Shakti 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya getting sad seeing Harman and Surbhi having haldi ceremony. Preeto asks if she is jealous and wants Harman to know that she is unhappy with his marriage, and wants him to break the marriage. Soumya says no, and says even I want his happiness. Preeto asks her to smile and threatens her. Later she asks Soumya to apply haldi to Harman, the groom. Soumya is emotional and recalls all the good moments between them. She applies haldi on his face and hands. Harman is upset with her and doesn’t see her. Soumya gets teary eyes as she applies haldi on his feet, but she feigns smile on her face. She then goes to Surbhi and applies haldi on her face. Surbhi looks at her. Harman asks Preeto, can I go now? Preeto asks him to go and have a bath.

Nani asks Surbhi to go for bath.

Surbhi checks Harman’s message, he asks her to meet him in his room now itself and gives Soumya’s promise. Surbhi goes to Harman and asks him to say, calls him jiju and then realizes and says Harman ji. Harman says what I asked you to refuse for marriage and you got haldi applied. She says even you got haldi applied. He says I can’t give you love and can love never you. Even you have a life. I can’t refuse as I can’t break the promise made to Soumya. Surbhi says even I am bounded by the promise which I can’t break.

Soumya comes to Preeto and asks did you call me. Preeto asks her if she remembers this sherwani. Soumya looks at sherwani and reminisces her marriage with Harman. Preeto says my son brought a kinnar by wearing this, but today he will wear other sherwani and will marry a woman now, then only my house will be filled by kids’ sound. She asks her to give sherwani to Harman and asks him to get ready. She tells that she will throw old sherwani. Soumya is hurt and sad. Harman asks what is that promise. Surbhi says I just now that everyone’s lives will be good with this marriage and will not ruined. Harman says everything is thinking about themselves, and nobody thinks about me. He breaks the things angrily.

Soumya knocks the door and calls Harman ji. Surbhi opens the door and says it is good that you came and says Harman wants to talk to you. Soumya comes inside and asks him to say. Harman looks angrily. Surbhi says I know you can’t tell and says I will say. She says that Harman wants her to wear pink dress as you are his Gulabo. Harman holds her hand and asks why do you leave me always. Soumya asks him to leave her hand and says I will not go once this marriage happens. Harman asks how you will cope up with your emotions. Soumya asks him to get ready fast. Harman says why don’t you understand that I don’t want to do this marriage. Soumya says this marriage is very important and asks him to marry. She turns, silently cries and goes. Tu Hi Mera khuda music plays………

Soumya helps Surbhi ready for marriage and gets emotional. She says it was my wish to make you wear bridal dress….my choti is looking as world’s beautiful bride. She says God saves you from all evil eyes. She recalls Nimmi giving her bangles on her marriage. She removes from her hand and tells Surbhi that Maa gave me this bangles, but it is your safe keeping. Surbhi says no…di. I haven’t come here to take your share, but to be a part of your life. She says I will not take your bangles. Soumya asks her to take it. Surbhi wears only one bangle and makes Soumya wear other bangle. She says now it is fine. Soumya says you have done a big favor on me by agreeing to this marriage, after maa went, only you have right on my life…cries. Surbhi asks her not to cry and hugs her. Nani hopes that their love shall remain for forever. Bebe says their love will end tonight as they will become sautan. Nani asks her to talk good. Bebe asks Surbhi to come. Sindhu tells Soumya that she is very happy, not with the marriage but because she will not leave from here. Soumya says even I like you and hugs her.

Harman asks Surbhi to refuse for marriage and says he will handle the situation. Pandit ji recites the mantras as they are seated for their marriage. Surbhi looks at Soumya. Soumya thinks my choti gave ahuti/sacrifice of her happiness in this havan kund. Preeto and Harak Singh is happy. Surbhi and Harman get up for garland rasam. Surbhi puts garland on Harman’s neck. Harman puts neck on Surbhi’s neck. Soumya is sad and teary eyes. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Raavi does their ghat bandhan. Pandit ji asks Harman to fill sindoor in Surbhi’s maang. Harman looks at Soumya, takes a pinch of sindoor and fills Surbhi’s maang. He recalls his marriage with Soumya. Pandit ji asks him to make Surbhi wear mangalsutra. Harman takes the mangalsutra in his hand, looks at Soumya and makes Surbhi wear mangalsultra.

