared of dogs in his childhood and tells Harak Singh that he is afraid of dogs. Saya is with Soumya. Soumya tells that she wants to do some work. Saya says Harman will not like. Soumya says if we earn money then can think of bringing Aditya back. Saya says she will search the job. The shooting begins, Harman runs on the road while the dogs are running behind him. Harman falls down due to stone kept there. Dogs attack him. He fights with the goons. Preeto shouts his name. Harman recalls Soumya. Director and Action director cheer for him and tell that Harman is doing this for his love and have junoon in his eyes. Harak

Singh tells that he is grown up now. Harman over powers the dogs and runs inside the jungle. He then comes back to road and completes the scene. Director says cut. Harak Singh is happy. Preeto thinks of neighbor telling that they are staying in hut. Director praises Harman for doing the scene well and praises his love. Harman asks for his money. They give him money. Harman holds his hurt hand and goes. Preeto tells Harak Singh that she will kill Soumya. Harak Singh says then you will go to jail. Preeto says I don’t care, I will kill her for snatching my son.

Kishan Lal asks Viren why do you want to do this with your brother. Viren tells that Harak Singh and Preeto treat them as Servants. He instigates Kishan Lal against him and asks him to make his son future bright.

Preeto and Harak Singh come to Soumya and Harman’s hut. Saya asks why did you come here to ruin your son’s happiness. Preeto says she came to talk to his barbadi who is inside. Saya asks her to come later when Harman is in the house. She tells that Harman loves Soumya as well and can’t handle to see your hatred. She asks them to face him rather than coming as coward. Preeto refuses to go. Harak Singh takes her.

In the house, Preeto tells Harak Singh, since a child is born, parents take care of him, later on that child fights with his parents. Harak Singh asks her to have food. Preeto says your son have changed and asks him to explain to him about motherly love. Harak Singh asks her to have food. Viren and Shanno smirks.

Harman gives mobile phone to soumya and says we will be connected through phone also. Soumya smiles. He looks tensed. Soumya asks if you are worried? Harman tells that they had Aditya’s pics in old phone and gets sad. Soumya says no problem and tells that they have many memories of Aditya. He says okay and tells that he will wash his shirt. Soumya says you didn’t bring the clothes. Harman says I will bring for you and then me being head of the family. He takes off his shirt, sees dog scratch and wears his shirt again. Soumya brings clothes for him and tells that she had saved some money and gave to Mallika. She brought new clothes. Harman says he is her Diwana. Soumya says she will serve food. Harman thinks he knows that she is missing Aditya and thinks to keep her happy.

Harman asks Soumya to dance with him. Tera Ishq Plays….While they are dancing, someone lights their hut on fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Such a late update… U always update your other shows on time H Hasan….That’s not fair….

  2. Vivian rocks. Preeto’s pain is justified. Now a days saumya is only thinking about herself. She is not once telling harman to go back to his home and convince his parents. Now she Will work like a maid, if her truth will be exposed there then harman have to carry all the blame. Why don’t she become a stunt women to make more money, no she can not do because she is not as sacrificing as harman.

    1. U are so correct Anu, she is a lead of the show right, only she can get all this nobody else in the show are humans, they do not have to fulfill their wishes.

  3. U know this show is making new challenges to the humans, I have story, here something like this happening in my town, a man was to marry women instead of that, he put sindoor in a dogs head, he says he loves the dog as his wife, he taking the worst example of shakti to every one, if he can make kinnar as a life partner, why can’t other animals. The dog and the man are so connected that, he doesn’t want any interference in both, he is wishing to have married life to them, his parents are devasted asking him to make the dog as his pet, and marry a women, but he is refusing to the proposal and wishing to them accept the dog as their bahu, he has many points, doesn’t the dog has heart, and it cannot talk that’s y I can’t marry him, he says oh dog can’t give children to them, as a fact soumya is also the same, but y Harman accepted her then, everyone is trying to explain him because at least she can take care of other baby, she can give motherly love to orphans at least, but the dog don’t understand these things, but he is reluctant to have the dog as his wife and decided to adopt puppies and ababy boy for his parents but not willing to marry any other, the people here calls him as a mental, but the person is very happy with his duniya,
    Now the question is shall we leave him like that??? Or to take to a psychiatric?????, plz suggest me…m

    1. What shud be done to him cant be said… Nd his case here is really weird or say mental because that an animal nd living with an animal is surely not justified he shud be taken to doctor but even after that he is like that he shud be left to live with dog.. Nd u cant compare this situation with somya here because she is not an animal but a live human being nd in reality also i have seen a lot of news where a man has married a transgender as he claims that he loves her.. Soo when this can happen in reality then why cant in serial..

