should shagun again turn vamp or stay positive?


Hey guys Lisa is back ……with another poll…..I love to ask u all about ur reviews I love to submit ff but I know that I will not be able to post regularly ……thnx for the comments of SHOULD YHM DRAG OR END

So if shagun turns negative…….. She will try to destroy everything nd I love positive shagun coz she is looks so innocent and cvs should not do like this with shagun’s character first negative then positive then again negative I don’t know what shagun wants I want that shagun should not turn negative they should bring another villain so that we will get more interest ….and trp rating may be at top and ya if shagun turns negative then maybe her children will start hating her …….but why she doesn’t try to understand that Raman loves only ishita and positive shagun she will try bringing ishra together try to tell pihu that ishita is her real mum and if she does this every one will like her

But I know that the news is confirmed that shagun has turn negative
So I want to know ur opinion that u want shagun to turn negative or positive

Comment as fast as u can coz I wanna know ur opinion


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  1. Siddhi

    Shagun should stay positive only as I love positive Shagun and hate negative Shagun

    1. Lisa

      Ya positive shagun is good !!!…thnx for commenting

  2. Ruksy

    ur polls are really good and i think shagun should stay positive

    1. Lisa

      ThAnk u

  3. Sarayumane

    She should change to negative, so that after she is exposed after some days then ishra will reunite and will stay happy with their kids and don’t need to think about shagun but if she stays positive then all the family members will have guilt that they have used shagun as just a caretaker of the family for 7 years.

    1. Mona146

      they used her. it is true. Your wish that she should turn vamp to unite rest is very mean. Reg happiness that can never happen in this show for sure.

  4. I think she should stay posative

  5. Positive ??? Shagun pls I don’t want her to turn negative

  6. Shagun should stay positive ……. i love positive shagun. already ishitha was thinking to do good for shagun, Bhallas should set shagun with some other guy and lead her life happily.

  7. Shagun should turn negative may be Pihu will come closer to Ishita when she will see negative part of Shagun.

  8. Negative positive role doesn’t suit her

  9. I love positive shagun and really hate that selfish negative shagun
    Plz don’t make her negative

  10. I too love positive shagun , she is soo good , shagun has hope of becoming positive , if she reunites wid manoj .I just love…. shagun’s character when she is positive . and ya I like ur polls very much , keep posting polls .

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    I think Cvs is playing with Shagun’s Character……..First Negative…..Then Positive……Now again Negative…….I dont know what they are trying to do with this…..Coming to the point, I love Shagun in Negative role……Bcoz Her acting is Damn Awesomeeeeee in Negative than Positive………

  12. Please don’t turn Shagun negative Love her so much when she plays positive role with Ishita

  13. Silent reader 33 Kristy


  14. Shagun should stay positive…..

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