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Shakti 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi asking Soumya not to tell that. Soumya says I don’t belong to your world, you would have killed me, the moment I was born…Now what I will do…Maa. She asks her to go and says I don’t need anyone. Surbhi and Nimmi go out. Nimmi cries and feels bad of her words. Surbhi asks her not to feel bad of her words and says Soumya is really tensed. Nimmi says I am failed by my daughter, now how to save her. Surbhi says she is in shock now, but when she comes to know about your sacrifices then she will worship you. She says you have done what no mum of this world can do. She sees Harak Singh and Preeto coming there and asks her to wipe her tears. Harman is in the restaurant and thinks of Soumya. Varun comes and asks why did you call me here? Harman tells that he has apologize to

Soumya, but she turned her face. Varun says I am PhD in wooing girls and asks him to woo her with rose, and says it works 100 percent. Preeto comes to meet Soumya and asks how are you? Why did you try to commit suicide, what did we do? She asks what did Harman or we have done? I want to know, tell me.

Nimmi says she is a kid, leave her. Preeto says if she is a kid then why did you get her married, you would have keep her at home. Harak Singh and Maninder Singh comes to ward. Harak Singh says father’s blood have made her well. He goes to complete the formalities. Varun tells Harman that Soumya is discharged from the hospital.

Harak Singh brings Soumya home and asks Nimmi to make her sit. His business associates come there. Mr Bhatia comes there and says your dream is going to be fulfilled. Harak Singh is surprised. Harman says he has many dreams which are growing with age. He tells that his toys will be exported to foreign countries. Harak Singh gets happy and says since he started toy factory, he wants his toys to be played by every child in every country. He gives the credit to Soumya for happiness in his house, and says I feel proud of my decision for selecting you for Harman. Mr. Bhatia says that the temple is building in the village. Harak Singh offers charity and asks them to write Soumya Harman Singh on the marble stone. He signs the cheque and gives them. He tells today is the auspicious day.

Harman calls someone and asks if the work is done. He asks them to leave now from there. Harak Singh asks who will do arrangements of Jashn. Harman says he has some work in room and goes. Harak Singh tells that Harman is lucky as he got Soumya who made him human. Preeto says Soumys is lucky as my son is one in a million. Harak says this is called self praising.

Nimmi takes Soumya to her room. Soumya says now I can’t….Nimmi asks her not to think and come inside the room. They see the room decorated with flowers, and sorry written on bed with flowers. Soumya thinks about Harman telling that family used to tell that he is lucky being only son, but now he came to know why he is lucky as she is written in his destiny. He says I didn’t know that love will be so beautiful, and confesses his love to her. Soumya recalls Harman talking romantically with her. Fb ends. Soumya says what you have done Maa…Harman have decorated flowers with his hand, and asks what shall I tell to these flowers. What shall I give to Harman inexchange of his love. Harman comes and says just love, Kapur wala love, wrist cutting love, and only and only your love. Soumya looks on.

Nimmi gives Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand. Harman proposes her romantically and asks her to pray to get him for 7 births. He asks will be you mine….Gulabo. Soumya gets touched with his lovely words. Nimmi and Surbhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Renuverma

    Thanks a lot mam for the update.

  2. Narendran

    What an precap???????????No chance.. Haya is the best..

    1. Renuverma

      Naren i stole yr medal today☺

  3. Narendran

    What an epi!!..No chance..leads acting was superb!! Rubina was superb!

    1. Renuverma

      Nimmy is shattered to see her daughter in pain ; for which she had been trying hard to hide all 21 years. But swèet n caring surbhi is there with her mother.
      Sèems harman n his dad r real happy to see saumya rcovering n preeto is ??? At times she appears sweet but today it appeared she had pledged to know the reason of somus action but thanks to hamara harak singh ☺ that the topic was changed.
      He is so considerate that he requested nimmy to stay at his house to.make somu comfortable.
      On bagging an export order for which he was trying for years harman fives the credit to somu. Hats off to him.
      Hero harman is still considering himself responsible n vital varun is there yo give him ideas ??
      Loved the floral decorating in room.☺

  4. Wow such a nice epi.luv u varun 4 supporting harman AREE TU HI TO HARMAN KA SACCHA YAAR HAI….LUV U.OK lets come back 2 d epi Harak Singh is doing well bt hate that Preeto Are abhi somu puri tarah se thikk bhi nahi hui hai ki usne ques ki line laga di..aree stupid woman zara apna brain toh use kar liya kar bolne se pehle…ab toh todha use kar apne brain ko nd look somu is not inauspicious samjhi..luvd Harman dialogues they were as always awesome.precap is so excitingggg cant wait till tomrowwww…plz kal jaldi aa jaooo….

  5. Thnx Hasan mam 4 d quick update.

  6. Awsome epi.l think soumya will live like a normal girl.she will surely come out of her kinner life by surbhi and harman’s help

    1. I share your idea Ayesha that Sou may still have a happy future with Harman. There are so many indications foreshadowing this. One of them is the fact that with her coming back home from the hospital, Harak Singh got a good news that his toys will be exported to different countries. This is a big success for him and the family. Automatically he linked this happy news to the new member of the family, Sou who brought good luck to the SIngh family. Besides feels he made the right decision to get her son Married to her. Mr Singh has high hopes in Sou and expects all the good from her. Another indication foreshadowing an everlasting relationship between Harman and Sou is after Harak Singh donated money to the temple he asked for the name SOUMYA HARMAN SINGH to be written on the temple marble stone. This idea is very much meaningful as when something is written on a stone it lasts for a long time. Hopefully despite the difficulties they will both face thanks to the love that is obvious between them they will be able to overcome all the obstacles on their way.

