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Shakti 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chintu telling Kareena that Kinnars are beautiful, but you are not beautiful. Kareena asks like your Soumya mami. Chintu says yes. Raavi asks Chintu to come and have milk. Harman asks who is there. Kareena comes near Soumya…and asks why you are scared. She says if I take you now, then Harman will freed you, but one day you will come by yourself. Harman says Soumya, gets tensed and sits in his car to come home. Soumya says you have become a mum and says they will celebrate. Soumya asks her to give her baby. Kareena says I am his mausi and asks Soumya to dance. Soumya asks her to give baby. Kareena says you have to dance and says you must have dance when you have stayed with us. Soumya recalls getting humiliated by a man and asks Kareena to give her baby. Kareena asks her to watch.

Preeto and others enjoy the drama. Viren tries to stop, but Preeto asks him to stand silently.

Kareena handover the baby to other kinnar. They throw the baby and play with him. Soumya gets worried and says baby will be hurt. Baby cries. They throw baby to each other and hold Soumya. Kareena smirks. They throw baby in air to make him fall down on ground. Soumya is shocked, but Harman comes and holds the baby at right time saving him. Soumya is in shock and tears. Shakti song plays…..Soumya takes the baby and kisses him. Harman sees her motherly love and asks her to go to room. He then turns to Kareena angrily and asks what is this misbehavior and asks is this the way to treat the babies. Kareena says they are baby’s mausi. Harman asks them to not to show fake relation and says we can take care of our baby well. Kareena asks him to bring Soumya out for the kinnars meet. Harman asks them to leave silently. Kareena says I am going, and that baby’s nek is remaining. They leave.

Harman claps and applaud for his family, for seeing the drama silently and says I have realized that you are not my family else you people wouldn’t have let this happen with my wife and son. He goes to room. Soumya is crying still holding the baby. Harman says you are sad even now. Soumya says she is worried about the baby. Harman says until I am here, you shall not worry about you or baby. He tells that he has brought clothes and toys for babies. Soumya says you have brought much. Harman asks her to select what she wants. Soumya tells Harman that she doesn’t know why Kareena is doing this, and says for once I can think about going with her, but won’t let this happen with the baby.

Preeto gives money to Kareena and says they are shaken up now. She says Harman will not insult his parents publicly and tells that Soumya will tell him that she will go to you, else….Harman asks Soumya to promise that she will never leave him. Preeto asks Kareena to tell community members how Soumya’s parents betrayed them and how they are bearing soumya, got her sister married but she eloped. She asks her to make her great and not t ruin their respect. Kareena assures her and then thinks she don’t care about her respect. Soumya says but….Harman says you will not go anywhere and says what will happen if Kareena tells truth to everyone. Soumya says she is concerned about baby. Harman says he will grow knowing your truth and says this is our baby and we will bring him up together.

Soumya addresses to her community and tells that she tried to bring Soumya back being Guru Maa, but don’t want to force her. She tells that she called everyone here to make Soumya understand that it will be better for her to stay with them and this way Harman’s life will get better. Everyone claps for her. Harman asks Soumya to have food and asks why you are scared when I am with you. He says he is hungry too and takes baby in his lap. He asks baby to make Gulabo understand not to get scared. He holds her hand and takes her downstairs.

He pulls the chair and makes her sit and then gives baby in Soumya’s hand and sits beside her. Shanno tells that she is pregnant, but Viren don’t take care of her like Harman takes care of kinnar. Harman serves veggie and paratha in Soumya’s plate. Soumya is tensed. Harman sees Soumya having difficulty to eat with her hand as she is having baby and tries to feed her. Soumya is tensed because of his family.

Kareena and kinnars come to Harman’s house. Preeto signs Kareena. Kareena along with kinnars goes to Soumya’s room and asks her to give away the baby. Soumya refuses. Kareena tries to snatch baby from her hand, but Harman comes and keeps gun on Kareena’s head. Kareena insists to get the baby. Harman fires in air.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seeing Harman superb performance, I just want Vivian to win In Colors Golden Petal Awards 2017… Btw as per the sources gpa will take place on 12th April….

    1. I like Varun…he’s soo cunning and handsome. I love him n he comes in my dreams. I want to see more of him. I guess i like bad boys. Anyways, since the makers have decided to make Saumya and Harman suffer a lot, we might as well enjoy it. Good job Kareena✌️
      Take away Saumya from Harman and teach her a good lesson.

  2. Soumya is much worried for that baby but cant take any action uffff
    And she is very happy in her world she does not even think wat happened to surbhi
    Selfish soumya
    If she does not get surbhi married then she will be happy in her world she ruined even her life also
    I think soumya knows Harman will never accept another women if any other person marries soumya they will make her life hell that’s y she cleverly get surbhi married with Harman so that she can secure his place
    And to take revenge from surbhi
    That since childhood she got mahinder love and soumya life ruined being kinnar so she wants to ruin surbhi
    Now surbi can’t marry anyone and cant stay with Harman
    Kya chal chalaye tune soumya
    Ek thamm jackass brain he tera

  3. I want to kill kareena and give big slap preeto. I hate them very much?????????????????? I know nobody can harm soumya becuse harman with her ever Actually he is a real hero. I love him very very much.?????????? you I know i’m sure he win best actor award golden petal awrd ceremony

    1. It’s my Varun who should win…Harmam can just get lost.

  4. Guys can anyone tell me whose baby is this i didn’t watch the show for few days so please tell me

    1. It’s adopted babby.

  5. It’s very bad seen , l hated so much , no body acts like this with a baby , even animals have feelings , karenna haven’t ,what about show makers , what about actors and all workers in the show? All of you had to stop that seen , what about preeto too is she the leader of the show?

    1. What babby-babby are you doing? It’s good if Kareena n Preeto get rid of that babby. Where the child grows big he will hate Saumya for being a kinnar and Harman for adopting him…in every serial the same thing happens. They show children suffering and in good light but after a leap they grow up and become become evil minded and trouble their parents…It’s all rubbish. ?

  6. Are you mad jessica? I think you are really mad. what nonsens.! Why are you think kareena’s behaviour is good? How do you think seperet them?

    1. jessica is 100% right bcoz she is a kinnar and she have to accept it and she ruined her sister’s life also. she is so selfish. so I want harman should leave her and surbhi get a good life partner like before all of these will happen only after sowmya’s acceptance of her transgender

      1. Well said Madu✌️

    2. Shanaya, I think you are stupido. Kareena’s mother died because of Saumya’s stupidity. How else do you think Kareena should react? Saumya failed to help her when she was in a desperate need of help. What was the need for Saumya to use her stupid brains and send my Varun to help Kareena?? Varun is smart (and handsome) ? and obviously he took advantage of the situation. Kareena had asked for Harman right? Why did Saumya get scared of Preeto and send Varun???… It’s all bhondu Saumya’s fault.

  7. You people never understand their relation

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