Shakti 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Soumya confesses love to Harman, Kinnars disapprove their union

Shakti 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing the fire in the puja stuff. Soumya sees Surbhi and asks if they are fine. Surbhi says yes, we all are fine and safe infront of you. Nobody have harmed us. Saya and others looks on. Rani says even Devimaa don’t want you to become Gurumaa. Surbhi says yes, you are not made to become Gurumaa, but to live life on your terms with Harman ji. Soumya looks on emotional. Surbhi asks her to go to Harman ji, go from here and live your life. Rani asks Soumya to go to her Harman and run away from there. Soumya cries happily. Maninder and Bebe are upset and angry. Soumya recalls Harman’s swear in the temple and telling her that he will become sanyasi if she don’t come to him. She tries to go, but Saya holds her hand and says you can’t do this anymore, asks

her to stop the drama. Other Gurumaa asks Saya, you wants to make her Gurumaa and insult our community, that’s why this fire broke out. She can’t become Gurumaa. Saya says this ritual will be completed today and she will have to become Gurumaa. You can’t go until you becomes Gurumaa. Soumya folds her hand and says you have seen that even Devimaa don’t want me to become Gurumaa, I want to go to Harman ji and spend my life with him. She folds her hands asking her to let her go.

Harman comes to the temple and recalls making Soumya wear the ring. He looks at the ring. Soumya says she don’t want to become Gurumaa. Rani asks Saya to let Mallika go. Harman puts the kalash pot in the water. Soumya asks Saya to let her go and says she will die without Harman. Saya is still holding her hand. Soumya says I haven’t taken Gurumaa’s swear, but you people are Gurumaa and have taken promise to think about kinnars’ happiness. She says she is not happy here and her happiness lies with Harman. She says if you don’t let me go from here, then all kinnars will stop trusting you. Raveena looks on angrily. The three Gurumaas come infront of Soumya. One of them ask Saya to let her go.

She asks Soumya to go. Soumya happily runs from there. Kareena runs to Preeto’s house and informs her about Surbhi’s plan. Preeto calls goons and asks to kill everyone. Goon says she made us unconscious and left. Surbhi calls Preeto and tells her that Soumya went to meet Harman, although you tried to stop them. Preeto gets angry and asks harak singh to do something. Harman thinks about Soumya and gets sad. Surbhi asks Varun to reach police station with everyone and says she will meet him there. Maninder asks where you are going though. Varun says ok Surbhi. Soumya comes to the temple and sees the ring kept there. She thinks about Harman’s words and shouts Harman ji. She runs towards the pond. Harman is about to wear sanyasi clothes when Soumya comes running to him calling his name. Harman looks at her and calls her name. Soumya looks at him admiringly.

Soumya says Harman ji, I love you. I know that I am a kinnar, but that doesn’t matter to me. Nobody can say that I don’t have any right to express my love. I love you so much, with the same intensity as you. I love you with your every thing. You are in my life and it is not only my happiness but my good fortune too. She says I never confessed love to you, but today I want to tell you that I love you so much. She hugs him. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Harman says I love you Soumya. They have an emotional hug. Harak Singh and preeto come there and see them hugging each other. Preeto is about to stop them, but Surbhi holds her hand and says if you try to stop them then I will expose your truth infront of your son, you knows very well what your son will do, so it is better for you to stand her quietly.

Saya comes there and asks Soumya to come with her. Soumya refuses to go with her and says I am not Tarana, but Soumya. Harman says she is Soumya and she will not go. Saya says you can call her by any name, but she will be kinnar always. Harman says she is his wife by relation. A kinnar says you got strength today and asks where was his strength when he refused to accept her identity infront of everyone. Harman says I love her. Soumya says we will spend our life our way. Saya says we have accepted us among us and can’t leave you. She tells Harman that whenever she is hurt, she came to them and says you gave her pain. Harman says she is my love and I never ran away from responsibilities. Soumya refuses to go with them. Other Gurumaa asks Saya to take her.. Soumya tells Harman that she will return to him. Harman asks them to leave his Soumya. Other Gurumaa says you have to cross my dead body to get her. Harman looks on.

He thinks of Soumya’s love confession while sitting in the temple. He thinks I never stopped Soumya from going far from me or forced my decision on her. He thinks as he got Soumya’s approval, he will bring her back in his life.

Harman comes to Saya’s house and says I am ready to tell the world about her truth and is ready to accept her infront of all. Saya says she has some condition which he shall fulfill to get her. Harman says he is ready to accept all her conditions.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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