Shakti 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman to get Harak Singh arrested

Shakti 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kinnars decide to sit for sometime. Harman tells that they will have some fresh air with his Gulabo. Kareena tries to interfere, but Rani takes her. Soumya tells Harman that she is feeling bad that he has to play dhol because of her, when he wants to lead normal life with her. Harman says it is my saasumaa’s mistake and says she must have made you educated and says you don’t know about lovers heer ranjha, romeo Juliet etc. She tells that she want to spend normal life with him. Harman gives credit to Nimmi.

Gurdas calls Harman and tells Harak Singh came to factory with Mohini. Harman is shocked. Harak singh tells her that Gurdas is a spy and Harman must be coming there. Mohini says she will get out of work when Harman returns. Harak Singh says you will get more work,

don’t worry. Harman tells Soumya that people are complaining about Harak Singh and asks her to go home. Varun comes to Harak Singh’s house and asks where is Preeto. Shanno says she must be in the room. Surbhi asks where is that woman? Raavi says Harak Singh took her to factory. She tells Varun to be there and says she will meet Preeto. Preeto is tensed. Surbhi comes to her and says she is feeling bad for her, and taunts her so that she spits her plan. Preeto thinks she is taunting me so that I tell her my plan. Surbhi says I told you not to separate Harman and Soumya and asks her to ask her if she needs help. Preeto starts acting and asks her to pray for her. She says I hurt your sister’s heart and don’t have any right to apologize to her. She says if I die then nobody will give me fire. Surbhi gets emotional and says why you are saying this, and says Harman is your son and my sister never hates you. Preeto says I don’t deserve anyone’s love.

Harak singh returns home and says someone bring tea. Preeto hears his voice, and tells Surbhi to go and says Harak Singh have gone mad. Surbhi goes. Preeto thinks nobody can catch her acting. Harak Singh asks Raavi to bring tea. Raavi says Shanno is making tea. Surbhi asks Harak Singh why he is doing wrong with Preeto. Mohini asks who is she? Harak Singh says she is a brinjal. Mohini asks Surbhi to dance. Varun says she is my wife and scolds her. Harak Singh scolds Varun. Surbhi says they are mad and asks Varun to come. Mohini holds her hand. Surbhi asks her to leave her hand. Mohini says if you don’t want to dance then don’t interfere in others’ life. She threatens her. Shanno gives them tea. Harman comes there and asks them to have tea.

Harman asks him about his doings. Harak singh says when you can play dhol, can’t I romance. Harman says time has come for you to leave. Harak Singh says Mohini will not go anywhere. Harman says I am talking about you and says someone is coming.

Police comes and finds some stuff in Harak Singh’s car. Inspector asks him to come to police station. Soumya gets angry with Harman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Average Episode, Wanted to see more of Harman / Vivian

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