Hi guys, back with the last shot of this FS. I hope u all will miss this ff. Anyways here is the last shot.

Recap-Laksh tried to hide that ghost from Ragini. But Ragini doubted on him and asked him about it.

Laksh’s pov

Then my Ragini turned in an irritated manner to me again. “Laksh, there’s not a bit of use trying to deceive me. What is it you are trying to conceal from me?”

“Who? Me? Oh, no,” I lied elaborately, looking around to see if that dratted ghost was concealed enough. She was so big, and I’m rather a smallish man. But that was a bad move on my part.

“Laksh,” Ragini demanded like a ward boss, “you are hiding somebody in here! Who is it?”

I only waved denial and gurgled in my throat. She went on, “It’s bad enough to have you flirt over the Ouija board with that hussy—-”

“Oh, the affair was quite above-board, I assure you, my love!” I cried, leaping lithely about to keep her from focusing her gaze behind me.

She thrust me back with sudden muscle. “I will see who’s behind you! Where is that Sharmishtha?”

“Me? I’m Sharmishtha,” came from the ghost.

Ragini looked at that apparition, that owl-eyed phantom, in plaid skirt and stiff shirtwaist, with hair skewed back and no powder on her nose. I threw a protecting husbandly arm about her to catch her when she should faint. But she didn’t swoon. A broad, satisfied smile spread over her face.

“I thought you were Sharmishtha of Troy,” she murmured.

“I used to be Sharmishtha of Troy, New York,” said the ghost. “And now I’ll be moving along, if you’ll excuse me. See you later.”

With that she telescoped briskly, till we saw only a hand waving farewell.

My Ragini fell forgivingly into my arms. I kissed her once or twice fervently, and then I shoved her aside, for I felt a sudden strong desire to write. The sheets of paper on my desk spread invitingly before me.

“I’ve got the best plot for a ghost story!” I cried.

Laksh’s pov ends….

And with Laksh’s pov the story also ends… I hope I didn’t bore you all by this story. Plzzzzzzz guys comment and tell me how was the ending?? Silent readers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment for this last shot… Love you all 😘😘😘😘


  1. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Aflatoon chappy.
    Loved it whole story.
    Will miss this story and journey.
    I know i didn’t able to comment regularly for that i m sorry.
    Love RagLak
    Truly i m saying this is first RagLak FF which i read complete.
    I’m like both pair but more SwaSan.
    Someone told me if u r SwaSan fan then don’t read her RagLak story thats upset me .
    Story is matter for me not pair.
    Loved it.
    Love u sissy!!:*:*B)

    • Riya_Mitra



      Thanks Fenu for commenting. And no need to say sorry. I am glad that you had read the whole story. And thanks for reading this FS. And who told u this I don’t know but I just want to say that they have only one work to do that is bashing and doing some cheap works just like they said to u to not to comment in this FS. But I really don’t care. Thanks a lot bro for not listening to them. You have commented it made me happy. By the way I want to ask that u r in facebook? If yes then tell me ur facebook’s user name n dp. Then I’ll send friend request to u. Love u too bro.. Take care.

  2. TeitokUn1718


    |Registered Member

    I couldn’t comment because of my busy schedule. Today I got time & Read in one go & commented…
    Best of luck for ur studies…
    TC… Love You…

  3. Riya_Mitra
  4. Ammu

    It’s interesting episode dear and happy ending. Loved it a lot. I will surely miss this story. This is one of my favorite Raglak story. Please post your other Raglak story dear. If possible please write more Raglak stories. Love you dear and take care

    • Riya_Mitra



      Thanks a lot dear for commenting. I’ll post my other story after my exam. And will also try to write more stories. Love u too and u also take care.

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