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Shakti 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya crying in kidnappers’ captivity calling Maa and asks them to open the door. Goons open the door and take Soumya to room. Soumya asks where you are taking me? Goon removes her burqa dupatta and tells that she is just like velvet. Nobody will know that she is a woman or a kinnar, asks them to get her ready. Harak Singh informs Viren and Shanno that Maninder called and told that Nimmi has died. Preeto comes just then. Harak Singh asks Preeto, where did you go? Preeto says she went to meet Nimmi and asked her to leave her son. Harak Singh understands that Nimmi died because of her. He tells her that Maninder called and informed that Nimmi died. Preeti says she didn’t say anything to her, and just told her truth. Shanno says people will doubt you as she died after you left.

Preeto puts blame on Soumya for Nimmi’s death and tells Harak Singh and others not to blame her. She says Nimmi was weak and couldn’t hear the truth. She says I didn’t want her death. Harak Singh says we shall go to console him. Preeto is tensed and hugs him.

Neighbor asks Maninder to do last rites. Beeji says no, until Soumya and Surbhi come here. Maninder asks what you are saying. He tells neighbor that Soumya is unwell and Surbhi is with her in the hospital. Harak Singh and Preeto comes there. Preeto recalls about her conversation with Nimmi, and she asking her if she can send her child far away from her. She thinks Shanno blaming her for her death. Harak Singh consoles Maninder and says I am with you. Preeto tells there is no guarantee of life, and says I met her sometime back. She says Nimmi’s love for her daughters killed her, as Surbhi eloped from marriage. She signs Maninder to come to side. Maninder asks what? Preeto says I can understand your pain and even I am sad. She says we shall think what we have to do now. She asks Maninder to tell everyone that Soumya died in the hospital. She asks him to get Surbhi married and asks him to say about his decision.

Soumya is uncomfortable wearing western clothes given by goons. Goon looks at her and tells she will be chosen. Soumya sees goons bringing a little girl and threatening her not to make noise. Harman, Surbhi and Saya come to the place. Saya asks Surbhi to change her clothes and says Soumya is sold. You have to step in this human trafficking to save Soumya. Harman dislikes the idea and says Surbhi will not do this. I will bring Soumya back, and can’t risk Surbhi’s life. Surbhi says I agree. Harman tells Surbhi that he can’t let her do this. Surbhi says Soumya is with them, I will go and bring her back. Harman tells Saya that they will find another way. Just then he gets Beeji’s call. She asks did you find Soumya? Harman says we are closer to her. Beeji says Soumya is Nimmi’s life tapasya, and needs her now. Harman asks what happened? Beeji says Nimmi is unwell in Soumya’s worry. Harman asks her to give call to Nimmi. Beeji asks him to bring Soumya back soon and cries. Harman thinks what happened to mummy ji, which made Nani cry. Surbhi gets ready. Saya covers her head with veil. Harman thinks I can’t tell anything to Surbhi else she will get worried. Saya takes Surbhi from there. Goon calls someone and says they can meet Sheikh today, as he has good girls. He asks his men to make Soumya ready with other girls, and says may be Sheikh likes her.

Saya tells a man that they don’t have much time. Man says the racket is big and I will see what I can do. Harak Singh and Preeto comes home. Shanno sprinkles Gangajal on them and tells Preeto that Soumya is inauspicious and have eaten her own mum. She says she has even trapped Harman. Preeto says she won’t let this happen and asks Varun to go to Maninder’s house and bring Harman back just as he comes. Varun agrees and leaves. Preeto assures Mahi that she will get her married to Harman soon.

Surbhi and Saya come to the goons’ place. Soumya runs away. Surbhi asks Soumya not to jump and calls her di, lifting her veil. Goon asks do you know her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. congratulations guys, Shakti is overall no 1 show on colors,I hope it continues to remain no 1

  2. Angelk1

    Preeto is so evil

  3. Now that surbhi is in she will inform harman about the sheikh n harmab might dress as sheikh to save soumya just like the saraswatichandra drama plot when kumud gets kidnapped

  4. Same plot as saraswatichandra

  5. Naagin season2 is colours no 1 show.

  6. Hate u preeto

  7. Shakthi is first according 2 trp ratings. Naagin 2 is second.

  8. wow team, congratulation

  9. Tavika

    Wow.. Great team

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