Pandit ji asks them to stand up for pheras/rounds. Surbhi stands up and says these rounds will not happen. Everyone is shocked. Surbhi goes to Soumya and the ghat bandhan opens up. Soumya asks Surbhi to go back to mandap. Surbhi holds her hand and takes her to mandap. She asks Pandit ji to start reciting mantras and says we three, will take pheras altogether. Maninder asks what is this new drama. Preeto and Harak Singh are shocked. Soumya asks what you are saying? Pandit ji says you are insulting the rituals. Surbhi says if we don’t let Soumya take pheras then she will be incomplete. Maninder asks Surbhi not to make fun of marriage. Surbhi says Harman and my relation will become a joke if I take Soumya’s full place and that is because she is incomplete. She says I am stepping in Harman’s life, but my di’s place will be same in his life. She says these seven vows we will take together.

Soumya asks Surbhi not to do this. Preeto asks Maninder to let Surbhi do this, and says Soumya have always taken rounds with Harman and they are not divorced. Soumya refuses. Surbhi says when God haven’t thought while making Soumya incomplete, he will not feel bad even now. Pandit ji recites the mantras as Harman, Soumya and Surbhi are taking pheras. Preeto says when I have bear so much drama, then one more is okay. She determines to make Soumya and Surbhi dance on her tune. Pandit ji declares rounds are completed. They hear someone knocking on the door.

Saya questions Harman and Surbhi about their marriage and love for Soumya. She says if this marriage happens then I will bring my society here, and you people have to answer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nila

    sad episode I don’t except this and thank u ammu for ur clarification and I am from Madurai u?

  2. Nila

    thank u Angel for ur clarification for my Qus yesterday episode

  3. Nice episode I like it very much…..

  4. I like surbhi’s tracks very much as she always support her somu di

  5. Mrg is completed then y this saya is dng drama really i hate this track i hoped that mrg would stop some miracle would happen am waited till last sec but nothing happened, u know what guys now am cursing myself for loved this serial very much.

  6. Soumya said to Surbhi that her (Soumya) life is bcz of her after nimmi…. These sister’s are making the mockery of Harman…. No value of Harman… THE ONLY REASON TO WATCH SHAKTI IS THE TALENTED MALE LEAD VIVIAN DSENA….

  7. Hi nila, iam from Chennai. I heartly welcomes u to our sakthi family.

    After knowing fans anger and quitting rubine told in an interview that fans will be happy by upcoming twists and the makers won’t leave the kinner subject it seems.

    Comment edited – English / Hindi only please.

    1. Nila

      thank u ammu sis for ur welcoming

  8. Hi karthi, kopz, raji, uthaya where r u all?

    1. Hi akka Am definetly nt gng to watch this stupid track mrg mudinjiduchey Wt u think abt it guys

  9. Hi karthi, kopz, raji, uthaya where r u all? Y no comments

  10. I feel vry sad…if saya comes bfr d mrg.she could break.. wat s d use of coming after all…
    I didnt watch today epi…

  11. Bcoz i cant tolerate d soumya crying…..aaj aisha horahi he k sab kuch koya jaise feel hori he….

  12. I totally disappnt wit writer ji,..he never writes accordng to fans and think abt fans……

  13. when will haya reunite again?…g n all…
    Whr r u ammu nd raji ma,karthi ,tanvi ,bunny pls shr ur commnt..

  14. Angelk1

    This is ridiculous this situation is not getting better. Now soumya has to share her sister. Its like kaala teeka when manji had to share her husband with her younger sister cause she couldnt have kids. An she ended up raising her sister daughter but then she adopted kali an her sister became jealous because her husband payed more attention to manji.

    Surbhi should have stop this, no one cares for harman feeling. They all ignores his feeling. Harman should just leave these sisters since they dont care about his feelings.

