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The Episode starts with Saya telling Soumya that she brought her here as she wanted to meet Soumya, and says you are Tarana in that house. Soumya says if you likes Soumya then let her go to her world. Saya asks her to find her happiness with them and says Soumya is incomplete, but Tarana is completed. She asks her to identify her identity. Soumya says she will be happy to stay as Soumya, but not as Tarana. She says my Harman ji will come and take me from here. Saya asks her to leave hope and says I will not give you a chance. She holds her hand and starts walking on road. Just then a speedy car hits Saya and makes her fall down on road. Soumya is shocked and shouts Mallika didi. She gets concerned for her. Saya holds her hand and says nothing has happened to me, just sit at my side.

Soumya is shocked

to see her losing consciousness. She thinks if I shall elope from here? I will reach before everyone know. She thinks what to choose? Mallika’s life or my freedom. She thinks this is the right chance, just elope Soumya…She takes a back steps, then comes back to Saya again asking her to help. She stops a passerby car and requests someone to take them to hospital. Man agrees, but refuses to take her as she is a kinnar. Soumya says she needs to be taken to hospital immediately and asks him to do it for humanity sake. Man refuses and says he can’t make kinnar sit in his car. He drives the car and leaves.

Soumya cries, sees cart there and makes Saya lies on it. She then drags the cart on the road and brings her to hospital. She asks Nurse to admit Saya. Nurse refuses to admit her and says we don’t treat any kinnar in our hospital being private hospital. She asks her to take her to govt hospital. Soumya says I have no time. She asks Doctor to treat her. Doctor says we have to follow the rules. Soumya asks if man and woman are human only, and if Kinnar is not human. Doctor asks her not to argue and asks why you are worrying for a kinnar. Soumya says we are binded by the destiny and says I am also a kinnar like her, and I will not go anywhere from here. I will sit here until you treat her. Other doctor comes and asks Soumya to fill the form. He asks Nurse to get form filled by her. Soumya thanks him and fills the form. She asks can I make a phone call. Nurse says yes. Soumya calls Guru Maa and informs her about Saya’s accident. She asks them to come soon. Guru Maa and others reach city hospital. Soumya cries. Guru Maa says nothing will happen to Mallika.

Abhishek drops Surbhi home and gives her shopping bags. Surbhi thanks him. Abhishek says it is okay and says he is happy to take her. Maninder asks Abhishek to come and have paratha. Abhishek says not today. I will come some other day, and leaves. Surbhi enters the house.

Harman jumps inside the gate and walks to his room. He opens cupboard and looks at the sweater made by Soumya. He recalls reading Soumya’s letter in which she had written that she wants to stay atleast in his memories. He recalls promising Preeto that he will return her son once she unites Soumya with her mum. He says I have promised Nimmi that I will return this sweater once I find her, but I can’t return this thing to her as there should be some memory of yours which I can hug.

Surbhi asks Nimmi to have atleast water. Beeji says Surbhi is more mature than Nimmi. Kalsi comes and asks Surbhi, why did she get late? Surbhi makes her sit. Kalsi says you will be going with me to Soumya’s house tomorrow. Surbhi says okay, I will make you talk to Soumya. She calls Harman. Harman’s phone rings. He picks it. Kalsi takes the call and says she is Kalsi. He recalls Kalsi asking him to take care of Soumya all his life. He asks her to tell. Kalsi invites them to her godh bharayi rasam, and asks him to give call to Soumya. Harman pretends to wake up Soumya and says she is sleeping. He promises to bring her to godh bharayi rasam. Kalsi is happy and says she will talk to Soumya and asks why she don’t have time to talk to me. Nimmi is still sad.

Soumya is praying. Kareena asks if she is praying for Mallika, and asks why? Soumya says I am praying for her recovery, and says she would have done the same thing for others too. Guru maa gets impressed with her and also emotional. Doctor comes out of OT and tells that Soumya brought Saya at the right time, and she is not less than an angel, else we couldn’t have saved her. He apologizes to them on behalf of his staff and says you can meet her once she is shifted to ward. Guru Maa meets Saya and asks how are you? Saya says I am better.

Guru Maa says now you shall take rest. We will be coming here in sometime. She asks everyone to come out as Saya needs to rest. She tells then Soumya that she has surprised her. She says I couldn’t understand you till now. I am proud of you. Soumya is about to go. Saya asks her to come and sit at her side. She says you got the chance to run away, but you didn’t run. She says you have lost chance to save me. Soumya says Tarana wants to run and the one who went with you to temple is Soumya. She tells that she has her mum’s values and she can’t break their trust and run away. She asks her to rest and come out of ward. She cries looking at Harman’s name on her hand, and thinks please forgive me Harman ji. I have to leave this chance, don’t know if I will ever get a chance. She says you will find me naa Harman ji? Can you hear me? I am calling your name, come and take me, cries.

Kalsi asks Surbhi to get ready and come with her to Soumya’s sasural. She tells that she will return her dupatta and meet her too. Surbhi asks why you are stubborn? They will come tomorrow. Kalsi says we will go naa. Bebe tells Maninder that Jugni will make everyone know once she gets to know about the truth. Beeji comes and tells Kalsi that she will be tired and asks her to take rest. Kalsi says my kid will be like strong like Salman khan. She eats achaar. Harman gets the pistol from his cupboard. Preeto is shocked to see him coming out of his room. She asks what you are doing here? Harman says no jail is strong to keep me there, I am going to search Soumya. He sees Harak Singh standing. Police men comes. Harman looks at them. Harak Singh smiles. Harman goes past him and police men.

Preeto asks Harak Singh to stop him. Harak Singh says I can’t let you go disrespecting law. Harman says nobody can stop me now. Harak Singh says your father will stop you today. He says I won’t let you disrespect law. Harman asks him to tell police men to catch him. Harak Singh asks Harman to go if he is a man’s child. Harman says I have no time to talk all this, and asks why you are ruining your respect. Harak Singh says this is my khandaan’s rule, and asks him to accept the challenge. Harman says I agree, if I win then nobody will stop me. Harak Singh says if you lose, then straight jail. Harman says I will not lose today as my fight is with egoistic man. He says someone have called me with strong appeal and I will not stay here. Harak Singh asks him to come and fight. They look at each other.

Soumya tells Guru Maa and others that she will live her full life even if she meets Harman for 2 mins before her death. Harman and Harak Singh is seen doing wrestling.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congratulations to SHAKTI Astitva ke ehsaas ki CAST n CREW for completing 100 episodes….I hope channel continues to highlight the issue and the essence of the show stays intact…..I hope this show completes 1000 episodes successfully..

  2. very touchy situation of harman… I think abhishek will leave surbhi in mantap.. That’s when varun or harman will marry her..

  3. y so less comments?

  4. I had a doubt, can any1 sove dz..
    Actually, hw Saumya bcomes kinner,by her luks she z just lyk common girl..And hw other people can force her to b lyk kinner..??

    1. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

      Dear this is a serial anything can happen here

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