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Shakti 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya to open the door and says he wants to talk to her. Chintu also asks her to open the door. Raavi takes him with her. Soumya cries in room thinking about her relation with Harman. Jag Begana song plays…..she recalls his words. Harman knocks on the door still. Soumya recalls Harman telling that he loves her, but will not love kinnars who are walking on road and behaving as kinnars. In the morning, Chintu wakes up Harman and tells that Mami opened the door. Harman goes inside the room and sees Soumya missing. Harman gets shocked and searches Soumya everywhere in the house. Everyone looks on. Harman asks Preeto if she saw Soumya. She nods no. Harman calls Nani and asks if Soumya came there. Nani says no. He calls Varun and asks if Soumya came there. Varun

says no. He recalls her words and calls Mallika.

He then goes out of house. He comes to the kinnar house and searches for Soumya. He sees her standing in the room and asks her to come. Soumya turns and he is shocked to see her attire and dressing like Kinnar. She claps like Kinnar and says she is Tarana. Harman asks what is this madness and asks her to come home. Soumya says I am Tarana and this is my home. She claps again. Harman asks her to come and holds her hand, but she stops him. Other kinnars come there. Harman says I have to take Soumya home. Kinnars says Soumya don’t stay here, she is Tarana. Soumya looks on.

Preeto beats the plates happily and tells that she made that kinnar reach her real place. We are freed from that kinnar. Raavi says soumya is gone from the house. Preeto says God have shower blessings on me. Shanno is upset as Preeto is happy. Preeto asks if she is not happy. Shanno says she is very happy. Preeto hugs her. Harman asks Soumya to tell something. Saya comes there and asks Harman to go. Harman says he will not go without taking Soumya. Saya says she has to call Police now. She asks Chameli to call Police.

Surbhi tries to call Soumya. Varun asks what happened? She asks him to enquire. Preeto calls Maninder and tells him that Soumya left home for forever. Maninder says ok. Preeto asks him not to tell Nani. Maninder says ok and smiles. He turns and sees Nani standing. Nani asks about Soumya. Maninder asks her to call Preeto and enquire. Nani calls Harman. Chameli tells everyone that Harman is still sitting out. Soumya is hurt. Saya asks Soumya to come inside. Kareena tells Chameli that she is very happy and even Raveena is happy. She says Harman showed his colors and now she is one among us. Rani says Soumya is not one among us and will never be like us. Kareena asks what is the difference between us? Rani says if a man waited for us like Harman is waiting for them.

Harman is outside the kinnars’ home and thinks about Soumya’s words. Nani calls Harman, but he don’t see her call. He recalls Soumya introducing herself as Tarana. He thinks you are not Tarana but my Soumya.

Harman breaks the glass of the window and gets inside the room. Before Soumya could shout, Harman holds her and tells that their love story started with her kidnapping and even today he will kidnap her and begin new chapter of life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harman is such a pure soul!Amazing performance by Vivian!

  2. Ivan mackenzie

    I would like to know why, the Indian people hate Kinners, who should he hated is the male faters of a kinner – you indians are guilty of pratices that are diabolic, even the animal worls are better beings

  3. Best performanceby all especially by vivian

  4. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    All Indian’ s are not hate them sometimes they want to live with their group sometimes parents send them many parents do their upbringing in normal way & they live happily this ratio is low but it is show that society is in changing mod today’s episode I like your acting Rubina

  5. Minieel

    Can someone tell me that- is soumya really a kinnar??

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