Shakti 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi’s husband going out. Varun sees him, but couldn’t see his face. He shouts asking who is there? Soumya, Raavi and her husband get tensed. Raavi’s husband runs. Raavi comes out of her room. Soumya switches off electricity main switch. Varun asks who is there and what happened to light. Harman and others come there. He says I will check the switch box. He checks fuse and his phone falls down. Soumya comes. Harman picks his phone and puts flash light on Soumya….Soumya looks on shy. Sweet music plays….Harman looks at her. Soumya says electricity is not coming. She says if anyone sees together then there will be a big drama. Harman says you have named our love as tamasha, and asks her to help him and hold the torch. She holds the torch.

Harman checks fuse and

tells Soumya that main switch was off. He stares her romantically. Preeto, Harak Singh and others come there. Soumya is shocked and scared seeing her. Harak Singh asks who was there? Preeto thinks I will scold her later. Varun tells that he saw Soumya outside Raavi’s room. Preeto asks why did you go? Soumya says I went to make Chintu ji sleep there. Preeto asks did you see anyone there? Raavi gets tensed. Chintu comes and says I will tell who was there? Soumya nods no…Chintu says I couldn’t see properly, but he might be Varun. Varun asks what? Harak Singh asks Preeto to check if anything is stolen. Preeto says I don’t think so and says something is going on in this house since few days. Chintu says I will sleep in Mami’s room. Raavi is irked.

Later in the morning, Raavi tells Soumya that what they would have done if her lie was caught. Soumya asks why she kept silent when everyone asked, and says I know you are happy here, but married woman’s place is with her husband. Raavi looks on.

Guru Maa returns home. Saya greets her. Everyone get happy seeing her. Guru Maa blesses them. She says I have taken an important decision and tells that her life is satisfactory. She says she wants to resign her post as Guru Maa and gives them liberty to choose their new Guru Maa. Someone says that Mallika will be the next Guru Maa. Guru Maa says they will choose new Guru Maa through elections. Kareena tells her team that she won’t let Mallika win in the Guru Maa selection. Someone says that Mallika will be chosen.

Raavi tries to make Chintu have food. Chintu refuses to eat with her hand and runs. He gets hurt and cries. He scolds Raavi and asks her to stay away from him. Soumya makes him rest on sofa and applies bandage and balm on his wound. Preeto asks if he is feeling pain? Chintu asks her to go. Preeto says he has chosen his ring master Soumya and worries about him. Soumya tells Surbhi that she will make Chintu sleep. Harman asks Surbhi to go and sleep. Preeto comes. Surbhi asks Harman to come with her and says Soumya will handle Chintu. Harman sees Preeto and agrees. He goes with Surbhi. Preeto thinks there is something wrong surely. Kareena makes plan against Saya and says if she becomes our Guru Maa then our future is in danger. She shares her plan with them. Preeto thinks to check in Harman-Surbhi’s room and thinks she will do more big drama. She sees Raavi and asks what she is doing alone. Raavi says she came to get water. Preeto feels bad to peep in her son’s room and opens the door. Just then she sees Harman standing and gets shocked.

Harman’s friend gives his marriage proposal to Surbhi. Harman gets angry and slaps him hard. His friend asks if he is having relation with his saali. Harman says yes. Surbhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cv’s increase Harman in the episodes… And decrease Preeto and Surbhi..they both are horrible…. Too much negatives won’t work…try to concentrate on Haya ki prem Shakti… Guys keep watching Shakti for Vivian and Rubina!

  2. Pl ease don’t start harman surbhi track only soumya suits harman

  3. the one who has the bigest role is preeto in all episodes toobad

  4. Kya yaar precap s bad..what i didnt xpect frm harman s now gng to happen…..i get tensed nd irked while harman slap his frnd fr surbi……………….
    Writer ji dont try to separate haya .. no need of harman nd surbi scenes……
    If its triangle love it will b called dil se dil tak serial copy cat…..??
    Haya scene awsm n romantic ?❤

  5. Wat! Preeto feels bad for peeping his son’s room? This is her usual work only no. Always going behind her son and daughter in law. Last week she took somu along with her to see harmans room. Now she is feeling ah as if she didn’t do that shameless thing.

  6. Makers pls end this trio marriage drama ND remove d surbhi montage between HAYA.i can’t understand who is lead here?If u have any special interest on her ,means surbhi then remove surbhi ??? character in this serial ND start another project with her.dont spoil the unique love story of HAYA?? for that useless char.already u did a huge mistake by bringing trio marriage drama now It’s really disgusting.plssßßsssssssssssss focus on HAYA ??????? only.make another lead wish to love SOUMYA then all know d value of Soumya it is some more interesting.always stupid Preeto nd surbhi story ????.Raavi,chintu drama with HAYA is interesting.pls v r requesting v want HAYA love journey only.watching this serial only for RUBINA and VIVIAN.

  7. I love to see my soumya and Harman jodi only and I don’t like surbhi at all

  8. remember me guys??

  9. hai Ammu ma, kopz, Raji ma, Ashley, bunny, and other frnds… h r u.. long time no see.. past few weeks I couldn’t comment.. coz my phone got repaired.. till it cannot be repaired.. now I m commenting on my uncle s phone.. haya scenes are superrrrrr.. awesome.. the little Chintu is great.. I hate the pre cap.. it’s irritating.. why Harman reacts in this way?? I it’s gulabo is ok.. ok Ammu ma bye.. I don’t know when will I comment in this site.. ?????

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