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Shakti 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeto curtly watches Harman feed Swamya with his hands. Two kinnars enter the house, Preeto asks what they need. They ask for some grains, Preeto tells them to go and ask their alike. They come to Swamya and asks her to get some grains for them. Swamya was about to get up when Harman stops her there. He confronts the kinnars saying the alms aren’t available at this time and warns them to take Swamya’s name again. The kinnars taunt he is taking care of one kinnar, but making them go. Harman was bad at heart. Preeto says they must insult themselves before others come to their disgrace if this continue.
Surbhi comes to the room, she prays for Swamya and Harman, Nani prays for Surbhi. Surbhi tells Nani that she always used to be jealous of Swamya when she and their mother prayed for her, but today

she feels Swamya is the one for whom they must do a lot.
The kinnars were praying. Kareena decides they will go to Swamya’s place now. They arrive clapping at Swamya’s place. Preeto and Harak Singh comes out of their room. Everyone else gather as well.
Upstairs, Harman tells Swamya she must always take care of this baby. He gets a call. The kinnars had walked upstairs and enters Swamya’s room. Swamya at once hold the baby. Harman comes between Swamya and Kareena and shouts at them to leave. Kareena taunts Swamya didn’t come to aarti, they brought the Prasad for her as Swamya would remain from them no matter what. Harman clutches his fist. The kinnars qualify they all belong to Swamya. Harman walks outside enraged. Kareena comes to take the baby from Swamya. Swamya retaliates. Harman had arrived with the gun and points it towards Kareena’s head. Kareena wasn’t afraid and doesn’t stop. Everyone was left in shock to hear the gun shot, it was in air. Harman warns if they move a single step towards Swamya they won’t leave alive. The kinnars leave.
Downstairs, Harman and Swamya had come. Harman warns Kareena he can take anyone’s life for Swamya. Preeto murmurs from behind Kareena to say what she told her to. Kareena says she must tell everyone the truth. They hear someone to call Kareena stop this game. It was police that enters the hall. The inspector brought photo of Malika and asks if they recognize her, one of the kinnars say she is Malika. The inspector says they found her dead body. Kareena was speechless, Kinnars decide to own Malika’s body. The inspector tells Kareena to come to police station with them as every other kinnar had left her side and blamed Kareena for killing Malika. The men from village had arrived, Harman qualifies they were only speaking against them. After everyone had left, Preeto eyes Swamya thinking she is really lucky.

PRECAP: Every kinnar was shocked to see Malika’s dead body. Malika sits up. Swamya helps chachi with her labour and announces it’s a son. They notice the baby didn’t cry, Preeto says he is dead because he was born in hands of a kinnar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Montage needs to be changed,plz update the latest one, without Surbhi,guys plz post anything /info about COLORS GOLDEN PETAL AWARDS.. Want Harman to win!

  2. I am so happy to see harman as we knew him, kareena has to stop it takes along she has to knew she’s in a wrong situation . There’s a huge difference between preeto before marriage with hark Singh and after , before she’s very cute , and after she’s very cruel , what happened? Does she forget herself just to be grandma ? She has changed 360 degree , why ? She has a heart full of herself nothing else , when did she stops ? I hated to see her selfish all the time it’s boring

    1. Everyone else can change but bhondu Saumya will never even make an attempt to change, not even for Harman. She should just go away and let Harman and Surbhi reunite. As for Preeto…you tell me.. Which mother would like to see her son with a kinnar? Would you allow a kinnar to be a part of your family? Would you ever make a kinnar your best friend???… The answer is a big NO. Preeto’s actions are totally justified. Just because she was charming before marriage does not mean that she has to remain that way… She has raised Harman and cared for her home. Both Harman and her family are getting ruined because of Saumya. I hate Saumya?. She’s a hopeless nut. Anyways, I want to see more of Varun ??and his next awesome plan.

  3. What cruel comment jessica! I can’t belive it. But i understand one thing you haven’t humanity. Kinners are HUMAN. They have feelings, hopes.Why are you thinking this way? My answer is BIG YES. I like to meet them and become friend them. I can see their pain. Its not their fault birth in this manner. You are really dump.?????????? Harman and soumya not separet NEVER. Do you know why? Because SOUMYA NOT KINNER! Surbhi never comeback between them. And varun and preeto’s plan never sucess because their feelings not good and mata rani never let succes their plan HARMAN AND SUOMYA LOVE IS UNIQUE❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????