  15. Upto here and in future also I think and I hope that I didn’t see this much of stupid track in any serial.i hate surbhi very very much.i have no words to say while watching today episode I’m continuously crying gggggggg so much.i hate Harman very much for d first is better to leave Soumya forever than marrying surbhi.saya in precap asking some questions to Harman is absolutely right.For Soumya it is too paining to digest that marriage Harman can’t able to find that.Anyway Harman gave Soumya place to someone else ,even my heart can’t accept that.NOW it is much paining to Soumya that surbhi wastefellow also calls him as Harman ki.OMG I can’t imagine,bear, tolerate, irritating, disgusting,etccccccc.i hate all members in Shakti serial except Soumya and Shannon’s daughter.i hate u Harman soo9oooooo99oooooo much.i have so much faith on u definitely u can do anything ND stop d marriage and remarry Soumya Infront of ur stupid mom.but u also leave the Soumya.there is no difference now also,bcoz Soumya need to stay very far from u bcoz now u r married to someone na.then what’s d difference if Soumya leave ur house?Now also she need to stay far from u na instead of getting another marriage leave the Soumya in Kinner world maybe there only she leave peacefully and that people will take good care than u Harman.after dis stupid marriage also Soumya need to sacrifice so much and always feel uneasy and guilty.ur stupid mom is always ready to give punishment to Soumya. Then wat about Soumya?At starting definitely Harman stupid didn’t accept surbhi after few days he accepts her .I totally have no FAITH on both Harman and surbhi.Here so many people thinking that surbhi sacrifice’s so much but,she sacrifice for once only surely Harman will do good to surbhi.BUT Soumya here sacrificing her whole life to Harman family.pls Makers bring another male lead and give support to Soumya.plsssssssss.still I am watching this for RUBINA and VIVIAN.

  16. Haya seen is highlight for today episode.harman asked surbhi to stop d marriage then he will handle the situation but,that stupid didn’t stop d marriage.if she told d Preeto blackmail towards Soumya definitely Harman take this track in new way.But all over.if Soumya truth reveals that she’s not a kinnar then also how he can do favor to both Soumya and surbhi, bcoz this marriage is now over na.makers u all r really stupid ,shame on u ppl so many haya fans r daily requesting to stop dis marriage.But u have no concern at all and u ruined d whole story.

  17. uff everyday I read the written update trying to convince myself to watch the show again but…hell no….just can’t bear all this nonsense melodramatic track and really wonder what could be the twist which Rubina talked about in her latest interview which will satisfy the fans??? just can’t really imagine away out of it …all trio lives are ruined by this uncalled for stunt marriage!

  18. Sabrina

    s said by Rubina “I understand why the fans have been feeling this lately. However, we are doing a daily soap where longevity is criterion and we can deviate
    from that. The show’s actual concept stays as it is and there is no way we are going off the hook from it. Lately, we have been focusing on some important aspects and I ask all the fans to be a little patient with us. We assure you that you will not be disappointed with the result of it.

  19. I hâte this surbhi , she loves harman since the begining. ..I cant bear all this situation and u dont wannà see this serial never ever…and pls somya be strong and stand up…I dont understand how could she accept to share thé man she loves…she s stupid. from morocco any welcome

  20. Hi..i never watch any daily soap n started watchg shakti since september 2016.
    Actually liked d way ds issue was brought up.. Bt recent storyline z deviated, moreover the issue n social temperament towards transgender z givn hike in wrong way..
    It wud b much better if harman n soumya contd their battle against society n adopt a child whose angelic smile wud hv changed harak singh n preetoz mind..

  21. I think pardes serial is now better than shakti

  22. Ofcourse Doha salmane u r welcome to sakthi family.

  23. Hi karthi wr r u? U went to tutocorin na for industrial visit?

  24. hai ammu ma.. i m very busy yesterday… so i didnt cmt yesterday… we are going industrial visit tomorrow… i think i cant comment tomorrow s epi… we are going at sharp 5:30 am…

    hai doha salmane hearty welcomes to u…keep commenting…

  25. preeto and surbhi its better you can going to hell…. but my big question is will hell accept these two idiots??? ofcourse, i know hell too rejected these two…

  26. sorry.. u can go.. grammatical mistake…

  27. Bad episode I never think about surbi and. Harman marriage

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