      1. So u mean only humans have feelings and animals doesn’t have any feelings, they don’t have heart????, if u see the dog once ull get to know, if anyone is trying to hurt him or attack what the dog makes their condition, they really love each other like ur haya, so the animal not human u are calling him mental, when there is no s*xual relation BTW ur haya too but they love each other, if they could be together then y can’t he with the dog whose hearts are interlinked

    2. How can u compare human feelings nd animals feelings…living with a human nd that with a dog is differnt nd cant be compared… Do u knw only same species organisms can live nd mate with each other thats the rule which nature has made .. A dog nd cat cant mate or live with each other.. Species of humans nd dogs are different ..only similarity between them is on class level that both are mammals…. Nd if u want to break the rule of nature then u can also say that a human can marry a tree nd love it nd live his/her life with it In any way ur comparison or justification cant be accepted

      1. As u can’t accept animals-human love, just they can’t accept aadmi-kinner relation, y can’t understand DAT, marriage is defined BTW men-women by nature, so instead of trying to make them accept ur opinion, u just try to understand.

    3. I totally agree they cant accept this relation majority in our society wont accept nd m also not telling them to accept this….the thing here is that when they they have tried soo many times to make harman understand this even they have forced him to leave her..even after that he is willing to live with her he has taken a choice so now they shud leave him nd allow him to do what he wants… Because any child will only understand parents POV when he himself gets hurt… Nd they shud blame harman for their or his own condition.. My point is jst that they shudnt blame somya for all this its not her fault at all… She never said harman to live with her… Thats it

  4. In todays epi… I really felt the pain of a mother who is devastated to see her son doing dangerous stunts… Thats the main situation in the serial no one is here right or wrong neither preeto nor she is right.. Whom to support is much difficult because at one time i feel bad somya because its not her fault nd the other time i feel bad for preeto because its not her fault too… Evryone here is right here on their perspective ..but one thing is sure in all this there is no fault of somya so preeto or anyone else shud not blame her… It can be said that the fault was of nimmi she shudnt hav kept her since her childhood when she knew she cant be there always for her.. One day she has to die then how will somya live … Soo it is just that this is her destiny nd she has to survive facing all the problems nd hatred of people..

    1. But the fault whose all this is died, can u show any solution to this please so that everyone can be satisfied, instead of fighting with every one Harman can opt for surrogacy. Y to discourage his parents when their wish is completely justified, they want to their grand children that’s it right, they doesn’t want to accept soumya because she cannot give birth to anyone, there are many hospitals showing solutions for these kind of problems, so instead of fighting with them for adarsh he can satisfy everyone

    2. Ohh soo you want that he shud opt for surrogacy.. Ok thats gud option i agree..but think about two things first…
      1. When there are so many orphans in the world why not one shud adopt them in this way their life will also can be beautiful.. Other thing many couples who cant undergo surrogacy or any other treatment adopt child soo when harman adopted the child then why his parents not agreed if noones parents would allow then how soo many adoptions are happening in the world
      2. If u really think preeto is not accepting somya just because she cant be a mother nd will accept her after surrogacy i dont think so she will never accept her as her DIL
      If then also i agree to ur point that he shud opt for surrogacy when his parents didnt accepted their adopted child then they wont accept their surrogate child too.. Nd if u think surrogacy can end everyones problem then why are u always blaming somya she cant do anything in this..

    3. Nd yeah if think their demand is completely justified then i dont think so.. Yeah i agree child is very important for a couple but there are many couples in world who are childless if they are not living their life.. Even if leave all that ..if there is some medical problem in harman himself (which is quite common in male) then what they will do.. How will they become grandaparents nd continue their so called ‘wansh’ what will they do then nd whom will they blame.. Their son???

      1. No, Harman is their gold, it would, be blamed for Souma, again. Parents would say that Harman had been with Souma for as long as he had become infertile. Because Souma, according to Harak Singh, and Preeto, can for everything, not just parents, but also people here.

    4. Yeah estadra u r right

  5. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Very cheap thinking how someone compare dog with human

  6. Very cheap comparison how can you compare human as animal…Sorry can’t accept that…Make yourself as soumya condition;can tou imagine her feeling ;the hatred caused by society and persons ;God have created us eaquals and all of us have heart and feeling …I consider Somya and harman love as a platonic and an idilk love who is pure and have no limits …This love can survive over all difficultie….Soumy have the right to be loved why not and hope with time we discover that soumya isn’t a kinner to give a big slap to all people who hated her and excluded her lo live all her life like a normal human.If Soumya is imcomple let me tell you that no one is complete .The only one who is complete is God .You can be a purefull woman and you can be steril and you can’t have kids.You can also be a man but you can be steril or you can’t comsute as all man with your wife ect….God can create us in many situation that’s why plz be human and neglect all the appearence and think again the true meaming of love your life will be better …teatch yourself sanskar , humain being and love without barrier

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!what’s that chudail doing to Harman, and y is he acting weird as he is drugged, y he is so frightened, omg some one save him from that chudail plz….

  8. Exactly you are right floa. I agree your comment.

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