Hi guys! I am presenting this FS for you all though there is another for this FS. Guys I am going out for my mom’s chekup as she had two brain strokes. So I won’t be able to post my TS as well as this FS too for some days. I hope you all will like it. Plzzzzzzzzz forgive me guys.. I hope you all will understand my situation.

Note:Guys this story is not written by me. This is the famous english author Elsie Brown’s story. But I made some changes and added some dialogues and scenes by myself and changed the characters name. And this story is fully in Laksh’s pov. Sometimes I’ll give Ragini’s pov too and she will also be there but Laksh is the main character of this story. Now I think I should stop my bak bak ??. Let’s start the first shot..

Laksh’s pov

So I sat down to write a ghost story.

Sanskar was responsible.

“Lucky,” he had said to me, “give us another on the supernatural this time. Something to give them the horrors; that’s what the public wants, and your ghosts are live proportions.”

Well, I was in no position to contradict Sanskar, for, as yet, his magazine had been the only one to print my stuff. So I had said, “Precisely?” in the deepest voice I was capable of, and had gone out.

I hadn’t the shade of an idea, but at the time that didn’t worry me in the least. You see, I had often been like that before and in the end things had always come my way–I didn’t in the least know how or why. It had all been rather mysterious. You understand I didn’t specialize in ghost stories, but more or less they seemed to specialize in me. A ghost story had been the first fiction I had written. Curious how that idea for a plot had come to me out of nowhere after I had chased inspiration in vain for months! Even now whenever Sanskar wanted a ghost, he called on me. And I had never found it healthy to contradict Sanskar. Sanskar always seemed to have an uncanny knowledge as to when the landlord or the grocer was pestering me, and he asked me for a ghost. And somehow I’d always been able to dig one up for him, so I’d begun to get a bit overconfident as to my ability.

So I went home and sat down before my desk and sucked at the end of my pencil and waited, but nothing happened. Pretty soon my mind began to wander off on other things, decidedly unghostly and material things, such as my wife Ragini’s shopping and how on earth I was going to cure her of her alarming tendency to take every new fad that came along and work it to death. But I realized that would never get me any place, so I went back to staring at the ceiling.

But seriously I love my Raagu a lot. Her eyes, her smile, her angry face, her naughtiness everything. Oops! Sorry I forgot to say about her to you all. Actually I was deeply thinking about the story and you all know that. Anyways I was talking about my Ragini. Yes, MY RAGINI. She is the most beautiful lady I had ever seen. Although sometimes she becomes too much angry and I couldn’t able to handle her but still I love her a lot. Now she is not at home. She went to market to buy some essential things. I still remember the day when I for the first time I had talked to her. She was sitting at the window seat of a bus. And I was searching seats as the bus was totally full. Then I saw that on her seat only she is sitting alone. I went to her and asked, “May I have a seat?” She looked at me angrily and said, “If you want to sit here then sit down.. Why the hell are you asking permission?” Saying so she looked out of the window. That day only I understood that she is a little bit different from the others. Though we were at the same college and at the same class but we never talked with each other. But I liked her a lot. And then slowly slowly we became friends, then to lovers and now we are a couple. Oh shit! See while talking about her I forgot about the story. But really now nothing is coming in my mind.

“This writing business is delightful, isn’t it?” I said sarcastically at last, out loud, too. You see, I had reached the stage of imbecility when I was talking to myself.

“Yes,” said a voice at the other end of the room, “I should say it is!”

I admit I jumped. Then I looked around.

It was twilight by this time and I had forgotten to turn on the lamp. The other end of the room was full of shadows and furniture. I sat staring at it and presently noticed something just taking shape. It was exactly like watching one of these moving picture cartoons being put together. First an arm came out, then a bit of sleeve of a stiff white shirtwaist, then a leg and a plaid skirt, until at last there she was complete,–whoever she was.

