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Shakti 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe telling Nimmi that her decision is final and they will stay at the other side with Soumya and asks her to stay with Surbhi. Nimmi cries and thinks they will harm Soumya. Surbhi asks about the partition lie. Biji says it separates you with your papa and your mum from Soumya. Soumya says she wans to meet Nimmi. Bebe says you have lived enough with your mum. Soumya is seen resting on Mahinder’s chest. Mahinder asks her to promise and not to meet them. Soumya asks if I want to stay with you then do I have to stay separately from Maa. Mahinder says yes. Nimmi keeps an eye on them. Mahinder tries to scare her and throws Soumya in air, and then holds her back. Nimmi tries to go, but Biji stops her and tells Nimmi that there is something which is going on Mahinder’s mind, and asks

her to find out. She says Mahinder is your husband and your daughter’s father, we can’t really separate them. Nimmi asks Biji to go and sits down near the line thinking to check on Soumya.

Surbhi comes out in night and sees Nimmi sleeping outside. She thinks about Biji’s words about the dividing line that is separating them. She crosses the line and goes to Mahinder’s room. She wakes up Soumya. They come out. Soumya tells that Mahinder asked her not to cross the line. Surbhi says even Biji says same. Soumya says this line is even bad than that chudail. Surbhi says yes. Soumya says we shall wipe off this line. They sit down and wipe the line. Surbhi says if we wipe the line then we can stay together. Soumya says mummy and papa’s fight will be over then. Nimmi wakes up and sees her daughter wiping the line. She kisses and hugs them, cries emotionally. Bebe comes there and asks what drama is happening here?

Nimmi says we are making kids suffer because of our revenge. Mahinder also wakes up and asks Nimmi why did you call the kids. Nimmi says kids don’t want this line and asks him not to separate the sisters. Mahinder asks have you gone mad? Bebe hold Soumya’s hand, but Surbhi holds her hand. Bebe takes Soumya forcibly and tells Nimmi that she will make the line again. Nimmi pleads with her and asks her not to mark the line again, saying she is ready to do anything. Bebe goes ignoring her plea and after blaming her.

Nimmi asks if Soumya had milk and searches for her. She tells Biji that Soumya is not in the room. She goes out and checks on the streets. She sees Mahinder taking Soumya on a cycle ride, and follows him. He buys balloons for her. Surbhi also comes there with Biji and asks Soumya to give balloon to her. Soumya asks Surbhi to take it. Mahinder shouts Soumya.

Mahinder tells Soumya that they will go after eating jalebi. He calls Nimmi and asks Soumya to tell that they are going to meet witch. Nimmi is shocked and tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pwincess pari

    Wanna c my Vivian ??

  2. Narendran

    What same precap always?? I mean 2epi?? This show . is nice.. But being leap and show Vivian!!

    1. pwincess pari

      All r waiting for Vivian but wen tiz director gonna show him to uzzzz ?? Plzzzz do d leap scene as soon as possible

  3. Y the same precap for 2 days ?????????? one doubt who is an inters*x person ????? plzzzzz can anybody clear my doubt ?????

    1. Born with both reproductive organs completely or partially…

      1. thanks Manali……….is Soumya that ?????? and what about Vivian ???????

      2. Soumya.. But this one gonna turn out to be most unusual love story… N there are so many other things going on in show. Like no one kidnap such girls bcz they are not trans. Why that kidnapper gave those kathak ghumnrus… God knows what exactly gonna happen nxt.

  4. hai asastha where is your updates enemity from childhood, i waiting for that

  5. What is the supense abt Soumya??? Anyone know???

  6. Leap after June 16th as per new promo?

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