Shakti 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: The black-mailer kinner enter’s Suomya’s house

Shakti 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeta and Suomya do the aarti together in the morning. Mohini comes from behind thinking God has to hear aarti from a kinner every morning. Shanno comes to ask Mohini for tea, but she replies curtly to look after herself. Preeto brings the aarti to Harman and asks to take her bank, she needs some money. Suomya turns to see a call on her cell phone. Preeta notices she was worried. The blackmailer kinner asks if she made up everyone to hear the truth. Suomya avoids Preeto and hurries upstairs.
The blackmailer kinner gets ready.
Preeto comes to Suomya and asks what she is hiding. Suomya thinks about the kinner’s words. Preeto says she didn’t take Nimi’s position invain, she knows what’s going on in her mind. Suomya asks her about any plan against Mohini and takes her inside.

was in the room. Suomya wonders how she must stop him and makes an attempt. She offers to accompany Harman but Preeto and Harman tells her to take rest. The phone bell rings again. Suomya hears the call and comes outside. Kareena and another kinner come out of the car and asks what she has for them? Suomya brings out her jewellry from the bag and asks if this is what they want? She will send these for life, but they shouldn’t trouble her family anymore. The kinners were clueless why Suomya was saying all this. Suomya requests Kareena to spare her, she is fed up of their games. Kareena asks if she only found them to be blamed, the don’t hold any enmity against her. Suomya wonders who is blackmailing her then. Kareena asks who it is, she won’t spare him. Malika comes there and asks Kareena what is this new drama of thiers. She has been stalking them since Suomya called them. She asks Suomya what they have done? Suomya’s phone bell rings again, she receives the call. The blackmailer gives Suomya the news of Harman’s car inflation, he could also have failed the brakes of Harman’s car. Suomya disconnects the call and connects to Harman. Harman and Preeto stood with the car with inflated tyres, and gives the news to Suomya.
Malika asks Suomya about the matter, and the bag. Suomya was lost somewhere else, she makes up about bringing gifts for them.
Ravi and Shanno fight with each other for cooking. Harak Singh comes asking about Mohini. Shanno says she never share anything from them. Harak Singh was offensive at the reply, but then Mohini comes with a veiled lady. She introduces the lady as her sister-like and came to help her through her pregnancy. Suomya returns home and asks who is behind the veil there. The lady signals Mohini about who is she, Mohini shouts if she has to know everything? She came as maid to her and Harak Singh. Suomya walks upstairs. Harak Singh asks Mohini why the lady holds a veil, but Mohini complains if Harak now wants to see other women’s. Harak Singh clarifies his position to Mohini at once. Mohini sends the lady to kitchen. Shanno was worried about what’s happening in this house.
Suomya comes to her room and calls Harman. She asks when will he return, Harman replies soon and cuts the call. The phone bell rings again. Suomya takes the call. It was the same kinner and forbids her find him; else her husband will be killed. It was the same lady Mohini had brought home.

PRECAP: Suomya gets a call from the blackmailer on land line. She asks why her phone was off. Suomya says there was no charging. The kinner warns that her husband will be killed if its off again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Tellyupdates team if you can’t add the male lead name in the episode description then don’t add the name of female lead too
    It’s Harman house too
    And talking about the episode it was so boring
    This show has no charm without Harman
    Audiences can only be glued to SHAKTI wgev

  2. *with Vivian amazing talent
    Because he adds life to the character he plays

  3. Tanvi comments and obsession with VIVIan is spoiling Shakti for other viewers. Please stop her biased comments

    1. I have always maintained this that I watch this show for Vivian
      So my comments would be related to him
      And I think everyone is free to express their opinions… BIASED or UNBIASED whatever you think I don’t care
      I will post my own views as everyone has their own point of view

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