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Shakti 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi lifting the woman’s veil thinking her to be Saya. The woman looks on surprised. Biji says everyone are ladies only, what was the need of veil. Jugni asks Bebe to apply haldi to Soumya. Bebe says you have applied naa, it is enough. Jugni insists. Bebe goes and applies haldi on her face and hands. Soumya smiles happily. Harman’s cousin sister gives something to Preeto saying it is sent by Harak. Preeto checks the sent thing and sees shoes. Harak Singh asks if she will come out by herself or shall he hit her with shoes. Preeto says no and gets up from bed. She sees Harak nowhere as it was her imagination. She gets irked with the thought. Harman’s sister makes excuse to guest and says Preeto is unwell. Guest says son’s haldi happens only once. Preeto comes out and

recalls Harak’s threat. She applies haldi on Harman’s face and goes. Harak Singh thinks it is difficult to make woman understand.

Nimmi asks Soumya to come and change the dress. Bebe thinks why did Saya haven’t come till now and stops Nimmi seeing her. Jugni tells Nimmi that soumya will go to her house now. Saya comes. Bebe smirks. Surbhi’s friends ask Soumya to rest and goes out. Saya comes to Soumya’s room. Soumya says everyone is outside. Saya says I was invited. Biji asks Nimmi not to worry. Saya says your husband is very husband roams here and there. She says my husband brought uptan from Kashmir and asks her to sit so that she can apply on her face and hands. She asks her to give her hand.

She says you have married in a hurry and your mum didn’t tell you about marriage. She says some people have no marriage in their destiny, but their life doesn’t end there. They have a different world to live. Nimmi is talking to guest. Soumya asks why few people shouldn’t marry and what is other world. Saya says marriage is not the motive for everyone and some people have more good than marriage. She says I will explain you….and tells about marriage. Nimmi comes there and says Soumya. She asks Soumya to go and have bath. Soumya says this neighbor came to apply uptan on my face, and was telling me about marriage. Nimmi says I will tell you and asks her to go. She holds Saya’s hand stopping her from leaving. She asks who are you? Woman says I am manjeet’s wife, stays near your home. Nimmi tries to lift her veil…

Saya stops her hand and asks her to keep some secrets hidden. Nimmi says what have you thought that I will not recognize you. She says I am scared even from your reflection since Soumya is born. She warns her not to keep her daughter away from her. Saya laughs and says I will tell her truth and then she will come with me herself.

Nimmi says you wanted to misguide her. Saya says you wanted your daughter to marry, and says think what will happen when people will throw stones on her and will say that she is inauspicious. She says she will keep Soumya happily and asks her to send. She says you have been her shakti since years and asks then why you are pushing her in well. She asks her not to be selfish and send Soumya with her. Nimmi says I am not selfish. I am doing this for her happiness, I never let her dream to marry. She says I have faith on that guy that he will keep her happy. Saya says your daughter can never stay in her sasural for more than 2 days, either she will kill them or throw her out of house. Nimmi says she is her mum and is sure that Soumya will stay with Harman. Saya asks her to bet and says if Soumya manages to stay at her inlaws for 21 days then I will never look at her. She asks her to agree or let her take Soumya with her.

Someone comes and stops Harman, says this marriage can’t happen. Harak Singh and Preeto looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sriranjani

    ufff worst precap………..

  2. pwincess pari

    Tomorrow new character gonna enter ….

  3. Just waiting for the 1 hr episode on weekend…eager to see Harman’s scenes ? ? ?…can’t stop thinking about…do you guys know – he is actially an engineer in real life? rest all is too booring…the makers are stretching Saumya’s secret too much, it’s getting irritating…the 1st break in the serial lasts for almost 5 mins which is such a torchure ?…I just change the channel when there’s a break.

    1. Agreed,Jessica. I wish they’d just reveal the big secret.

      1. Yes Meethi..I don’t think they will show anything about the secret this week…maybe next week or the week after that…I saw the promo for the special epi….evil dadi is going to poison Saumya I think and Saumya will faint during the pheras…waiting for the special epi.

  4. Uff too much dragging yaar but waiting for harmaya scenes

  5. Narendran

    Not good precap.. Waiting for mystery!

  6. it is that guy whom preeto called to stop the wedding

  7. like other rashmi sharma serials. . This too seems to have very less role for hero. ..
    Please don’t do that. . We want more of Vivian too

  8. Alisha

    The episode was good over all. That lady, what does she mean by the word “Other world”? The day I saw the promo of Soumya with that lady saying that “Kuch logon ko shadi naheen kerni chahiye. Un ke liye dosri duniya bani hai” the first thing that struck my mind was the word “Dosri Duniya” or “The other world”, what I understand is that Soumya is not a transgender, it’s something paranormal. “Black Magic” or something… The suspense is killing me. I hope they reveal it soon.
    On the other hand, the guy who stopped the marriage, what I have to say about him is that when Preeto called him and asked him to come as soon as possible and stop Harmanya’s marriage, I thought that it shall be Harman’s cousin, maybe a parallel lead, opposite Surbhi. A hero opposite Surbhi, is literally needed, cuz we don’t want her to turn negative, right? Hope it is Harman’s cousin or someone related to him. From the promo, the hand seems like it belong to a dashing, young and strong guy. Let’s just hope for the best! ?

  9. I too feel its something beyond gender.. its something superstition related. ..

  10. I guys she is a kinner…

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