She was long and angular, with enormous fishy eyes behind big bone-rimmed spectacles, and her hair in a tight wad at the back of her head (yes, I seemed able to see right through her head) and a jaw–well, it looked so solid that for the moment I began to doubt my very own senses and believe she was real after all.

I am too much shocked and well as scared. Who is she? What she is doing here? And how she came inside?

And the episode ends on the shocked and scared face of Laksh.

I am so sorry guys that I couldn’t add Ragini and her any scene in this part. But I’ll add her in the next part for sure. Plzzzz forgive me. And I hope I didn’t bore you all. And one more thing should I continue this or not? Shower your views through your comments. Suggestions are welcomed.. But not bashing because I can’t take this thing anymore. So your time starts now to tell your views..

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  1. Riya daaroon khub bhalo likhecho??

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thank you so much Naymaz di.

  2. Hey, this story included in CBSE syllabus, right? I have learnt this. I don’t precisely remember in which class 10th or 9th, maybe. Anyways a different thought. So different from all the ongoing romance ffs…

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Yep dear it was in CBSE syllabus in 10 th standard. Two months back I gave 10th final that’s why I remember the story and still now I have the book in my home. And thanks for commenting.

  3. I have read this story, it was really funny. Thanks a lot??

    I will pray that your Mom gets well soon?

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thanks a lot for commenting and praying for my mom.

  4. Shreya Shetty

    Hey I know this story. A shady plot. One of the interesting story from 10th syllabus. So here Lakshya is John , Sanskaar is Jenkins and Ragini will be Lavinia. But I know you are going to give it a bit different twist. Never thought that this story could be rewritten for raglak. Looking forward for this. Will be waiting .

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Yes it’s an interesting story from 10th syllabus. I am sooooo much happy after seeing your encouraging comment. I’ll try to post the next shot soon. Thanks a lot for commenting.

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thanks for commenting Sindhura di

  5. IQRA222

    Riyu di first of all dont be sorry and take care of your mom i will pray that she gets well soon . so didu take your own time okay
    comign to the episode it was literally awesome
    seriouslsy never read this novel but reading your story i feel that it must be awesome
    do update soon

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thank you sooooo much Iqu for understanding my situation. Love you yaar ??. Thanks a lot for encouraging me through your comment. I am very happy for your comment.

      1. IQRA222

        love you too didu!! how is your mumma now??

    2. Riya_Mitra

      Now she is completely ok dear.


    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Nymisha281

    Awesome….we had this story in our 10/9th class…I think in the story the ghost name was helen ….and plz continue…

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Yep it was in 10th syllabus and I also read this story in 10th, last year. Yep her name was Helen may be. Actually I also forgot the name I have to check it. Anyways thank you so so so so much for commenting and I’ll continue it.

  8. IME

    ohh i know this i learnt this last year
    I just love this story
    awesome story!!
    loved it
    take care

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Yep I also loved this story a lot so that’s why thought to write this for Raglak. I also read this story last year. Thanks a lot for commenting.

  9. Interesting episode dear and plz continue

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thanks for commenting dear and I’ll continue it.

  10. Hey this shady plot is a 10th std cbse syllabus right btw its nyz

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thanks for commenting and ya it’s from 10th standard CBSE syllabus.

  11. Yashu24

    Awesome..!! But this os in class 10th na..I am also in class 10th.
    But I would love to​ read ?

    1. Yashu24

      And I don’t take tension dii your mom will get well soon..I will pray for her..???

    2. Riya_Mitra

      Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Again I got someone in TU who is younger than me ?. I am too much happy for this. And yep it is in class 10 and I had read this story and it was my favourite story. And thank you sooooooo much for praying for my mom dear. Thanks a lot for commenting too Micku. I think you won’t mind if I’ll call Micku.. Love you ??.

      1. Yashu24

        Why I will mind diiii… love you more????????????????????????

  12. Lovely7

    Amazing, take care of your mom health dear

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thanks for commenting dear and yup I’ll take care of my mom.

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thanks for commenting.

    1. Riya_Mitra

      Thanks for commenting.

  13. tëìtō kUn


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