    2. Renuverma

      Yes ayesha.

  7. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    Friends, please read my ff- sau tarah ke…taud de….ishq ka harz kya hai? Would love to see your comment. Intro is given…it’s of shakti n swaragini.

  8. Uthaya

    Nice episode harmaya rocks

  9. she has to lead a normal life that’s the theme of the serial…
    she will bring in lot of social issues including surrogacy etc. ..

    harmanwala love can cure any disease. .

    1. Renuverma

      Yes saras.☺

  10. Make Harman note to leave somu after knowing the truth.

  11. Super scenes…I love haya scenes…Harman is so super and lovable husband…. Amazing….

    1. Renuverma

      Yes suhani but in real life its difficult to find a husband like harman n father in law like harak singh who r so loving n caring.

      Yes preeto can be found easily☺

  12. Your correct ayesha varma…I agree your sentences

  13. Guys it’s confirmed that Shakti has it’s mahaepisode this Sunday..According to promo Soumya will reveal to Harman that she is a kinner and Harman is stunned completely… So do watch the episode guys…

    1. Renuverma

      Yes tanvi i saw the promo. So actual story begins from Monday.

  14. Many thanks for the person making the updates. If it’ s not for you it would be very hard for me to understand all events of the show. I really enjoy the show . Although I don’ t speak Hindi but I understand several key words that originated from my Arabid language. Thanks again both for the updates and the translation. You’ re doing a great job.

    1. Renuverma

      Yes SA actual credit goes to lovely hasan mam who has a teriffic speed of typing. For many shows she does live update which is really superb n dhe does not miss even a single scene.
      A big round of applause for dear hasanji?????

  15. Wow viv what a performance. Superb….

    1. Renuverma

      Suma performance of each n every member is superb though lead pair is fantastic ☺

  16. Lovely episode

  17. pwincess pari

    Vivian’s love expressions is jz amazing ????Rubina @Soumya is so lucky to act with Vivi ??
    Tiz sun is mahaepisode ????

  18. Renuverma

    Alisha ☺☺ where r u

    1. Alisha

      Sorry sorry.. Bas thoda kaam a gaya tha. So.. Anyone missed my adhi English aur adhe Urdu wale comments? ?
      Would try my best to comment in today’s episode. ✋??

      1. Renuverma

        R u based at Pakistan dear.?

    2. Alisha

      Yup! ?

  19. Sabrina

    I can imagine Somu frustration feel so sad for her…. But loving precap

  20. Nice episodes….. Found love with this telecast …..!!! Wish haraman & harak support n accept her….:) :)….

  21. How will herman react to the truth of soumya?? I m bit nervous-((

  22. Luvleen

    Finally caught up with episodes…ok so she is a kinner…does this mean her outer body is male? I’m confused? anyways it’s going to be hard for Harman to support her but I hope he does.

  23. Luvleen

    I can see surbi carrying a baby for Harman n Soumu n they pretend they are pregnant…what do you think?

    1. Sabrina

      I was thinking same that would be an interesting story line. Btw She is an inters*x it means her private parts weren’t form properly so she can’t be intimate with her husband nor bear child

      1. Luvleen

        Aww so sad. Really feel for those that are born this way. But they should have the right to live a normal life. Like in the western world, transgender, inters*x individuals live freely. Plus there are operations to fix any deformities.

      2. Sabrina

        It will be interesting to watch

    2. Sabrina

      There are operations to fix it but not sure to what extent she have. Even if they fix it she maybe cannot ever bear a child.

      1. Luvleen

        Hmmm yeah n Preeto keeps talking about poteh poti….bechari Soumu.

  24. This serial has a wonderful plot,even in this 2016,there are many who believe transgenders are born due to curse and mock at them, many doesnt know that these are anomalies which occurs in a person and that person can do nothing about it but just undergo a few surgeries to change the gender,if this serial can change the mindset of at least 1% of those who watch this that itself is a great achievement,bitter truth is that(read many articles ),most transgrnders are forced into prostitution and begging for their livelihood ,they have come out openly and said even if they get education and employment they are physically abused even from colleagues and the process is not at all smooth even in educational institutions,not to forget many of the leading make up artists in South including Avinash Chetia,Renju,Ojus Lekshmi are transgenders,but majority of this community are suffering a lot in this soceity,if the mindset changes and they are shown some consideration and given opportunities to live like normal person,truly their lives will be improved,instead of looking at them as abnormal beings if they can be considered as humans,they can lead a good lufe among tge rest of us,I’m from Kerala and here in Cochin,Kochi Metro Rail Limited which is going to inaugurate the rail in near future have decided to employ transgender in various departments including reception,that is a welcome move,I believe, coming to the serial,definitely ,this will deal with Soumya undergoing some uterus implant or Surbhi being surrogate mother to Haya,Soumya pursuing education n achieving heights,looking forward to that,makers ,please don’t ruin the plot and make it like typical daily soaps…

    1. Renuverma

      Hi vgr i appreciate yr views n believe in the same.

    2. Luvleen

      Well said ????

    3. Luvleen

      Yes I hope they don’t ruin the plot n create a typical saas bahu serial ?

  25. Luvd Harman’s slip of tongue KAAM ME KAMRA HAI NAHI KAMRE ME KAAM HAI…It was sOooo sweet…..luv u Vivian

  26. H.A

    Many thanks for the quick updates. Well done.

  27. H.A

    Many thanks for the updates. Well done.

  28. I saw trailer and i didnt understand …wats wrong with the lead actress? I dont watch the serial.seemed like they said shes transgender but she looks very feminine. What medical problem does she have??

  29. Saumya could get surgery done depending on the type of kinnar she is. Right guys?

    1. Thats true

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