    1. r u transgender, Alla u supporting t-gender well.. .a normal man and T-gender relationship is haraam…if u love t-gender then Marry t-gender who is interested in homos*xuality…

      1. Well said Shifu✌️

      2. Dear freinds i am a silent reader n love this show.
        Request u to not fight n write indescent comments. Tv shows r for entertainment n along with this has a SPECIAL MESSAGE TO SOCIETY ABOUT HUMANITY N EQUALITY

      3. If you are a silent reader Reenuverma, then remain a silent reader. Anyways you have written shit in the comments. Don’t try to be mother India and give pravachan.

    2. Go get kinnars on the road and make them friends. . Who knows they may kidnap you and sell you. You’ll enjoy it right? It’s ok if you want to live in your fantasy world where everything is nicey nicey. . You are an emotional fool. Haven’t you seen kinnars begging on the road? We all know how they are. You are like a gowty gavaar who will see a bollywood movie and believe everything in the movie is real. What do you think…real kinnars are like Saumya???… ? They are like Kareena infact. Whether you like it or not, the thruth is that Saumya is not fit to be woth Harman. If Harman still decides to live with Saumya (I’m sure they will get separated) then he will be called a gay. Saumya tried to commit suicide twice now. If she herself is such a dumb ass who doesn’t care about her life, then why should we bother, She can go die somewhere. Saumya needs to accept she is kinnar and go to her kinnar world. She is ruining Harman’s life and his family.

      1. Request telly update to delete obscene comments

      2. What’s obsene in this comment? Except you everything else is fine.

  4. Well said shanaya.

    1. Another dumb ass.. ?

      1. U never know….the word u using…can come back to you….if a kinnar is born in your family..den what will u do…dont go against kinnars….i am not asking you to accept them..but at least don’t scold them…..better God don’t give a Kinnar to you n return..

      2. Wow another dumb ass…you have not even understood what it’s all about. Here I’m not even talking on the kinnar topic. It’s Shanaya who started it. I support Kareena… Even she is a kinnar right? If i like Kareena and not Saumya, it’s my choice. I said something about Saumya and this dumb idot Shanaya started Kinnar…Kinnar…Kinnar. You’ll have brains or not?

  5. Saumya and everyone of us hasn’t choice to born as we , it’s God’s well , and all of you are punishing her for that , Jessica think for moment if you are in her place and being a kinnar ,did you accept to treat like that? Why you are hating kinnar like this? They are separating from all of us and society meaning we don’t knew them very well so how you are judging for them? We live with people for long time and we think we are knowing them but something wrong happened in this moment we realized we are didn’t knew them , we have to knew About anything before accepted or rejected it . I am with preeto to concern and care for her son and being grandma but her ways so cruel and selfish , she acts with all as not humans not saumya only

  6. If on is Gay Bis*xual..i don’t get what problem do you have…is it like you are jealous of you didn’t get any1 like Harman….? Rofl…wink wink***

  7. Thanku smily really thanku soooooo much to support. Shefu MIND YOUR LANGUAGE! I’m not a transgender but i hope you are not transgender but you have transgender qulity! Jssica i’m not fool but i have humanity but i think you have not yet.i think you live 19th or 20th century becuse you have very very old idea kinners are never kidnap someone. Both you are very cruel pepole.Your coment show yours reality. GUYS YOU SEE JESSICA IS A VEYR CRUEL GIRL ( i hope you are girl) Our haya not seperet never i challenge you.see tha drama definetly they unit.First point is i’m not belive everything in movie is real.Becoz i’m a educated. So i know what is good and what is bad. Second point is some people (not kinners) have very very bad ides they rape the children,kill peple for their own purpose,somone are robbers etc but kinners dont do this. You think kinners are rape children. NEVER our people are do that i think they are real transgender.Third point is Loard Buddha said we love all kind animals and humans then we can live this place peacefully?????

  8. Thank you sooooo much renuverma,debajit,and daila for support me.really thank you. spacially renuverma i respect your comment.???????????

    1. You people are really really really dumb… If I was againts kinnars, would I be supporting Kareena? Anyways forget it. You guys are emotional fools. You’ll can suck Saumya’s dick.

  9. what undecent comment jessica i think you are very very bad girl do you have no idea how to respect others. you are very very ugly ugly person. your comment show your heart its very dirty.

  10. Telly ubdates please deleat bad comments which includes scolding and disrespect for others opinons, we should respect each other hear not scold each other and disrespect each other, this is not the right way for discussing or even expressing opinions

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