Shakti 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with neighbors coming to Harak Singh’s home and asks him why did he kick his son and daughter in law out and tells that they are living in a hut now. Harak Singh and Preeto are shocked. Other neighbor tells that he is working as a stunt man now and drove motor cycle in air. Preeto is shocked. Harak Singh asks her to go and tells neighbor to let him drive it. Neighbor says everyone gives your example that you keeps the family united. Harak singh says you wants our betterment and asks Servant to bring lassi. Shanno thinks they have become helpless. Preeto cries and tells that if anything happens to him then what we will do? Surbhi asks Maninder to tell the neighbors that she wants to take divorce.. Maninder gets angry. Varun tells that he came to talk to her alone. Maninder agrees. Surbhi

says okay and goes to talk to him.

Shanno tells Viren that she got a good idea? Viren asks her to concentrate on baby. Shanno asks him to make friendship with Kishan Lal and says once Balwinder and Raavi ask for their share, this house will have partition of the wealth. Viren agrees with her and appreciates her cleverness. Varun tells Surbhi that he loves her and cares for her, asks her to marry him. Surbhi says I don’t want to hear about it. Varun says I care for you. Surbhi asks him to leave her alone. Nani hears them.

Soumya asks Harman to come and says food is ready. Harman is washing his clothes. Soumya asks why you are doing this? Harman says he has to go in the morning and that’s why washing his clothes. Soumya asks why did you buy clothes for me and not for yourself. Harman says you looks good while dressed nicely. He says if I look good then girls will woo him. They wash clothes together. Soumya asks him about his job. Harman says he got work in film shooting and tells that he works with director and everyone claps for him after his work is done. Soumya is happy. Harman feels pain and tells that he will be alright till morning. Soumya feels bad for him. Harman says he has realized his responsibilities now and feels peace while doing his duty, and says if I don’t earn money and work then how we will bring Aditya back. Saya hears them and thinks your son went to America and thinks to tell him later on. She is about to go. Harman asks her to stay with them tonight.

Chintu tells Balwinder that his dada is not missing or talking to them. Balwinder says he is your dada. Raavi comes and asks him to work with Harak Singh and take Harman’s place.

Harman tells Saya that he wants to go home for sometime as he is missing Harak Singh and Preeto. He asks her to be with Soumya till he returns. Saya says you haven’t left to take care of relations. Harman says I know Preeto couldn’t sleep and Harak Singh might be trying to make her sleep.

Harak Singh tries to make Preeto sleep while consoling her. Preeto says she understood what he is trying to do. Harman comes and thinks even he is missing his parents. Something falls. Harak Singh and Preeto wonder what is this noise? Harak Singh asks Viren to check. Chintu sees Harman. Harman signs him. Chintu asks Varun to check at other side. Varun goes. Viren says there is nobody here. Once everyone goes, Chintu meets Harman. Harman promises to make him meet his Mami and asks him to go. Preeto tells Harak Singh that Harman came here, and tells that she felt his presence.

Harak Singh and Preeto come to meet Harman. Saya asks them to come in his presence. Preeto says they came to light the fire. Later someone burns the hut.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Again a very late update……btw I loved Harman ‘s scene with chintu….!

  2. Why they burn his house? Its not a harak sing’s property. Poor haya they are helpless now. Plz anybody has a good heart plz help them and change this track.

    1. Harak Singh didn’t burn the house, it was a plan of raavis sasur ki to create a rift between father and son, how can u think like that, if anything happens to him what they will do, how they will live, how can they do that after knowing anything can happen to him by that. Plz follow telly updates, ull get to know that, they just came there to see their son after seeing his stunts, they are devasted by knowing their son playing with his life just to keep happy a selfish kinnar, really I think soumya never deserved Harman, till she doesn’t deserve him, what a human I have never seen such a selfish in real life too…

  3. I think nani convinces surbi to marry wit varun…………..
    Hate shanno…….
    Precap s bad……

  4. Balance epi, nice to see how much truly love & care for each other, once soumya stopped harman from walk out his house by beared all burden and tried to hide all painful from evil preet tortuned and now Harman do it vice versa. So sad that the effect of his parents power act with wrong thought, ego and selfish love pushed their son to live in dangerous life and as usual they will blame all fault to soumya. And short lovely scene between Harman and Chintu, this smart boy always show me that he can consider who is good, bad or selfish from his natural ego than many adult.

  5. Dont knw why everyone here is always blaming somya.. Whatever harman is doing with his life is all his own decisionno has forced him then wats the fault of somya in this.. Noone is here to understand her perspective …she always wishes good for him nd tells him to go back to his home even if she goes somewhere leaving harman he will go in search of her.. Soo what can she do…
    Yeah one thing got clear from todays epi that harman still loves his parents vry much but he also loves her wife soo what he shud do.. Nd one thing he didnt left house by his own wish his parents told him to leave the house
    Nd those who want to see that harman realises his fault nd goes to his parents leaving somya ..if that happens then whats the motive of serial when no one can support the protagonist not even the hero then why this serial is made.. Its about harman nd somyas love story nt abt a son nd mothers relation

  6. I agree your comments emma and sammy.?????????

  7. Someone tell me what’s the meaning of THUHI MERA KHUDA Song? Plz

  8. In d upcoming epi…somu gng to work as a maid…..she hiding tis matter to harman…

  9. Such a great motherly love, she realized that he is there without seeing him. Wow oh my god, presto plz giveup if something happens to him, u will loose ur child not that stupid selfish soumya, she will find another rakshak for her, plz take him home even if u have to accept soumya, please.. Don’t take much pain, atleaast u can see him daily…

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