Hi guys, I’m back with the next shot. Thanks you so much for your encouraging comment in the last shot. I’m so glad for this. And one thing I want to clear that I’m not leaving TU. Only for some days I won’t be able to write anything as I’ve have my exams. So hope you all will understand. And one more thing that many of you had thought that I ended this ff. But no guys, still two are three shot are remaining. I’m trying to end both of my ffs asap. And I’ll do that. Anyways here is the next shot. Hope you all will like it.

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Precap-Everybody’s Ouija board had started to call Laksh by his name. Ragini doubted on him. Laksh left the party and went to his room. Next day he got a letter of Ragini where she said that she left him and went back to her grandmother. She also said that she wants to give him divorce. Laksh was hurt by Ragini’s decision and soon observed that the ghost has again come.

Laksh’s pov

“See here,” I said sternly. “What do you mean by appearing here like this?”

“I can’t help it,” said the voice, which seemed to come from a point about five and a half feet above the shoes. I raised my eyes and presently distinguished her round protruding mouth.

“Why can’t you? A nice way to act, to walk in sections—-”

“If you’ll give me time,” said the mouth in an exasperated voice, “I assure you the rest of me will presently arrive.”

“But what’s the matter with you? You never acted this way before.”

She seemed stung to make a violent effort, for a portion of a fishy eye and the end of her nose popped into view with a suddenness that made me jump.

“It’s all your fault.” She glared at me, while part of her hair and her plaid skirt began slowly to take form.

“My fault!”

“Of course. How can you keep a lady up working all night and then expect her to retain all her faculties the next day? I’m just too tired to materialize.”

“Then why did you bother?”

“Because I was sent to ask when your wife is going to get rid of that Ouija board.”

“How should I know! I wish to heaven I’d never seen you!” I cried. “Look what you’ve done! You’ve lost me my wife, you’ve lost me my home and happiness, you’ve—-you’ve—-”

“Misto Maheshwari,” came from the hall outside, “Misto Maheshwari, I’s gwine t’ quit. I don’t like no hoodoos.” And the steps retreated.

“You’ve—-you’ve lost me my cook—-”

“I didn’t come here to be abused,” said the ghost coldly.“I–I—-”

And then the door opened and Ragini entered. She wore the brown hat and coat she usually travels in and carried a suitcase which she set down on the floor.

That suitcase had an air of solid finality about it, and its lock leered at me rudely.

Guys I’m ending this shot here only. Sorry for this short part. My exams is coming so that’s why it’s a little bit short. Plzzzzzzzz don’t forget to comment. Only two shots are remaining for this ff. And I’m not getting good number of comments. So plzzzz do tell me your feedbacks. And silent readers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment as it is going to end. I’m waiting for your comments. Love you all a lot 😘😘😘😘😘


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    Sorry guys by mistake I had written Precap in the place of Recap. So sorry guys. Actually I had posted it in a hurry so that’s why this mistake has happened. I’m extremely sorry everyone.

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    wow!! totally amazing! loved it
    waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love

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