Hi guys, sorry for the late update. Was busy with my studies. Thanks to all who had commented in the last shot. Anyways here is the second last shot. Hope you will like it.

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Recap-Laksh and the ghost had a quarrel. Later, Ragini entered in the house.

Laksh’s pov

I leaped from my chair unaccustomed agility and sprang in front of Ragini. I must conceal that awful phantom from her, at any risk!

She did not look at me, or–thank heaven!–behind me, but fixed her injured gaze upon the waste-basket, as if to wrest dark secrets from it.

“I have come to tell you that I am leaving,” she had spoke in a detached manner.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I agreed, flapping my arms about to attract attention from the corner. “That’s fine–great!”

“So you want me to go, do you?” she demanded.

“Sure, yes–right away! Change of air will do you good. I’ll join you presently!” If only she would go till Sharmishtha could depart! I’d have the devil of a time explainig afterward, of course, but anything would be better than to have Ragini see a ghost. Why, that sensitive little woman couldn’t bear to have a mouse say boo at her–and what would she say to a ghost in her own living-room?

Ragini cast a cold eye upon me. “You are acting very queerly,” she sniffed. “You are concealing something from me.”

Just then the door opened and Sumitra called, “Mis’ Maheshwari! Mis’ Maheshwari! I’ve come to tell you I’se done lef’ dis place.”

Ragini turned her head a moment. “But why, Sumitra?”

“I ain’t stayin’ round no place ‘long wid dem Ouija board contraptions. I’se skeered of hoodoos. I’s done gone, I is.”

“Is that all you’ve got to complain about?” Ragini inquired.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“All right, then. Go back to the kitchen. You can use the board for kindling wood.”

“Who? Me touch dat t’ing? No, ma’am, neva!”

“I’ll be the one for doing this menial job to burn it,” I shouted. “I’ll be glad to burn it.”

Sumitra’s heavy steps moved off kitchenward.

So guys, here is the second last shot. Plzzzz do tell me how was it? I am waiting… Love u all a lot 😘😘😘


  1. nikky

    to short but it’s ok
    Thanku for writing raglak ff bcoz the writer of raglak ff keep my raglak alive but some writer are missing plzz come back with a bang bcoz.we really enjoye reading raglak ff bcoz it give us raglak memory plzz all those raglak ff writer write more and those who left incomplete raglak or ragsan ff plzz comeback and plzz those who finished plz start new one bcoz all those writer is awesome and yaa some people say I write same thing but guys all raglak or ragsan ff writer is really hardworker so every ff is special and yaa all Temish fan who are inactive and raglak ff write who are inactive comeback in TU with bang and all fan become active and make teju as serial biggest hit of the year

  2. Ammu

    Firstly I’m really sorry for very late comment, my exams will starts in next week so I’m busy in studying but what to do, After reading this, I can’t stop myself from commenting. It’s as usual interesting episode and loved it. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part soon and also make it long episode. Love you dear and take care

    • Riya_Mitra



      It’s ok dear, even I’m also having exam. Thanks a lot dear for commenting. I’m soooooo glad. And sure next shot I’ll make a little bit long. Love u too and u also take care of yourself.

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